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I read a post on another blog from a guy that lives in Houston and he said there is a lot of stuff with the kid that was in the local papers over the years there that never made it to the national press. My guess is UGA didn't want his issues as it may be a team deterrent.
I would love to have him back never had an issue with him, sometimes he would get into a bit of a rut calling a game but then he would make up for it with an absolutely brilliant game. I think he whiffed on Cam Newton too said he didn't fit our system and they wanted him as a linebacker.
They never passed the eye test all year long.
Part of me says let him play most of the game the other part says let him go...he is walking. He just wants to showcase his abilities to make him more attractive. It's like being pregnant either you are or you aren't. Are you a Dawg or are you NOT!!!
Breaks my heart to see this for Fromm but we signed Fields and he needs to start playing full level. Kirby is loyal because he was lead recruiter on Fromm at Alabama then talked him in to decommiting from UA and come to UGA with him so I can see the reluctance. Pocket QB's don't make it as well as Dual threats in college. Dual threats don't make it as well as Pocket Passers in the NFL. Cam Newton and Tim Tebow types win National Championships in college. Dabo had the same issue and just went ahead and pulled the trigger Kirby needs to do the same. Remember WWSD (what would Spurrier do)!!!
Chaney was a package deal to get Pittman no Chaney no Pittman. We are stuck with him for now just need to take the playbook away from him.
I think if this is the plan it's good for UT. Bring in LM for 2 years groom TM and go from there. PF is only on for 2 years so this looks like what the vision is. It would squash all the craziness that has happened to UT over the last 2 weeks. UT needs to be a competitor along with UF to keep the SEC East worthy in the eyes of recruiting and media. Second tier programs like SC, UK, Vandy, Mizzou are good for it too because they always used to pull an upset in the division. BTW, TM looks like an Offensive Guard!! He's HUUUUUGE.
As one of the other posters said here: "The problem is mostly between his ears – reading defenses, calling audibles at the line, getting the team aligned properly, taking mustard off his shorter throws – that type stuff. He does have a tendency to overthrow receivers and he never seems comfortable under center." This is very true but I really wanted to see how he would do this year with a great O-line. My gut says he transfers.
Yeah...lay it down during tailgating then you have a good 4 hours no drinking and you can drive home under the limit.