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Ahhh, The memories of being a 12 year old boy sitting in front of our TV watching Herschel Walker run that football for Georgia. Bo and Herschel were the greatest, but being from Mississippi, I can't help but wonder " What if Marcus Dupree had gone to an SEC school or What if the situation at OK. worked out for him? He also was a freak.
What a great story. Very inspirational. Congrats, Ben
I believe that Chauncey Rivers and Errol Thompson will have breakout seasons. Thompson really stepped up last season and Rivers besides Jeff Simmons on one side of the D-line and Montez Sweat on the other side will be interesting to see.
I remember the mother of Landon Collins saying that she felt her son should have gone to LSU when Landon announced his commitment during the Under Armor All star game. How did that work out? Three yrs fro now, I hope I am able to share a moment like this with my son.
I watched Alvin Kamara play junior high here in Roswell, GA. My son was on the team with Alvin and I remember how powerfully built Alvin's lower body was compared to the other kids. A man among boys for sure.
The Linebacker positions will be interesting. Error Thompson really stepped up in the last few games and the JUCO transfer SH'MAR KILBY-LANE will add some depth at LB. Great to see incoming talent at the receiver position.
What I saw today in the stadium verifies your comment about the women.
Colin Cowheard, "Mouth Almighty, Tongue Everlasting". I would call him the "Mouth of the South", but I'm not going to insult Jimmy Hart like that.
Great game, Dawgs. Congrats. Sports talk here in Atlanta is really going to be interesting this week. I'm hoping for a Georgia - Alabama game since I have one son who is a Georgia fan and another son who is an Alabama fan. Atlanta will be rocking this weekend.
I live north of Atlanta and went to the game. Both fans from Auburn and UCF were great. If I were 18, UCF would be the school I would attend
IF he doesn't want to go to MSU, than don't go if he won't be happy. Lovett needs to do what he feels is best. MSU is loaded at D-Line. Even if Montez Sweat leaves, Chauncey Rivers will be playing next season and the bulldogs can go after other defensive linemen for the 2019 class
I served in the 10th Mountain Div. from 86 thru 89. Seeing the 10th MTN patch/tab on the left shoulder of those cadets combined with the snow brought back many memories of Ft. Drum. The snow we received in Atlanta really added to the memories.
Why would Saban leave a great situation at Alabama to go coach in the NFL and have to deal with all of that attitude from the NFL players?
Seeing the 10th Mountain patch and the "Climb To Glory" crest brings back many memories of serving at Fort Drum as a member of the 10th Mountain Division. Go Army, Climb to Glory.
I hope Granthem can stay on as DC. I would be happy with Leach or Sumlin. What about Charlie Strong? I think he would do a good job of hiring the right coaches and getting the right recruits.
Well, I'm glad it's settled as to whether or not he's leaving or not. I hope John Cohen had a plan in place for this situation. I thought Dan Mullen would not leave, but He's not doing anything different that I'm doing, and that's looking for a new and better opportunity. Sept. 29th, 2018 will be an interesting day in Starkville when Florida and MSU play. Now we have to wait and see how the coaching staff pans out and how many recruits decommit.
I love the UGA vs Miami prediction. That would be great. I wonder if there's a chance of the MSU Bulldogs coming to Atlanta if they win out.
When you look at what he's done on the field at the college level, it looks like a good hire, but when you look at the off the field stuff, no way. We here in Atlanta remember Bobby P. very well and he is still a very hated man.
Two things are for certain when it come to MSU and Dan Mullen, 1. You know it July because MSU will be picked to finish last in the SEC and 2. You know the season is almost over when Dan Mullen is considered for every HC job opening.
Couch won't even fight for the ball. He never makes the effort to go up for the ball or layout for the ball. We need receivers that a hungry for the ball and Dan Mullen needs to recruit receivers that have that hungar.
I know the refs made some bad calls, but that had nothing to do with the false starts, blown coverage, dropped passes, and bad play calling. Like the saying goes, " Excuses are like buttholes, everyone has one" and I'm cleaning that up. We need some big, physical, receivers that can catch, block, and run routes. We need DBs that are big, physical, can cover, and will fight for the ball and make tackles. Better coaching and player development is needed also. If Dan Mullen is such a good QB developer, why is Nick Fitzgerald so inaccurate? I see freshmen QBs playing and have better passing accuracy than Fitzgerald and he's a Junior.
Way to go, Alejandro. I know your fellow Rangers are proud of you and as a former member of the 10th Mountain Division like yourself, I would like to say "Climb to Glory" As for the NFL, they have a lot of nerve to protest about social injustice. When a NFL player can get drunk, kill an innocent woman and not go to jail, that's injustice. If I committed the same act, I would be in jail. If I withheld info on murders that my friends committed, I would be in jail, but not an NFL player. Tell me NFL, where is the justice in that? The NFL is a joke.
You know it's college football season when the so called experts pick MSU to finish last in the SEC and Dan Mullen is a candidate for every possible job opening.
This is a good example of why there shouldn't be any preseason polls. Todd Blackledge made a great point against preseason polls last night.