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I agree Really should have been a technical foul for swinging on the rim. Only time they should swing is when it’s a extremely fast break dunk and they gotta catch themselves. He’s clearly jogging up to rim then jumps. He should have never grabbed onto the rim in the 1st place
Bahahaha Possibly the post of the year!!! Trumpers gonna Trump. You sound just like your lying cry baby sore loser leader!!! Lololololololol
Why sign early then is my 1st thought. I mean I know blah blah but I would have held back. Wonder if he has to return his cash? Lol Sorry couldn’t help myself
Looks like they should send UGA a Thank You fruit basket. That’s some money that should have went towards their responsibility to travel to Athens yet a month later it’s going to their kicker rooms. Shame shame I hope we beat them 65-3 in Nashville next year!
That’s laughable. Nor did I ever condone BLM riots. However peaceful protest is different. Any & all BLM folks who rioted and stole products from businesses are scum make no mistake. Those lunatics who stormed the Capital build were not protesting. Several even had zip ties hoping to create hostage situations. No matter what...BIG DiFFERNCE. Lastly, you’ll never see DGD82 start the political Mumbo jumbo but when the idiot Trumpers have some doofus comments I’ll gladly put them in check and remind them the tide has turned and the hateful America has run its course. Furthermore, Congress made that clear yesterday. Even Mitchy McConnell has had enough of the diarrhea mouth President...
Is the streak of not playing outside the state of Florida for a non conference game still running? Not being rude honestly curious. I remember hearing about that several years ago. I’m glad UGA is getting back to the home & homes. We had some good ones the last 10-15 yrs. Oklahoma St, Colorado, Notre Dame & Arizona St come to mind.
You mean supports a maniac and a riot on the Congress building and a plot to kidnap. Trumpers gonna Trump. Thank God and I’m so happy for Americans his nightmare reign is over.
Duh It’s ridiculous but the Ohio staters will be foaming at the mouth with excuses
And more importantly history will remember this doofus president as a maniac and his minions who are being rounded up and arrested left in right for trying to destroy our government and the constitution.
Or the days of raciest stuff will not be tolerated no matter when it happened.
Dixie is dead & gone. Jim Crow is finally dead & gone. And every Confederate general & officer should have been lined up and shot dead for treason. You lost a fair election. You are brainwashed by the next Hitler. Go Dawgs!!!
Or maybe the culture of no respect for yourself or others and fighting & gang banging is cool.
So what’s the truth? I read before game they had 60 scholarship players? Threshold was 53 right? What a dummy with nothing but excuses every week.
I’m not quite sure. I used to have a lot of respect for him at Miss St but it’s like the moment he got off that plane in Gainesville his pompous arrogant doofus self exploded due to Floriduh’s mentality they’ve had since Spurrier. At least Spurrier was funny with his arrogance.
Glorious!!!! I knew that doofus wouldn’t let media down.
Pitts maybe. Whatever everyone else’s excuse? I’ll be watching to see where the get drafted. 3rd...4th round.
Couldn’t have said it any better!!! Other than. We also still didn’t have our real QB healthy & ready or the Gators wouldn’t even have been playing Bamer
Oh I can’t wait for that debacle Lololol Maybe another riot via zoom
Oh you Stanky Slimy Floriduh Gator fans should just be happy y’all faced Georgia before we got our real QB healthy and the fact that our defense was missing like 4 starters *due to injury not opt out quitters* Y’all wouldn’t even have been playing Bamer in the conference championship...
Calm down. There will be no “opt out” next year. Maybe for the bowl games but before/mid season it will be you are quitting so transfer portal it is.
Better yet, make Vanderbilt pay us for quitting the season 1 week early when they fielded a team to play their Senior Day against Tennessee when they didn’t have 52 scholarships. Didn’t stop them then but then to travel to Athens “Oh sorry, we can’t fiend a team”
At this point I’d love to see UGA AD tell Sanky to shove it. We are getting our senior day. I still think it should be Tech. That was already set to be our home game this year and they got cancelled too. ACC allowed non conference games so why not
YES!!!!!! I say AD of Georgia needs to pick up the phone tell Sanky Screw you fine us if you’d like but we’re playing Tech. Dawgs did everything right all year. Had no major outbreaks and now our seniors get shat on. I also can’t wait for next years Vandy game in Nashville. I hope Kirby doesn’t play nice and runs up the score 65-3.
After ‘17 & ‘18 seasons Dawgs vs Tide games I have a hard time cheering that Bama beats the “Shoes” right off this team but seriously I hope it’s like 48-13.
This guy is a bigger doofus than Mullen. Of course you’re playing THIS week....it’s conference championship weekend you bafoon!!!
What a joke. There is nothing wrong with Accountability & Responsibility. He either didn’t see the play on the field or like BamaTime said..He Lied!
And how come as a head coach he never seems to see what the he’ll is going on?!? 1st he doesn’t see his QB get popped (which really wasn’t all the bad like others made it out to be) it was late but it wasn’t obnoxious. Someone on his staff says something and he goes out like a buffoon screaming throwing his arm at the refs.... All but helps start a mini riot fight. Now somehow doesn’t see the tackle on the play where the ball was and 2 seconds later a shoe goes flying through the sky. Comical