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My brother lives in Oregon so I get the local scoop from him. As of now, Oregon has Riley/Kelly money on the table for Mario courtesy of a well known booster. Mario was out recruiting after the championship game, but we’ve all seen that song and dance before so it means nothing. A local writer named John Canzano is saying that he heard that Mario wants to stay at Oregon, but he is discussing it with his family. He also thinks that if Mario leaves they’ll try to bring Chip Kelly back since his buyout expires in January.
They didn’t play against mediocre offenses all year. When they played us we were pathetic.
My analysis. Tonight’s Dawg defense < Last night’s Duck defense.
I never thought I would see this UGA team look pedestrian, but they look like Oregon’s defense from last night. Hell, the Ducks held their opponent to 23 points at halftime. Another national championship for Bama it seems.
I remember back on 2007-08 when folks were saying “Nobody can stop the Patriots offense “. Then the Super Bowl happened.
That was all on Cristobal. I can’t believe The U is going to throw $7-9M/year at this guy. I guess they want 4-5 more years of futility. If I’m Oregon’s AD I’m thanking Miami for buying him out of his contract. Who doesn’t change QB’s when their starter plays like that? He has a 5 star Freshman as the backup. Did he not learn anything from Saban? The SEC’s motto is “It just means more”. The PAC-12 ‘s motto must be “We don’t really give a s**t”.
I think Bama is going to the Sugar Bowl to square off against Stoops again. I don’t really care about the matchup. I just hope we see another video of the Houndstooth Princess picking fights with the OU students.
He was pretty good at Grand Valley State. He won a couple of national championships. He should be able to win the natty at LSU as well.
I actually know a guy named Steve Strickland. Good guy. He would’ve given Mullen another chance.
Looks like Riley didn’t want to coach in the SEC.
Mario Cristobal is also flying home to Miami this week to see is mother. Apparently, she’s sick. Read into it what you will.
Doesn’t matter. We’ll both be playing in consolation games.
I was talking about SEC championship rings, but I don’t think Michigan can hang with UGA.
Auburn should’ve rolled the dice in the first OT. You obviously have a favorite 2 point play. use it then. What did you have to lose?
I would normally say the Dawgs are licking their chops for next weekend’s game with Bama. However, after watching this game, I’m quite sure they have turned their attention to just licking their nether regions and measuring themselves for championship rings.
I’m just glad Bama won so the mopey’s wouldn’t shut the site down for another 24 hours in their usual flair of butthurtedness. However , I went ahead and made big plans for next weekend so I won’t need to be on SDS after the SECCG.
For guys with egos as big as theirs, no amount of money can take away the stigma of being a failure as a head coach.
Cristobal can recruit, but his game management is atrocious. I was embarrassed for him against Utah. He’s also never successfully recruited and developed a QB. He’s currently using a grad transfer who should’ve been replaced by his backup long ago. Herbert was recruited by Mark Helfrich and regressed under Taggart and Cristobal. He wasn’t even 1st Team All Pac12 at Oregon, yet he goes to the Chargers and wins NFL ROY. He’ll get you some good players, but he will always be 7-5 or 8-4 in the SEC.
Glory. He ain’t going to get that in the NFL. He would be a SEC and national champion within 5 years in Gainesville.
Urban might be in a situation where he can actually name his price. It would be a good move. UF has way better looking coeds than OSU.
It should be somewhere between what Willie got and what Norvell will get.
I noticed Cristobal isn’t on the list. They must’ve seen his Chad Morris-like approach to last night’s loss to Utah.
Back in 2014/15 if you said Zeke would gash Bama’s defense for 11 yards per carry, people would’ve thought you were insane. I think OSU’s WR’s along with Stroud would be tough to stop. The SEC championship should be a good litmus test to see how good UGA’s defense is against a very talented offense.
I’m not saying they would whip UGA, but I could see them beating them.
I’m just talking about the complete offensive dominance toward the end of the season.
Ohio State should jump to #2 with that win. Watch them lose to Michigan next week. It wouldn’t surprise me the way this season has gone.