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Coach O could always recruit at a high level and motivate his players to play at a level they didn’t think was possible. We saw glimpses of his coaching ability in his two interim stints at USC and then when Les got fired. Now, he has become a pretty good CEO. He communicates his vision for the team and lets his coaches coach. I read an article that mentioned how he was too “hands on” and a micro-manager in his first stint at Ole Miss. He probably still has input on the game plan, but he seems to be doing well at orchestrating all aspects of the program.
I would’ve put Wisconsin ahead of Oklahoma. If you lose like that then you don’t deserve to be in the top 10.
Cristobal interviewed Moorehead for the Oregon OC job. I guess we’ll see how this plays out.
I don’t know if the 2001 Miami team can be considered the best ever since they had close games with BC and VT, but if you go back and look at the roster it’s a who’s who of All-Pro and Pro Bowl players. McGahee, Portis, Gore, Shockey, Andre Johnson, Bryant McKinnie, Taylor, Rolle, Reed, Buchanon, Vilma and Wilfork all had pretty good careers. Although, Taylor’s was cut short way too early.
I can name 4 other schools in Arkansas that would’ve been an upgrade. ASU, UCA, Ouachita Baptist and Harding.
Leonard Little killed a lady while drunk driving and spent 10 more years in the NFL afterward. Dontae Stallworth played 4 more seasons after doing the same thing. When you have a certain skill set you tend to get 2nd chances that others may not.
10. He’s a Trump guy. He endorsed him last election and he thinks the impeachment is total BS.
National news is speculating that it’s because his dad is suing UGA for the loss of his finger.
Texas Tech wasn’t very good before he showed up and sucked when he left. WSU was absolutely horrid before he showed up and he made them respectable.
This is a great hire. I wish the Hogs would’ve gotten him. I can’t wait for the swashbuckling hijinx come Egg Bowl time.
Every recruiting expert had him as a solid UGA commit from the start.
I might give Burrow more credit if not how EdO handled his interim stints at USC and LSU. He was the right man for both jobs.
Ed O has the CEO role locked down. Meaning he communicates his vision, motivates his players and delegates responsibility to his staff and doesn’t micro-manage them. He also moves in to close the big sale when needed for big recruits. It’s actually one of the hardest things for head coaches to perfect because their natural instinct is to get down in the weeds and think tactically instead of strategically.
I saw the announcement on TV and I think the real winner here was his baby momma’s eyebrows.
They have a common opponent. Auburn. Oregon lost to them and Florida beat them. Florida lost to UGA and LSU. Oregon lost to Auburn and Arizona State. Oregon’s advantage is they won an extra game due to winning the PAC 12 championship.
Should be 4th. I don’t see OU staying in the top 5 after what LSU did to them.
I think I figured out which Bama poster is Harvey Updyke.
LOL! This pig fan has celebrated a national championship more recently than any of you turd eater fans. Go ahead and bask in your conference championships while enjoying a nice tasty treat from the cat box.
Dan Mullen will be in his 3rd year. That means most of his players will be ones he recruited. I think we will see the Gators continue their upward trajectory.
I only trash talk UGA fans because you act like you actually won something. You all sit on here and trash talk Florida, Bama and LSU and those schools own you. Even Arkansas has a national championship in a major sport more recently than you guys. Arkansas has also been in a championship game more recently if you count baseball as a sport...which I don’t.
Yeah, you beat Oklahoma and then lost to the 3rd place SEC team in the national championship. It’s OK because I heard your fans yelling SEC, SEC, SEC! after you lost. Riding another teams coattails and basking in their reflective glory. I guess that’s the best you can do.
At least LSU has won something in the last 30-40 years. What does UGA have? A baseball championship. That’s somewhere between a soccer and T&F championship.
Funny. Arkansas actually scored twice as many points against LSU as UGA did. Too bad Gus picked up Morris before you guys did. You could use him. Arkansas just hired Pittman from UGA. Hopefully, he doesn’t follow Kirby’s amateur processes like putting his best RB’s on punt coverage.
Maybe UGA can actually beat a Big 12 team in their bowl game this year. If the team that got crushed by LSU shows up then it’s not likely.
It’s strange how you come on here and troll a team who started a streak of SEC national championships. Something your team has contributed absolutely nothing to. Well, OK, I’ll give you credit for giving Bama one of their championships. Your team and my team have a lot in common. Neither of us have been relevant in decades.
He blew out his knee on punt coverage. Not even punt return. Kirby must have learned this process from Saban because, you know, Derrick Henry, TJ Yeldon and Najee Harris we’re so great in punt coverage. SMH.
Once Mullen catches up on recruiting his own kids he will rule the SEC East. Kirby Smart is too intimidated by SEC West teams to ever win big at UGA. That SEC championship game should’ve never been that big of a blowout.
And that’s why you will always play second fiddle to the SEC West. It’s amateur hour over there in GA.
I see a lot of trash talk from fans of a team that hasn’t beaten Bama in over 12 years. The last game was close, but no cigar. I knew Bama was going to win that game when one of their Linebackers slapped Fromm in the head and no UGA player took up for him. That sent a message that UGA was good with letting Bama bully them which is what happened in the 2nd half.