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I can think of someone who would fit this scenario perfectly. He wore #13 for the Crimson Tide with eye black in the shape of crosses on his cheeks, and he torched my dawgs for a national championship two years ago. Sound familiar?
Ridiculous comment. 2018 season and 2019 aren’t in the same ballpark. 2018 LSU loss last year was bad because of the margin, but not anywhere near as bad as the USC loss this year. 2018 SECCG was in the bag and then given away (ahem coaching). 2019 SECCG was done from the first pass from scrimmage straight through the hands off Tyler Simmons. And last year’s third loss came in the sugar bowl after all of those major contributors decided to sit out.
Totally agree. I was shocked to see SDS even give a platform for that kind of divisive drivel.
He has a posterior hip dislocation. That was obvious from how he went down and the way he was laying on the field. It’s also the type of injury that occurs in conjunction with a pelvic fracture. These injuries are horrid. They happen in High velocity traumas like motorcycle accidents (as opposed to anterior hip dislocations which are much more common). This will threaten his career for sure. Prayers for the remarkable young man.
That injury looked like a posterior hip dislocation. Those are horrid. It’s what you mostly see in high velocity trauma (like car accidents). Often associated with pelvic fractures. If his career isn’t over it’s at least threatened severely. Absolutely horrible. Prayers for a wonderful young man.
Between the money they’ll owe him for his buyout and what they’re still on the hook for with beilema, better hope papa Jerry reaches deep into his pockets to hire somebody good! Curious what kind of booster support Arkansas has.
You seem to misunderstand the distinction between “making excuses” and “taking responsibility.” I have yet to hear a single Georgia fan blame this loss on the refs, dirty players from the other team, the weather, Injuries, or any other random thing they might find to shift blame. On the contrary, I have seen (as this article demonstrates) Georgia fans pointing to game mismanagement by OUR head coach, sloppy passing and receiving by OUR QB/WRs, predictable vanilla play-calling by OUR OC, and lack of execution by OUR kicker. Additionally, I’ve heard GA fans credit the preparation of the SC coaching staff, the motivation and heart of both SC QBs, the lights out defense from the SC front and secondary, and the resilience to keep fighting when bad calls didn’t go their way (because that’s actually what the poor officiating impacted). If you’re going to troll, you should at least make an effort to sound intelligent.
How will your poor grammar affect your ability to hide your mediocre education?
This hire seems stronger to me than Chaney at OC. He was a yawn for us when we got him and we clearly didn’t put up much of a fight to keep him. Martin, on the other hand, generates excitement and brings recruiting prowess. I may be in the minority among fellow dawgs, but a stronger UT excites me. I want more parity across the SEC. It makes for more excitement and builds a stronger case for playoff expansion.
Agree he’s a great hire, but you really think he’s the best an in program history? At UT?
Looks and sounds like a posterior knee dislocation with an assoiced injury to the popiteal artery. Very sad and scary. Prayers for him. High potential to end his career if that’s the injury.
“Millennials have ....” is enough to signal that something mindnumbing is coming next. I am a millennial, too, unfortunately, but I consider myself “transgenerational” since I don’t “identify” as a millennial. Despite the fact that I can’t change my birth year, I feel more like a gen X or baby boomer, therefore I should not be assumed to bare the characteristics of my “generation assigned at birth.” After all, generational characteristics are just a societal construct, so I ought to be able to autonomously distance myself from the stupidity of millennial by assigning myself a generation that better reflects my feelings. And no one can tell me otherwise or else I’ll identify them as the “transphobic bigot” they truly are.
This sentence makes no sense. “There’s still a solid chance that the Wildcats win against Vanderbilt and Georgia to set up a huge SEC East showdown between top-15 teams in Lexington.” I’m assuming you meant Mizzou instead of Georgia.
Agree. It was obviously satire, but it was bad satire on a non-satirical site. Basically clickbait.
You beat me to it! I was actually expecting GA special teams to be listed under “study hall” and had to go back to make sure I hadn’t missed a header. I know that we have grown accustomed to rodrigo’s brilliance, which made his pedestrian performance look below average. But seriously, was SDS even watching the game or did they just see the blocked punt highlight and miss the rest? Truthfully, nothing about UGA’s play on Saturday deserves honor roll status. We won, which is great, but it was sloppy and exposed some big flaws that will need to be rectified if we are going to run the table.
I’m not gonna call you an idiot, but picking this particular point about Auburn is awfully shallow, and pretty difficulty to defend. Atlanta isn’t Jordan-hare but they had a glorified home game there playing against Washington. The last several times they’ve lost in Atlanta, it’s been to teams who could bring as much or more of a home crowd as they did. This declaration seems quite a bit premature. Plus, you couldn’t have come up with any other observation from their defeat of a top 10 playoff contender?
Yes! That context is the icing on the cake. My favorite part is the one-handed (left-handed) grab! So much power and force. Also... the ball never lies!
Dan Mullen will be wearing orange in Knoxville next fall. As much as my Georgia loving soul has enjoyed the mediocrity of the Vols since they fired Phillip fulmer, and I would prefer him to stay in the west or go outside the SEC, I believe UT will be Mullen's next destination.