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You would see the first post from Gator. We will just see if they step to the plate and play the game or just hide behind the rule that allows them to claim victory even though they lost to a team in the East and ran from the West. Yes, the storm was bad, however at least 45 days remain that the game could be played; if they will agree and the "IF" being big since it benefits them to not agree. If the roles were reversed, the Gators would be saying the same thing. So, just play and see what happens.
Honestly, no comment. Very surprised they even knew what targeting was after they missed the first one, which would have meant that Aggies would not have even been in the game. But at least they know what targeting is now.
Definitely targeting by definition and should have incurred an ejection. Stay tuned for additional calls not made today. Took a game time of 19 minutes for first call against A&M. May want to take a look at unsportsmanlike both ways.