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I'm not an alum, but I've been a Bulldog fan since I was 5 yrs old growing up in the Meridian, MS. area.This is a great moment for the Bulldog nation. Congrats to the Diamond Dawgs and the entire Bulldog nation. HAILSTATE.
Brule will take over as the leader of the MSU defense, but Emmanuel Forbes will lead the secondary and will help from the transfer from Texas
Was Mike Leach trying to give the game to Missouri when he put KJ Costello in? I mean, you put in a QB that has thrown a ton of interceptions and you continue to pass the ball with less than 3 mins left in the game and what happens? An interception.
OM has been putting up points each week and the D will get it together. Totally opposite for MSU and I don't know if that will change. 2 points in the game and none from the "Air Raid" Offense. More interceptions than points.
These next two weeks are going to really tell how good Mike Leach really is.
Watch out, Ole Miss. You're going to have to drop the name Rebels next.
Congrats to the tigers and a big congrats to Coach Eddie O. He had plenty of doubters, but he learned from his past mistakes and won a championship.
I'm really pulling for Coach Eddie O. I remember how so many so called experts made fun of him and thought he was the wrong man for the job. So much for the so called experts. Trusting the people under you is a mark of a good leader and I hope MSU will hire a coach that will bring in good assistants and he will trust them to do their jobs.
I wonder if Hugh "The Freezer" Freeze has contacted John Cohen about the position. I thought that Moorehead should have been given one more year to right the ship. He made some mistakes, he came up snake eyes with the the Tommy Stevens decision.
Go get Mark Hudspeth, bring in Jamar Chaney, Chad Bumphis and DJ Looney.
The Bulldogs Offense reminds me of the Dr. Pepper "Fansville" commercials, They make no sense.I mean, it's 3rd and 4 and you pitch the ball to Kylin Hill for a huge loss when he had no lateral movement. Joe Moorehead seat just got hotter.
Great job by Georgia to get players from Louisiana, especially the young man with the greatest name in sports, Major Burns. I had heard that he decommitted from LSU, but I had no idea that Georgia was in the picture.
I wonder if Kiffen would come in with trash talking aimed at Bama, LSU and MSU to get the fanbase fired up.
Where is that comedian who would post videos of fan reactions? He would be great now.
Wow. This time last week it looked like Joe Moorehead would get fired after the Egg Bowl and Matt Luke would return in 2020. Ole Miss should have won at least 8 or 9 games this season. Switching between Plumlee and Coral didn't help. Does this mean that Rich Rod is the leading candidate. Totally shocked about hearing this.
$7.5Mil per yer and A&M goes 7-5 for the season. Ironic.
I'm happy for Coach Eddie O. because there were so many so called experts that treat him like dirt and made him look like a total idiot because of where he's from, how he talks, and his past job performance. He learned from his mistakes and his LSU on the road to a championship when the so called experts said he would last long or he wasn't the right man for the job. I hope they like the crow. Way to go, Coach Eddie O.
If State would have lost this game, Moorehead's seat would have been nuclear.
This reminds me of when Hinds Ward was at Georgia and had to play QB after the starting QB got hurt. He made a difference just like Bowden. If Bowden has started at QB against MSU, Kentucky would have beaten MSU.
When you come in talking about "What's your ring size", you let your mouth write a check that your butt can't cash. Moorehead is supposed to be this offensive guru, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is not good.
Saturday's my birthday and a win by the Bulldogs sure would be a great present.
Defense scares me. Reserving my judgement until after this weekend's game.
I understand the anger of the Tennessee fans. Being a MSU fan, I haven't forgotten the loss to South Alabama a few years ago.
ESPN is a an organization that has not class or integrity. There was absolutely no reason to show that video. I can understand if they wanted to briefly talk about it, but this was a big moment for Jeffrey Simmons. I turned to the NFL broadcast of the draft.
POTUS can't win for losing. Imagine how the liberal media would have responded if POTUS had fried chicken along with the burgers. Talk about cries of racism.
I believe that EA sports once produced a version that ran on Windows OS which didn't have player likeness or team logos. It was NCAA Football 98 and Danny Wuerffel was on the cover.