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What about playing Richard LeCounte on offense as flanker or receiver? He has played both ways. Also he has returned punts and kick-offs outstandingly in high school.
2017 will tell us UGA fans where this team is headed. My guess is we will be good but Cheney will see his last year at Georgia if he dont improve hias play calling. He has got to use Eason's strengths to help him grow. If he plays Eason like he did in the second half of the TCU game then all will be fine. Forcing him to up at he line pro style is not one of Eason's strengths. Running the pistol and shotgun is. That also goes the same for the O-line. When he made room for Brandon Kublanow to pull and block more effectively for Chubb and Michel we were able to run the ball. He needs to be more creative with the offense.
I agree with Gurley to a point. Ga has had the best backs year in year out over the past few years. They have also produced same damn pretty good QBs too. The agreements is at the college level which is why we are here and not talking about this on an NFL blog. The thing is GA sits where there at and Alabama sits where there at. Ga could never put the complete package together. One year offense with no defense. One year great defense but lacking on offense. Alabama puts together a complete package. It might not be the best offense or defense in the SEC but for damn sure both very good together and well coached. We have had some great backs over the past 10 years. Back to back. Maybe some of the best QBs too over the years back to back. But never have we had what Alabama has back to back. The complete package. That's what we really want here in GA. That's why Kirby Smart is here and Mark Richt is in Miami.
Let's not forget him when the Dawgs get started this season. Hope to see him around the Hedges this fall.The Devon Gales' story is the story of what Georgia really is. I hope we can keep a little of this part of Mark Richt in Georgia as we attempt to climb to the next level.
Here are three that did pretty good as freshmen. Eric Zeier, Georgia, 1991 Peyton Manning, Tennessee, 1994 Matthew Stafford, Georgia, 2006 And why should we be ashamed for wanting to support our team. Just cause its not your team?
Nick.."Wide receiver is a clear area of need for the Bulldogs". we have the talent. Some of these guys are going to be great. 8 Shaquery Wilson WR SO 6-1 190 3 STAR 23 Shakenneth Williams WR JR 6-1 197 4 STAR 25 Steven Van Tiflin WR SO 6-1 201 NO STAR 2 Jayson Stanley WR SO 6-2 204 4 STAR 86 Riley Ridley WR FR 6-2 195 4 STAR 84 Wyatt Payne WR FR 6-1 175 NO STAR 29 Matt Price WR SO 6-0 197 NO STAR 16 Isaiah McKenzie WR JR 5-8 170 4 STAR 5 Terry Godwin WR SO 5-11 174 5 STAR 81 Reggie Davis FLK SR 6-0 170 3 STAR 82 Michael Chigbu WR SO 6-2 216 3 STAR 80 Charlie Hegedus WR SR 6-2 202 3 STAR Comming this summer Charlie Woerner 4 STAR Javon Wims 4 STAR Tyler Simmons 3 STAR
This kid did nothing in high school to deserve being rated #1 receiver. He did better as a RB was not a five star at that position either. His team Savannah Christian Raiders a region 3a school 2015 Overall 9-3 Region 5-0. He did nothing to help his team in the one playoff game they played and lost. Way over hyped!!!!! Receiving Year Grade Team GP Rec Yds 15-16 Senior Varsity 12 12 126 TD =1 14-15 Junior Varsity 5 6 155 TD=3 He was a nobody as receiver.
That is not true. Been pulled over and released with a citation and notice to appear on the exact same charge. Showed my license the next day and was let go without a fine.
Can't be the whole story.
Oh boy!!!! Those are both ticketable offenses outside the campus. Sounds like the campus police have it out for our Dawgs. Something don't sound right here. The sum of the offenses will be less than the bond that was paid out 1) A person failing to comply with the seat belt shall be guilty of the offense of failure to wear a seat safety belt and, upon conviction thereof, may be fined not more than $15.00. Maybe he had not changed or they could not trace his Maryland License. 2) A person convicted of failure to have license shall be fined no more than $10.00 if he produces in court a license theretofore issued to him and valid at the time of the offense.
Eason does not need to be a good game manager his freshman year. Get the ball to McKenzie and Godwin then hand it to Chubb. He will learn and be a very good game manager in a year. I think the Grayson Lambert move by Richt was his undoing at GA. Starting Faton Bauta (3 STAR #10) or Brice Ramsey(4 STAR #6) would have let one of these guys grow into a good QB by Alabama game. Grayson Lambert showed he couldnt manage his way out a paper bag.
Coming from a Georgia fan, I agree dellav8r, he is a solid coach consistent 10 win per season coach. Can any GA fan name a couch that is ready and available right now to take this team to the championship. No they cant. I don't want to take that chance. I don't want to be like Vols, Gators or Auburn Tigers who have been in search for that championship coach for a few years now. CMR is not at fault. We have to get the right players at the right time. I cant believe we are in this QB debacle now. if you want to blame CMR for that okay. But we only got what we got. Just imagine if we had Murry and those receivers right now. Now then we would have a complete balanced team like the Alabama.
Where you guys been for the last year. HE IS THE MAN. Did anybody see the last play of the SC game. Watch that then also look on you tube what he did in high school. He will be a monster!!!!
“I love these dogs" Enough said..... Let every poster in the stadium this weekend say that.
Nobody was arrested. Just a police report. Nobody getting booted. If she did not press charges when the cops arrived its just a mouth fight. Luckily there was 4 other Dawgs with him and will support his side. Maybe somebodies Margarita got spilled