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I knew soon as I read the headline there would be several of these doofuses with no clue already blaming shots & space lasers!! You Trump-Marjorie Taylor Green loving baboons never disappoint. Btw Biden is a doofus as well. Our country is about to be in another 4 year lose lose cycle. Time to put a limit on Presidential age at 60. Meaning longest you can do anything for this country is 64 then it’s time for “Out to pasture”
You are a doofus. You just want Kirby fired so you have a chance at winning the SEC
This isn’t the SWC or Big12. The school presidents will never vote the likes of MS St or Vandy out just because Texas wants.
I feel no sympathy for her. She got into the vehicle willingly and from what I’ve gathered she knew of LeCroy’s speeding habits before hand. Now you blame others for your bad judgement???
Guess the idiot DBag hasn’t gotten the memo that Texas won’t be in the conference next year. What a strange comment to make publicly
I’ve literally watched hundreds of ESPN games and I have NEVER heard anyone talk of gay or trans things on a broadcast. EVER. You are definitely part of the problem in this country
Trump’s fault. He was active President when it all started. But I know it was the Dem’s fault just like the insurrection was too…eye roll…
Yo Keith!!..you forgot miserable failed coach Derek Mason. Still can’t believe they fired Pollack who was always apart of SEC Media days then 2 weeks later bring in Derek Mason.
Has anyone else noticed during SEC media coverage that obviously Pollack was fired a few weeks ago yet they hired and replaced him with Derek Mason? Hmm, seems pretty obvious what happened there.
You’ll get your wish in 5 years. There’s a home n home scheduled for ‘27 & ‘28
The speeding stuff is what it is by all means. However the AJC crossed the line lumped Jarrett’s “allegations” in with the 1 r*pe case. 2 sèxuèl assault charges sounds much worse than dumping 1 case in with the reckless driving and culture problem. There were no charges brought up on Jarrett and it shouldn’t have even been talked about cause the bimbo simple got mad cause she thought he was ghosting her so she alleged r*pe when really he just did airplane mode so he could focus on his recruiting trip instead of her dumb*#s “why are you mad at me” texts.
Thank you. Being Hayes is a Gator I wasn’t expected much love. Back to Back but honestly I don’t care if it was 10 on the list but after TCU knocking off Michigan then getting blown out 65-7 in what will go down in history and possibly a record that never gets broken that game should be on the list. Might have been boring for all football fans besides Dawg Fans but it deserves respect. And all you BamaTurds don’t start with you belonged…win your regular season games then you belong. Also, Bammers enjoy your 9-3 season this year!!!!! Go Dawgs!!
What that a 16 yr old boy banged a 20 yr consensually? Then turned his phone to airplane mode while visiting the school cause she was acting like a twit that morning asking non stop “are you mad at me?” He basically told her to shut up and leave him alone that he was busy. She got her feelings her and called the cops claiming r*pe. She should have been charged with falsifying allegations
This right here!! All consensual. She got her feelings hurt cause he put his phone on airplane mode so he wouldn’t be bothered while visiting the school so she called the cops and reported r*pe. Absolutely crazy When it was all said and done she should have been charged for false reporting allegations.
Proof reading isn’t a thing anymore…obviously
Go Woke Go Broke is almost as cheesy as MAGA as slogans go (insert eye roll)
I’ll predict Bamaturds go back to back 9-3 in ‘23 & ‘24 lolololol Then Old Man Nicky retires
Good point Lolol Thank you SEC!! I was in the stands for the funeral ‘08 game….sad Bulldogs that night
Word is, Dawgs play at Bama. Of course they do. Saban whines and gets Georgia at home during co…vid season then again next time they are to match up in regular season. What bologna O’well bring it!!! Time to send old man Saban packing after 2024 season before he has to deal with a 9 game schedule that he can’t handle
You dingbats act like no one ever died in their 30’s before co…..vid. I bet y’all will still vote for Tr-ump even after he’s convicted a 2nd time and this time it’s not some 25+ year old ^*+% case. It’s a witch hunt!!!! Lolololol No, actually it’s called no one is above the law especially when you put Americans at risk. It’s really quite simple, the crazy lunatic held on to documents to possibly harbor, extort and have leverage at a later date if needed. Btw I hate Biden too. Anyone but those two doofuses
GameDay will put Saban in Corso’s old man spot in 2025
Saban will join him in 2025 after he whines and cries then quits cause he doesn’t get his way with dodging LSU or Tennessee and getting Vandy when the SEC jumps to 9 games. Plus Bama goes 9-3 this Fall and it’s all to much for the excuse riddled whiner
It’s really pathetic and truly sad you doofuses can’t actually discuss anything without going full blown 8th grade level of disgusting behavior talk.
Was just curious and figures I’d get “facts” thrown out at me that really sound more like whining that you have to have played in the west. Sheesh pal, those are the schools you had played for 50 yrs before the split divisions. I’m sure Dawg fans would have loved to have kept playing Ole Miss every year into the 90’s-‘00’s instead of taking on Tennessee. Your facts sound like excuses as to why Bama skirts around 2 power 5 non conference games.
This is off topic but I just went back and looked. UGA’s schedule for this year is exactly what Bama has been doing for 10-15 years. Dawgs get blasted for weak schedule yet it’s ok for Bama. To this day Bama still only plays 1 power 5 non conference game a year followed by 3 group of 5 cupcakes. For the most part Bulldogs play 2 power 5 non conference..yes Tech is pathetic but they are still a power 5. If they ever get their act together we’ll be there waiting at the end of year. Yet until what like 2 years from now Bamaturds finally (eye roll) have 2 power 5 non conference games. Which most definitely contributed to Saban scaredy-cat back out of 9 conference games ways.
Saban is gonna whine and complain and hold out till they give him Auburn, Vandy & Mississippi St. What an old man coward he’s become after bumping his gums for 7-8 years about we need 9 conference game. Just a complete laughable turd
I agree with you. Lil Nicky is a complete whiney coward that led the way for several other schools to stay with the 8 instead of manning up. Sad part is, they know the fans want 9 games and still used the money as the excuse.