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Les has a net worth of $12M maybe he should just call it a day and go hit the golf courses in Florida.
If Freeze moves on Les could get the Liberty job.
That KU job is a coach career killer. It's like Vanderbilt Football HC.
He was upset because he wanted to be the first to throw a shoe. Mullen gave him a verbal that he could but Marco took the opportunity and hosed Charles.
Kiffin to AU, Napier to Ole Miss. Problems solved and nobody really upset at Kiffin.
AU needs a HC that can recruit. One advantage Auburn has is access to a great recruiting area. The new staff will need to be able to recruit well too. It's the only way AU will be able to keep up/over power Saban and stay ahead of LSU and TAMU.
Apparently he wasn't ready himself physically or mentally even though he was cleared by team doctors. There was word his family doctor did not clear him and his parents sided with him and asked JT not to go out there yet.
Okay, we haven't been accused of sexual misconduct of players and cover-up from staff and administration.
He's going to UGA all his buds are there and they are getting ready to open up the air raid and go from RBU to WRU. Heard he wants to be a WR too.
Bobo would be excellent for developing Gunner and would probably keep the wolves away from trying to flip him.
Paul Johnson is available look what the triple option did for GA Tech he could bring it to Columbia!!!
According to folklore JT's parents and his personal Doc would not let him play even tho UGA cleared him.
If their Safeties didn't make the trip then who played Safety?
Jaybo Shaw - Connors brother is Gunners High School coach, it's not because of only Connor. Dawgs will flip him over now for the 2022 class QB they want.
He's a good DC and recruiter and super person but HC is sketchy. If you can't make it at UF then probably can't make it at any Power 5. USCjr is a coach killer career ender so not blaming him there. If he wants to HC then Group 5 maybe otherwise chill out and be a coordinator with one of your buds teams (UGA) or take the money and spend your days on the golf course with Spurrier.
Bobo is the best they could get. If they don't want him let him come back to UGA we love him. He was a great OC.
That would be professional suicide to leave those jobs and go to USCjr.
A good head coach looking to get back in SEC is not going to be successful there. USCjr had the best coach ever in Spurrier and even he couldn't make it happen in the end. That job is a head coach killer. Best bet is an up and coming coordinator. Good top QB coming in 2021 though so might be attractive for a couple of years then bolt on to bigger better gig.
It probably needs to be JTD but KS won't let him get reps with the ones. It's a catch 22.
Kirby felt he owed Jake because he was responsible for talking him into de-committing from Bamma.
We said the same thing when he was at UGA. We feel your pain!
The problem is Jaime Newman has more playing time on the field than Fields, if Newman has a stand out year he could pass up Fields in the NFL Draft that would cost Fields millions. I think it comes down to money. If he (Fields) could play this year and show more talent his NFL draft will go up if he doesn't it could go down.
My gut says Newman will start, JT will be rotated in and out and after the season both will turn pro. Leaving it open for Beck and BV. Need to see how healthy Dwan can be too.
I read a post on another blog from a guy that lives in Houston and he said there is a lot of stuff with the kid that was in the local papers over the years there that never made it to the national press. My guess is UGA didn't want his issues as it may be a team deterrent.
I would love to have him back never had an issue with him, sometimes he would get into a bit of a rut calling a game but then he would make up for it with an absolutely brilliant game. I think he whiffed on Cam Newton too said he didn't fit our system and they wanted him as a linebacker.