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That Vols helmet would look kind of funny with a boat oar running down the middle of it.
I wonder if Cristobal will try to lure him out west. He’s in the hunt for a DC. That would make two fired SEC head coaches on his staff.
I also think he was trying to keep the ball out of JT Daniels’ hands. He saw the writing on the wall.
I like that he was trying to put it away. However, UGA’s OC would’ve adjusted his play calls and they likely could’ve been in the same situation to kick for the win at the end of the game.
If it’s part of the whole “we’re a bunch of chained dogs” thing then I get it. I don’t know what goes on in the locker room. But, you have to look at it from an outsider’s eyes.
It’s just stupid to assign somebody to hold your belt to keep you from losing your sh!t and running onto the field. Could you imagine a Commanding General who has to have some minion assigned to him to keep from picking up a weapon and charging onto the battlefield? And then acting like a chained dog to keep from going? It looks pretty foolish.
CWS doesn’t count. I’m talking real sports like basketball and football. All the best baseball players don’t go to college.
UGAGrad. I retired from the military and work in the business world. I think that allows me to question why some dude who coaches a child’s game for a living needs a handler too keep him from losing his composure. What about you?
Saban doesn’t do it and he wins NC’s all the time. Kirby’s fake energy hasn’t won sh!t. Must be why he owns Kirby and UGA. BTW, at least my team has a NC in a major sport in the last 40 years.
This actually cost them the game. His replacement had two false start penalties on 3rd and short and gave up a few sacks.
Why does he have to have somebody hold his belt to keep him on the sideline? Why doesn’t he just show some restraint like a normal human being?
I still don’t understand. Too bad Barbara Billingsly (June Cleaver) is dead.
Leach has a history of taking out the trash. He left a bloody wake at Wazzu after his first season. The good thing about this situation is the Heath kid will probably get to keep his bowl hat and shirt.
No. They still get beat by 3 scores. Easily. Your defense sucks.
Doubtful. Remember Vinny Testeverde? He was way worse than Trask and was picked first. NFL only cares about measurables and potential.
When colleges go “tuition free” there won’t be scholarships anymore. College football will be like high school football with older players.
If colleges go back to having academic standards for their student athletes then it will happen, but with these moonbats calling for free college for everybody, scholarships won’t exist anymore. Minor leagues are the future of the NFL.
OU would’ve still won by 3 scores had UF had all of their players. It stinks that the Gator players opted out, but they saw the writing on the wall. OU is the real deal.
The NFL should have minor leagues. Players should be able to get drafted out of HS. If they make it...great. If not...good luck with the rest of your life. College football should be like college baseball. Good to great players who are still eligible to get drafted. Those who value a degree will go to college. Fans will still show up out of school and state pride. Stadiums will still be packed. As far as players go, the schools won’t miss what they never had.
Want to end the opt outs? Make the bowls games a tournament for the top teams. Make the lower level bowl games a tournament for the Group or 5, so they can have their own NC.