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True oh so true. Kinda funny that the major percentage of those against are old white men talking like “well, back in my day” and the young black men are the ones benefiting. Well back in your old white day there was segregation too ya bunch of dummies.
Exactly. Between his man recruiter (I believe I’m correct on this) was just hired away from UGA to aTm and NIL this was gonna happen. He got on campus and he whispered in his ear….”oil tycoons gonna take care of you if you come here”
Meth is bad for you, ok? Seriously, do you think anyone reads what you blabber about? I’m all my years of message boards etc you take the cake for most ridiculous human I’ve ever seen. Congratulations
I wish there was a way to block you. Please, go play out in rush hour traffic
You are a douche canoe. Seriously Further more they are not “girls” They are young Women or Ladies. Have some respect for them
I bet we see this exact same article leading into his Junior year at Texas where he opts out of season to prepare for NFL. Hope he ask Jamie Newman how that pansy mindset treated him.
Well now, that was because his doofus father lost a finger to a fold out chair and they blamed the school. Lololol
Dawgs played Bama @ Bama last year. That was also scheduled that way before Covid too. This year we just fall into the easier teams. Georgia played @LSU in 2019 as well. Georgia has took their turn with the big boys recently now it’s time for the stinky gators.
This reminded me of a incident with a bat shat crazy girlfriend about 20 years ago. She got raging angry cause after work one day I wanted to go hang out with a few buddies. She had moved in a month or so earlier to my place and convinced me to get a cat. She screams “fine then a$$hole” and goes to storm out. In all her glorious raging anger and with all her might she goes to slam the door but the kitten tried to race out with her. She slammed that kitten head in the door so hard it had blood coming out it’s eyes, ears & mouth. I was in shock. That should have been the red flag of all red flags to beat feet away from her but sadly it wasn’t. The next 6 months was the most insane part of my life till finally said get out now!!!
How much meth do you do daily to type all the blabbering out thinking anyone is going to read it. Get a grip doofus
Wow. Reagan was responsible for the crack epidemic supporting the Nicaraguan war shipping guns south and the coke coming north. They sell the coke and the cash bought more guns repeat repeat repeat. All speared by the cia. All the while lil ole lady Nancy was saying, “Just say No” Our government had been a shatstorm of lying horse dung humans since Kennedy.
You can thank The Crook Nixon and Doofus Reagan for the marijuana laws
What does being a Democrat have anything to do with it. Why can you Trumper losers not leave politics out of it? 1st of all, y’all do understand you get booted because of unpaid parking tickets. Break the law Get a ticket Pay the ticket No boot Actions have consequences Something you inbred Trumpers that ransacked The Congress building are learning all about!!! Lolol Go Dawgs!!!
Good job!! That might be the funniest best post of the year and it’s only mid February!!!
I love seeing Auburn stuck with @LSU the week before Georgia. Auburn got the double home games 2012/13 I think it was and that will never be repaid to UGA. Then they belly ache to league office about back to back with Georgia then Bama even though it was tradition for like 60 years to play UGA-Auburn late in the year. Of which Auburn usually has a cupcake bye week game in between anyway. Finally Auburn didn’t get served up.
I love to see Florida at Mizzou Nov. 20th. Gonna be chilly for those Florida boys!! Dawgs got Rocky Top Nov. 13th that could be a chilly game as well.
Strange comments... In South Bend Dawgs bought up nearly I’d say 40% of tickets. If it was loud it was from barking not Irish fans. Charlotte will be nearly 50/50. After a Covid year Georgia folks gonna travel WELL for Clemson game. Most definitely will not be a “Clemson home game”
I agree Really should have been a technical foul for swinging on the rim. Only time they should swing is when it’s a extremely fast break dunk and they gotta catch themselves. He’s clearly jogging up to rim then jumps. He should have never grabbed onto the rim in the 1st place
Bahahaha Possibly the post of the year!!! Trumpers gonna Trump. You sound just like your lying cry baby sore loser leader!!! Lololololololol
Why sign early then is my 1st thought. I mean I know blah blah but I would have held back. Wonder if he has to return his cash? Lol Sorry couldn’t help myself
Looks like they should send UGA a Thank You fruit basket. That’s some money that should have went towards their responsibility to travel to Athens yet a month later it’s going to their kicker rooms. Shame shame I hope we beat them 65-3 in Nashville next year!
That’s laughable. Nor did I ever condone BLM riots. However peaceful protest is different. Any & all BLM folks who rioted and stole products from businesses are scum make no mistake. Those lunatics who stormed the Capital build were not protesting. Several even had zip ties hoping to create hostage situations. No matter what...BIG DiFFERNCE. Lastly, you’ll never see DGD82 start the political Mumbo jumbo but when the idiot Trumpers have some doofus comments I’ll gladly put them in check and remind them the tide has turned and the hateful America has run its course. Furthermore, Congress made that clear yesterday. Even Mitchy McConnell has had enough of the diarrhea mouth President...
Is the streak of not playing outside the state of Florida for a non conference game still running? Not being rude honestly curious. I remember hearing about that several years ago. I’m glad UGA is getting back to the home & homes. We had some good ones the last 10-15 yrs. Oklahoma St, Colorado, Notre Dame & Arizona St come to mind.
You mean supports a maniac and a riot on the Congress building and a plot to kidnap. Trumpers gonna Trump. Thank God and I’m so happy for Americans his nightmare reign is over.
Duh It’s ridiculous but the Ohio staters will be foaming at the mouth with excuses
And more importantly history will remember this doofus president as a maniac and his minions who are being rounded up and arrested left in right for trying to destroy our government and the constitution.