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Vol fan here, but what a terrible "analysis". You know you've been passed by when you still reference total yard stats lmao. Such garbage. After all, we defended the 2nd fewest plays in the SEC last year. Catch up to the times, sir.
Lol this is just sad. Hate UGA, but they're miles ahead of UF currently. 429-275 in yards nor 36-17 says a near gap exists. And bowl games are an absolute meaningless exercise these days outside of the playoffs. Georgia probably wins the east until an elite QB enters the league. Here's to hoping Harrison Bailey is that force.
Oddly, LSU was great at passing last year. 10th in YPA and over 4:1 td-to-int ratio. It was their stubborn playcalling (2:1 run) and horrendous RZ conversion rate that killed them. They needed Etling for 1 more season.
Notice the only 2 West teams with not hot seats were the MS schools, since they have historically low expectations.
Jmo but Sumlin has done pretty well. He is in the most brutal division in all of cfb. Any wonder why him, Les, Gus, Bret all on various hot seat boards in recent years? Bama is destroying entire football programs.
Early inside reports say they look "fantastic". Lots of 4 and 5 star talent across the board. I am not expecting elite, but maybe something like 2015, ~20 ppg allowed. "Names" are DL - Mckenzie, Taylor, Kongbo LB - Kirkland DBs - Gaulden, Martin, Warrior More depth than in years past due to recruiting. Juat have to hope we don't lose the most number of starts due to injury in ALL of cfb, as we did last year (per Phil Steele). Right now our receivers and OL are bigger camp concerns than defense.
It is and has been Dormady. Not releasing the starter is obvious smoke screen. JG will get snaps though.
Missing the point. It is advantage, not hardest. Thus why your team is listed.
Haven't paid attention? Half the class are 4 or 5 stars. Only 2016 was an anomaly of 3 stars.
Ignorance. They finished 3rd last year after starting 20th preseason. Maybe you are thinking of your own team. Finishing below your preseason ranking 5 straight years.
Correct - average should be at a 91. 95 if Tuttle gets healthy. 97.5 if Phillips gets healthy and starts over Taylor. Either way, lots of talent, but lots of injuries to overcome. But 91 is correct average.
True. 8 straight wins is abysmal. Who does he think he is?
Uhh because we were easily a top 15 team last year and return almost everyone? We were actually 8th out of p5 teams in scoring margin (+15) while playing 2 playoff teams. The only playoff team you all played last year beat you by as many points as our combined loss total for the entire year. Butch is just getting started.
Agreed, A&M is going to surprise some people I think.
Grew up during Fulmer, so '08-'14 just seemed like a bad dream. Glad we are back to where we belong.
UT hasn't "stopped" anybody of significance? How about 2 playoff teams last year: Oklahoma - 17 points in regulation, averaged 44/game Alabama - 19 points, averaged 35 I'd say those are pretty stout performances vs high scoring offenses and overall elite teams last year.
This is hilarious. Worse than UT in punting, kickoff returns, and punt returns. Only better in FGs. Heck, I'd give A&M the nod over them too.
STs is a disgrace. Evan Berry was the #1 kick returner last year and he is 2nd team...3 TDs vs Kirk's ZERO. C'mon man! Trevor Daniels was #4 punter in the country and did better than either of these guys and he's 3rd team? Turrible.
That was a pretty light jab. People just looking for something to talk about...
I would push on UT and UF. Over on UGA.
All of AU's hopes were pinned on an unproven QB - not quite our situation.
Legend...Jawja got SMACKED by UF these past 2 years. Not close losses, DOMINATING losses. So no need to talk about losing to them. But since you bring it up, VH3 and all those other guys were Muschamp's guys. That's what I'm saying - UF '12 and '13 classes were elite. Now the Gopher has to start winning with fewer and fewer of Muschamp's elite classes. He had a very talented team last year, we'll see what he can do on his own.
Yeah, during our worst years in history...and it took all our down years and all your up years just to get to break-even in our series...for one year. Those years were cute, even though you still couldn't do anything significant with your good years, little brother.
Have we had the oline to keep up pace for 2 halves in the past? No. Is it Debord's fault that Dobbs is still a very incomplete passer? No. Does Debord control the passing game? From my understanding, CZA is the passgame coordinator. Imo a lot more of this will fall on the shoulders of CZA than Debord. ON THE FLIP SIDE, if our offense shoots off and goes from 35 ppg to a blistering 40 ppg, will it be bc of Debord or simply our offense being more mature? Can you ever delineate these 2 aspects?
I still hate Chaney went to UGA. He's a very good passgame coach. He will likely do wonders there if Eason pans out as expected. Luckily, we have this year to keep little brother down for the 2nd straight year before that offense really awakes.
We really didn't "give away" most of those, I'd say only Florida. OU just whipped us defensively in the 2nd half and Mayfield played much better. Bama is just Bama. Arkansas is the one team that straight up looked better than us, just a bad matchup for us.
Actually it was UGA that was supposed to win it last year...and failed once again. This will be the first time we are the favorites in a very long time. Hope we don't pull a Georgia!
Bama, LSU, A&M, Ole Miss, UT. If I had to put in a wildcard I would say UGA if they can find QB play. UF is going to get thrashed without Muschamp's defense there to win it for them.