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Once again, Bobby Petrino is showing what kind of a jerk he is. If he had the chance to leave for a better opportunity, he would want Louisville to stop him from going. Remember how he left the Falcons for Arkansas? The falcons are not regretting seeing that guy leave.
This makes no sense at all. I remember when the so called experts used to say that a black man does not have the intelligence to place QB and along comes Joshua Dobbs, who majored in Aerospace engineering and some idiots are questioning his lack of commitment because of his intelligence. What a bunch of crap.
I think Dabo would be the next HC at Bama, but what if Urban Myer was offered the job? Imagine Urban having the chance to come back to the SEC and having an opportunity to be the first coach to win national championships with three different teams. Sounds interesting.
Congrats to Dak. Once again, Skip Bayless is shown to be the real idiot that he is. One Question: Where are all of those so-called experts that said the Jeremy Johnson was a better quarterback than Dak Prescott?
This kid is like school on Sunday, "NO CLASS"
Once again, Ole Miss gets top receivers and MSU gets none. State needs some receivers in a bad way.
LSU has been signing 4 star LBs for the past week. Eddie O is loading up at the LB position. It's great to sign Willie Gay. It will be nice to see him playing with Leo Lewis. I hear Tyler Dunning is a good LB also.
Way to go, Dabo. Cowherd is a Cowterd.
This Bill Simmons clown sounds like another one of those loud mouth jerks who uses the Mic to feel important because he has never really accomplished anything. Saban has 5 NCAA Football championships. What has Bill Simmons accomplished? Saban isn't the only coach to leave the NFL, I believe Jim Harbaugh use to coach the 49ers and left for Michigan. A coward is someone who hides behind a mic or social media to feel good about themselves. (example: Bill Simmons)
I was able to attend the game with my sons. Going to the fanfest and the game was a great experience. My youngest son is a huge Bama fan and all of us are love College Football. The fans from Alabama and Washington were great. Congrats to the Crimson Tide.
Didn't another former MSU player get arrested for murder last month? If these charges stand, he may be in for an extended stay at the state pen.
In the words of the great Fred G. Sanford, "You big dummy".
As a Christian, you should be expressing your faith in order to bring others to Christ, not to get top recruits to commit to playing football at your school. Expressing your faith is for the glory of Jesus Christ, not gaining sympathy in the hope of signing recruits.
Glad this roller coaster of a season is over. None of the coaching staff nor the players should be happy with just winning this game. Much work needs to be done during the off season.
Congrats, Coach. May God bless you and your wife with a healthy,strong baby.
Purchased my tickets earlier this year since I had tickets to last year's Peach Bowl. I'm looking forward to taking my 3 sons to this game, especially since my youngest is a huge Alabama fan. Can't wait until the 31st.
Back in August, It was expected that one of the QBs would transfer. This is surprising. I hope Coach Eddie O doesn't go the New Orleans and flips Keytaon Thompson.
A pleasant surprise for a team picked to finish last in the entire SEC. This season will looked upon with words like "If only" and "What if". I guess the " so-called" experts will pick State to finish last again, but these are the same experts that said the Jeremy Johnson was better QB than Dak Prescott. How did that evaluation go? Way to rebound from last week, Bulldogs. HAIL STATE
Looking forward to watching the Rebels and Aggies play next week. Both teams have great receiving corps, but we'll have to wait and see about the status of the QBs.