Go Gators

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Truth. NOTHING to show in a trophy case since Hershels time. I think all that time hoping and praying for anything to hang on the wall and always getting their nose shoved in poop has driven these trolls to where they are. Slow clap for the current victory streak they are on. They gotta have some straws to grasp besides the ever elusive SEC crown and Natty they keep missing.
Oh Lord the puppy trolls out there. Look the real story here is that kid got bamboozled. He’s going to a completely irrelevant team his future would have been much brighter at Florida or hell even Oregon. Miami sold him tales of grandeur and he took the bait. I can’t say I hope it works out for him.
Ok. Let Miami have his 4.72 slow 40. He will be in the transfer portal soon enough.
Great addition to an expanding 2020 class. Go Gators
So I guess you DON’T think UGA will beat Auburn this weekend..