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Let’s not kid ourselves That politician took real effort and tax payers money to try and humiliate Lincoln with his you know what size This is why I dislike all the politicians They’re all garbage
Wheels fell off after The Dawgs smashed your faces! There I fixed that for you! Save the SEC Championship Bama beat ya response ya toothless Gator!!!! Go Dawgs!!!
I can’t wait for next year’s Cocktail Party!!!! Lololololololol
So what Last year Auburn got the calls I’m sure you had no problem with those ref’s calls Auburn’s a toilet bowl
I think it’s high time columnist need to stop writing columns based on what ‘tweeter twitville blabbing doofuses say. How about, state the facts that Mississippi St is wearing a alternate uni and YOUR opinion not what some keyboard warriors have said. It’s ridiculous!!!
‘09 black helmet with red face mask was awesome actually imo The game however was horrible lol The Boise St game uniforms were one of the worst of all time I’ll agree with. Florida’s ALL orange is absolutely pukey!!
No joke!!! Some how I knew the only classless turds making nasty comments right away would be Florida filth. Something’s never change
We’ll stomp your face into the dirt again just the same!! Another loss by 20 easy. Bo Smo!!!! Lololololol
Whatever Gatorboy. They can have a comment on Timmy. I personally cringe when he talks every Friday on Finebaum’s segment. The dude, just has a clumsy way of delivering plus he says “hmm” a ton for a tv personality. You would think some training could seriously help this and he should get it if he’s now going to be a full time talking head.
He’s still mad Ole Miss got rid of their Dixie flags and Ole Uncle Reb. Lololol They’re the Land Sharks now remember?!?!? “Oh, I wish I were in…..
Unload away!!!!! Total pathetic Tennessee turds!!! It was unbelievable
I’m so glad Kiffin didn’t blabber some dumb sh%t during the post game and give the Tennessee Turds any neutral behavior thinking. I have never… well the closest is Carolina throwing their white rags and water bottles on the field but nothing like that. I thought Carolina student section was classless but this is a whole other level!!
I’m so happy for UK fans. My late Father took me to away UGA games at Lexington starting in late 80’s & we went thru 2012. But October 16th Georgia will crush you by 24 points at least. Let’s be real. I really hope you beat LSU just to make the build up even funnier but come game time you will not want any part of The Junkyard Dawg Defense.
Congratulations Bo & Auburn but if you try and run around like a fool like that against the Dawgs next weekend your behind will be in an ambulance by the 3rd Qtr. Lololololol Junkyard Dawgs Defense gonna chew that boy up!!!
What’s the low down on Arkansas QB Jefferson? Is he gonna be 100% after coming out of the game last Saturday?
Now 1st off…. Screaming in practice lololol what?!?!? Are you serious???!!! What a bunch of Bologna. My 8th grade BB coach broke a clip board over his knee when we were getting housed one game and that team each player was a good 4-6 inches taller than each of our players. Nobody went crying to their parents cause of him screaming and breaking clip boards. Now the rest is inexcusable but I swear kids these days which are really young adults but in reality 18-22 year olds are still kids now days they Need to toughen up. This coming from a 39 year old.
Btw they should have done double hitter this weekend Dawgs vs Hawgs 2:30 Ole Miss vs Bama 7 Who cares about A&M????
I just can’t believe CBS is still trying to hold their hat on Bama Texas A&M. Eye roll Bama is going to destroy A&M by at least 24. Only reason Arkansas didn’t score 2 more touchdowns on A&M is cause they lost their QB and wouldn’t attempt a pass play even when it was 3 & 8. Of course they knew Jimbo couldn’t move the ball either so why chance it.
That’s because President Biden & BLM prayed for it and with their prayer and leadership the cases have lowered tremendously!!!!
I hope his playing days are over. A lil gut check with reality when no coach picks him up. I sure wouldn’t want someone on my team like that!!
Bama has never had a call go against them ever!! See National Title 2018 Still rolling eyes and cussing refs for supposedly being offsides on punting situation Ridiculous
Sydney, proof reading your work is a plus. Seriously, sheesh. It’s amazing how many articles get published with mistakes. Quite pathetic
Can we discuss ESPN completely blunder that beginning of the game. Putting it on the app/ESPNEWS while having Tennessee game on both ESPN & ESPN2??? That made zero sense!!!???!?!?!!???!!? I was going to call ESPN customer service line but figured what’s the point. Whoever is in charge of programming should be suspended for stupidity.
Negan, Please just shut up. You are an embarrassment to your parents I can assure you. You blabber incoherent jibberish non stop. “Captainship”……you make Forrest Gump look intelligent.
Who cares. Making this public is stupid and a eye roller
Hey Dawg fans, I’m a young buck at 39. My Father raised me up on Bulldog games going back to my early youth. 1st game circus 1989/90 7/8 yrs old. My father passed away last year and this is the 2nd time Grizzard has come up since his passing. It tears me up that I can’t ask him his thoughts cause boy I’m sure he loved Grizzard’s antics. I’ve laughed reading these comments and thinking of my Dad. Anywho, could some of y’all rank say 1-3 for starters of your favorite books of his?
That’s fantastic!! Real lol’s. I swear, some of these people come up with some crazy stuff just to stand on “their rights” motto.
^^^^exactly what he said. This is not the mark of the beast you idiots.