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Couch won't even fight for the ball. He never makes the effort to go up for the ball or layout for the ball. We need receivers that a hungry for the ball and Dan Mullen needs to recruit receivers that have that hungar.
I know the refs made some bad calls, but that had nothing to do with the false starts, blown coverage, dropped passes, and bad play calling. Like the saying goes, " Excuses are like buttholes, everyone has one" and I'm cleaning that up. We need some big, physical, receivers that can catch, block, and run routes. We need DBs that are big, physical, can cover, and will fight for the ball and make tackles. Better coaching and player development is needed also. If Dan Mullen is such a good QB developer, why is Nick Fitzgerald so inaccurate? I see freshmen QBs playing and have better passing accuracy than Fitzgerald and he's a Junior.
Way to go, Alejandro. I know your fellow Rangers are proud of you and as a former member of the 10th Mountain Division like yourself, I would like to say "Climb to Glory"As for the NFL, they have a lot of nerve to protest about social injustice. When a NFL player can get drunk, kill an innocent woman and not go to jail, that's injustice. If I committed the same act, I would be in jail. If I withheld info on murders that my friends committed, I would be in jail, but not an NFL player. Tell me NFL, where is the justice in that? The NFL is a joke.
You know it's college football season when the so called experts pick MSU to finish last in the SEC and Dan Mullen is a candidate for every possible job opening.
This is a good example of why there shouldn't be any preseason polls. Todd Blackledge made a great point against preseason polls last night.
LA went from having no NFL teams to having two teams within a year. The people in LA only care more about going to the beaches on Sunday than watching a football game, plus the NFL doesn't place an emphisis on the Hollywood elite that are attending the game
What was he suspended for? My first time hearing of this.
I thought OM would light up the scoreboard. I was surprised by Cal's defense. Shea looked elusive at times, but Cal managed to get pressure when it counted.
I was born and raised in Mississippi, live north of Atlanta, and have to fly to LA for my job. LA may be a nice place to visit for 1 day. There no way I would live in a state represented by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Jerry Brown. Southern born, southern breed, and when I die, I will be southern dead.
So am I. I've lost my voice. Todd Granthem is going to be anxious to get beck into Athens to face UGA.
Knowing ESPN is a liberal leaning, trash network, I would be surprised if Mayor De Blasio was the guest to make picks. I just watch the games, not the shows, especially after so call "World Wide Leader in Sports Entertainment" didn't take action against Jemele Hill.
People like Jemele Hill are why I only watch ESPN for Football. If a person can be fired for making statements about Obama, then she should be fired for her comments about Trump and I'm a black man stating my opinion. ESPN is pathetic.
A great weekend for current and former MSU linemen scoring touchdowns. Let's hope it continues.
It's a shame something like this had to ruin a great day in Atlanta. I went to the game and saw fans from both sides interacting and having a great time together.
That's great to hear. I met A.J. on a flight back from Los Angeles last week. I found out later that he had been waived by the Rams. Best of luck to you, A.J.
Way to go, Dak. I know he will be criticized and call names by certain people like ESPN commentators, but this is the United States and Dak Prescott has the right to his opinion. Let's see how the ESPN commentators respect his decision.
Just purchased tickets for the Alabama - FSU game. My son and I will be sitting at the top, but that's fine. Starting the football season in a new stadium, watching the game with my son who is a huge fan of Alabama, what a way to start the new season. Priceless,
This looks like a case for Jimmy McGill. Somebody "Better call Saul".
It's Donald Trump's fault. On a serious note, Did she attend the University of Florida? If so, she is the most uneducated Senator I have ever heard.
Once again, Bobby Petrino is showing what kind of a jerk he is. If he had the chance to leave for a better opportunity, he would want Louisville to stop him from going. Remember how he left the Falcons for Arkansas? The falcons are not regretting seeing that guy leave.
This makes no sense at all. I remember when the so called experts used to say that a black man does not have the intelligence to place QB and along comes Joshua Dobbs, who majored in Aerospace engineering and some idiots are questioning his lack of commitment because of his intelligence. What a bunch of crap.
I think Dabo would be the next HC at Bama, but what if Urban Myer was offered the job? Imagine Urban having the chance to come back to the SEC and having an opportunity to be the first coach to win national championships with three different teams. Sounds interesting.
Congrats to Dak. Once again, Skip Bayless is shown to be the real idiot that he is.One Question: Where are all of those so-called experts that said the Jeremy Johnson was a better quarterback than Dak Prescott?
Once again, Ole Miss gets top receivers and MSU gets none. State needs some receivers in a bad way.
LSU has been signing 4 star LBs for the past week. Eddie O is loading up at the LB position. It's great to sign Willie Gay. It will be nice to see him playing with Leo Lewis. I hear Tyler Dunning is a good LB also.