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Georgia should've upset LSU in the 2011 SEC Championship. So many missed opportunities in the first half of that game. Instead it ended up being a blowout loss for UGA.
I believe it's determined by the broadcaster. Like if the game is on ESPN, then they have the pylon cams down there. But if it's some game that's not being televised nationally then they won't have that setup. For example, UGA vs. Middle Tennessee State wouldn't have had it, but I bet they do for the UGA/LSU game.
Also in breaking news: Jake Fromm's goal is to complete every pass he attempts.
"...in the CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T." Do people really talk like that?
We should all bookmark this article and check back in 2-3 years. I think the writer might be singing a different tune on Grantham by then. I can't wait to see the UF defense looking to the sidelines, waving their arms frantically, all out of alignment right before the ball is snapped. I hope this happens a lot at the Cocktail Party.
"two of the SEC's best quarterbacks - Jake Fromm and Drew Lock - will get a shot against Georgia's younger pups." Um, you do know that Jake Fromm plays for Georgia, right? The only time he's taking shots against Georgia's secondary is in practice. Did you mean to say Jake Bentley?
I'm a big fan of Mark Richt and I wish him all the success in the world. But let's save some of that praise until after the ND game. If Miami gets throttled this weekend, everyone will be singing a different tune. And if you're gonna credit the defensive staff at Miami, you should at least throw Manny Diaz a bone. And let's not rewrite history and pretend that every one or Richt's hires was a success. At DC Willie Martinez was a bust, Todd Grantham was a mixed bag at best, and there were all sorts of rumors flying around about Jeremy Pruitt towards the end. And at OC Brian Schottenheimer was a *complete* disaster.
First, Georgia/Tennessee isn't a rivalry game. Georgia's rivals are Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. Tennessee's are Alabama, Florida, and Vanderbilt. It bugs me that people keep getting this wrong. Second, it's impossible to say with any certainty that Eason is the better option over Fromm (unless you're Kirby Smart or Jim Chaney). Sure, the conventional wisdom is that the guy with one season under his belt would be the better option, but that's not guaranteed. In the brief action that Eason saw before he got injured this year, the offense sputtered. It only started moving when Fromm was inserted into the game. And in Eason's mop up duty last week, he only attempted one pass in which he missed a wide open receiver in the back corner of the endzone and instead threw over the middle to a receiver who was covered. And last but not least, what does it even mean that Georgia "probably shouldn't have" won the game against ND?
According to Richt's comments after the game, they didn't spike the ball because they'd practiced that scenario, and they had the personnel matchup they wanted so they didn't want to give Bama the time to sub in a different defensive personnel package. People can disagree with the decision all they want, but it's not like Richt and/or Bobo were caught with their pants down in that moment. The year Murray entered the draft, he appeared on Jon Gruden's program where they discussed that play in particular. Gruden actually layed the blame on Todd Gurley for not stepping up and attacking his blocking assignment, which allowed the defensive player to get his hand up and tip the pass.
I just hope we come out of Knoxville without any gruesome injuries. I don't know what they do to their field, but it's been a curse for UGA players' knees the past 2 times we've played there.
We were more talented than most of the teams we played last year, but that doesn't always cut it. That said, I do hope we beat ND.
You can't mention the Dawgs' 2013 season without touching on all of the injuries they sustained, most of them in Knoxville. Then 2 years later Chubb gets hurt in Knoxville. Where are we playing the Vols this year? Oh right, in Knoxville. I guess we already know how this year will play out.
I'm not going to pretend I've never criticized Bobo, but I think it would be a pretty big blow if he left. Hope he gets a raise and sticks around, wish him the best regardless.
Doesn't Mizzou need to beat Tennessee AND Arkansas to clinch the east?
"Florida had allowed no touchdown passes of 15 yards or longer"? What about the 45-yard TD pass from Aaron Murray to Malcolm Mitchell in the Gators' only other loss of the season? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DOB-1cVhQU