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I refereed for 25 years. The problem with this play is two-fold. First of all, no hands to the face or head shap allowed. That is one penalty. Face mask, another penalty. Using helmet to hit the kid is another personal foul. Kid should be thrown out for at least the rest of that game and the next game, if not more. Real tough guy who tries to hit a guy with a swinging helmet... Idiot.
Heh RebelsPlay - heh big man, I referee football with four other guys and we all played in college. Give me your address you SOS and we will come over and show you some form tackling. This is not something to try to find the humor in. You want to see something funny? How about a video of us chasing your ass all over your front yard? Now that's FUNNY !
Absolutely intentional. Second punk had to hit the referee when he was on the ground. Team should be disbanded. Punks should be jailed. Hit a man in the back. Texarkana Community College did this back in 1985 to a baseball umpire and I sued their ass as the unpire's attorney. I hope these two and their coaches pay the price for this. Cowards in pads. Is that what this school has become?