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Paul needs to study Kirby a bit more than ESPN headlines....He is a Georgia boy, wife is a Georgia girl, kids are all Georgia born and bread....there is absolutely nothing the NFL can offer that would move them away from Athens....other than creating an NFL team in Bainbridge, GA and naming him HC.
If the award is no longer for the best collegiate football player and is indeed going to go to the best QB, Bryce Young is clearly the best QB followed by HH. BUT, if is rreally intended to be presented to the BEST football player I contend that if not for SBIV, Georgia would not be #1 and undefeated....maybe not the best stat QB but as a leader,team motivator, and never give up spirit plus being a very good stat QB, He is the best football player in 2022!
Georgia #1, Tenn. #2, There is absolutely no way on earth that Michigan or TOS could beat Tenn., Alabama #3, TOS/Michigan #4...Texas and/or Baylor will beat TCU...
Agreed, sacks are most important against a QB's like Young who is overly worried he'll be injured/suffer pain. Once you get into his head his accuracy drops significantly.
Amen, Amen, and Amen....but just wait, Darnell Washington will have given Brock a run for his money by seasons end as well as Oscar Delp and Arik Gilbert....just go ahead and name the The Dawgs Tight End bench as winners!!!!
Dawg10, thank you for the most raisonnable account of this incident. Like your son, I believe that those rushing the field, open themselves up for all sorts of problems and have to bear some responsibility. I've seen the video numerous times and I won't say Burton did anything other than push the individual away....was that individual drunk, taunting, threatening, or just stumbled/ran too close to Burton causing him to feel threatened?? As a Dawg (76) I was disappointed to see Burton jump ship but I wish him well. It's clear to me he made a very poor choice as had he stayed, he would have been highly successful.
As a Dawg, I'm pullin for the Vols.....this game does not matter either way other than if Tennessee does win, the Dawg victory will be that much better!
Bama's Defense will disrupt the Vol Offense enough to eek out a narrow win. Milroe will play most of the game and both QB's will throw picks.
Hears the deal...Young's injury does not appear to be that serious but is very painful. Any amount of pain or the potential to sustain another painful hit keeps Young from his usual total focus on his job. Day to Day means Young will not be back to 100% for a while. In the meantime Milroe will excel. No worries, Young could not play another snap and he'll be a first round pick.
At this point I don't think he'd ever make it at UGA....the reason he didn't pick the obvious first and second teams in his recruitment....Georgia and Bama would never guarantee a start until he learned and improved, then proved himself in practice.
Just spent the last hour wading through the comments....gwhite absolutely proves stats are extremely useful indicating possible problems....according to the APA, the color orange causes a lack of concentration and increased confusion....when arranged in a checkerboard pattern, complete delirium....seek help gwhite! Oh, one last parting comment...after November, Old Smokey's next litter will definitely be all white, with short stubby legs, and puggishly flat faces....
Too much NIL and a steady daily dose of Rat Poison...can Dr. Saban heal this sick pachyderm....I think not as he is old and irrelevant and the support staff is lacking....BUT not so fast....a savior just appeared on the horizon like the rising morning star, a prime candidate for the Dr Saban school of coaching resurrection....Scott Frost, a former QB with a Natty under his belt and a "take no poo" attitude....a perfect offensive savior/play caller!!!!
The Dawgs will repeat, if you have ANY doubts, just check out the spring G-Day Game Saturday...you'll see the "bench" play like first team starters on any other team in America.
If this War Eagle is half as good a fit as Vince, I say come on....we have the best vet school in the country and they can help make the conversion from War Eagle to BullDawg!
I wish him well, if he processes the same never give up, never quit, I'm going to prove to you I am the best attitude, LHB is on track to be another GEORGIA UNDER-DAWG!!!!
Hey Brad, DJ Ukulele is a much better QB than Emory from LaGrange and you see how he faired...the only running Emory will be doing is to save his ass.
Beat Down...ND better pray these next 12 days they get close to the 24 points TAM put on Bama... I'd say it will be more than Irish luck if they score more than a FG to counter Bama's 50 plus points. Maybe then the morons on the "committee" will see ND as the mediocre team they are playing in a weak sister conference.
The only thing TAM has to do is beat NC by two TD's...ND's margin of victory over NC....once and for all proving the "committee" screwed this years CFP.
Both TOSU & Clemson play in weak sister conferences and should win out...especially given the the disproportionate amount of talent both teams possess. Alabama & Georgia will round out the championship bracket for 2020.
The loser between Ga/Al will be the #4 team, the winner will be #1.
Another missed point...because it matters who you have on the field and how you coach/teach them, GEORGIA is still winning, over the past three years our average class rank is 1.6, Bama 2.3 2019 will prove to be The Tides downfall as The Dawgs will finally take them down, all because we recruit better players and then provide better coaching.
Couldn't agree more...and furthermore the Big 10 does NOT have a team worthy of playoff consideration...Thank the Good Lord that The Committee looks at resume rather than pedigree...bring on UCF...just to shut these idiots up, #1 & #2 in the SEC and Norte Dame or Big 12 winner.
The Dawgs have every component required to beat The Gators save one...we have the talent, we know how to execute and use that talent, we have depth to keep that execution at a consistently high level, we have coaching that knows how to utilize our wealth of talent in any given situation...The Dawgs had all these things when we played LSU...we should have won easily...what we lacked then and the big question as we prepare for Florida is...do we have the WILL, THAT BURNING DESIRE to not only win against our opponent but that BELIEF that we will control our opponent and execute our game plan to devastate/destroy any response to stop us...thus devastating every comer. This is Kirby's focus this week...I think he will be successful...our youth and inexperience is about to be a thing of the past!
If the award is for the coach who has made the greatest impact for improvement for his team...ED Orgeron is the only candidate.
Believe me...after this week Ed Orgeron & LSU will live rent free in Nick Sabans mind....not as much fearing that first defeat looming like the rising sun but his "golden ticket" QB will be knocked off his trip to the stars!
Right on Mountain Dog...we failed to readjust to Aranda's masterful adjustment...we were out coached...add to that Smart is still learning to motivate players like Coach O and we have a massive fail....I assure you that Smart will intensify his motivation for the Gators...but will Chaney return to what we are good at....pound the ball and pass when no one expects it.
SEC Championship...Rematch LSU vs UGA....you got that right....Georgia wins out and LSU decimates Bama.
Orgeron brings back such fond memories of Erk Russell and Mike Castronis at Georgia....sure wish we had that type of FIREY INSPIRATION at GEORGIA!
You read my mind brodowaggins...I'd have NO concern if those first three were covering my back...I'd rather see Pruitt before Odom and Mason after Luke...but either way I'd be walking out a winner!