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Lane sure is coaching like he’s got another job waiting on him. That blowout he took last week made it look like he’s done. He probably found out he got the job las week sometime.
It’s Kiffin. They won’t settle for anybody who doesn’t have extensive SEC experience. The rumors about Freeze, Deion, etc. have also quieted down all of a sudden.
He actually declared for the draft after their tournament exit, but he decided to come back before the deadline.
That was just his way of saying “Don’t even bother calling my agent”.
There are some similarities to the old Bama teams from the 2010’s. Most notably, the tackling. That’s some of the best open field tackling I’ve seen since those Kirby-coached Bama defenses.
Hopefully, for Bama’s sake, Brian Kelly treats this like a playoff game. That will ensure a Tide win by 3+ scores.
Miffed threw his hat in the ring for the Oregon job last year, but Phil Knight didn’t want him. Kiffen is always looking.
I actually went to this game yesterday. The play calling was bad, but Rattler made a lot of bad reads/decisions. Why does he hand off when the defense is in press-man coverage? USC’s RB’s spent the whole afternoon getting stuffed. It seems that a pass in that situation would yield results. In fact, Rattler challenged their CB’s a few times on the TD drive then he stopped. Anyway, I was impressed with Mizzou’s intensity on both sides of the ball. They sure kept that crowd quiet.
He knows they would lose, but what else is he supposed to say?
Nix may not be playing against SEC competition, but he also doesn’t have SEC talent to throw/hand off to or block for him, so it’s a wash. I think the big difference is an OC who he’s familiar with. Only being sacked one time isn’t bad for him either.
Dixie, the Pac 12 is weak. That is why none of their teams will be considered. Look at Utah and Oregon. They’re the best in the conference, but Utah lost to a middling Florida team and Oregon got killed by 7+ TD’s. Both are nice stories, but they fold like a cheap suit when they have to play the SEC.
All the pass interference penalties that weren’t called in Austin, TX were finally called yesterday. The refs did a good job.
It was a not catchable pass and even if it was he would’ve caught it going out of bounds at the one yard line. Poor call and worse execution.
He’s coaching like he’s got one foot out the door. I would be surprised if he’s still employed by the end of the day.
I was saying the same thing. They’re lucky Cristobal was coaching Miami.
Oregon coaches always seem to fail at their next job. Belotti (AD), Chip (Eagles), Taggart (FSU)…
The good thing about the upcoming game against The U is that Mario Cristobal will hand this game to the Aggies on a silver platter. His offensive style and tendency to mismanage big game situations will work out in Jimbo’s favor.
Frost is a lazy recruiter. He’s as bad as Mullen. He was successful at UCF because he didn’t have to fly anywhere. He could jump in his car and drive to see kids and be home by dinner.
It makes sense. They’re just Oklahoma, but on the West Coast. Them being a playoff team isn’t a stretch. Them winning a playoff game is.
I hear Lane was highly interested in the Oregon job last year, but a certain booster (think Nike) didn’t want him.
This is truly heartbreaking. Prayers to his family as well as his OBU family.
Your hatred for Oregon is likely due to you guys losing to them by a combined score of 107-27 in 2010 and 2013.
Washington brings yachts to their sailgates. The Volunteer Navy is made up of Jon boats and Bass Trackers.
“The Ducks have a deep and experienced OL”. This doesn’t mean they’re any good. They said the same thing before the 2019 Auburn game and that OL got destroyed by Auburn’s DL. Look what Utah did to them last year. Experience does not equal talent.
I think the AP preseason poll ranks teams based off of “what could happen” rather than “what happened last year”. Oregon is a prime example. They lost their coaching staff, their offensive and defensive backfields, and are running a new system. However, they seem to have capable replacements and continuity in the trenches. I’ll be interested to see how they adapt to Lanning’s system. The good thing for UGA is they can win a close game and still maintain their position due to Oregon’s preseason rank.
You can go ahead and drop Van Dyke rom this list. The fact that nobody really ever heard of Justin Herbert until he went pro is pretty telling on how Cristobal uses his QB’s.
Lanning needs to be on here out of principal. I know he’s not a DC anymore but last year should count for something.