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Both TOSU & Clemson play in weak sister conferences and should win out...especially given the the disproportionate amount of talent both teams possess. Alabama & Georgia will round out the championship bracket for 2020.
The loser between Ga/Al will be the #4 team, the winner will be #1.
Another missed point...because it matters who you have on the field and how you coach/teach them, GEORGIA is still winning, over the past three years our average class rank is 1.6, Bama 2.3 2019 will prove to be The Tides downfall as The Dawgs will finally take them down, all because we recruit better players and then provide better coaching.
Couldn't agree more...and furthermore the Big 10 does NOT have a team worthy of playoff consideration...Thank the Good Lord that The Committee looks at resume rather than pedigree...bring on UCF...just to shut these idiots up, #1 & #2 in the SEC and Norte Dame or Big 12 winner.
The Dawgs have every component required to beat The Gators save one...we have the talent, we know how to execute and use that talent, we have depth to keep that execution at a consistently high level, we have coaching that knows how to utilize our wealth of talent in any given situation...The Dawgs had all these things when we played LSU...we should have won easily...what we lacked then and the big question as we prepare for Florida is...do we have the WILL, THAT BURNING DESIRE to not only win against our opponent but that BELIEF that we will control our opponent and execute our game plan to devastate/destroy any response to stop us...thus devastating every comer. This is Kirby's focus this week...I think he will be successful...our youth and inexperience is about to be a thing of the past!
If the award is for the coach who has made the greatest impact for improvement for his team...ED Orgeron is the only candidate.
Believe me...after this week Ed Orgeron & LSU will live rent free in Nick Sabans mind....not as much fearing that first defeat looming like the rising sun but his "golden ticket" QB will be knocked off his trip to the stars!
Right on Mountain Dog...we failed to readjust to Aranda's masterful adjustment...we were out coached...add to that Smart is still learning to motivate players like Coach O and we have a massive fail....I assure you that Smart will intensify his motivation for the Gators...but will Chaney return to what we are good at....pound the ball and pass when no one expects it.
SEC Championship...Rematch LSU vs UGA....you got that right....Georgia wins out and LSU decimates Bama.
Orgeron brings back such fond memories of Erk Russell and Mike Castronis at Georgia....sure wish we had that type of FIREY INSPIRATION at GEORGIA!
You read my mind brodowaggins...I'd have NO concern if those first three were covering my back...I'd rather see Pruitt before Odom and Mason after Luke...but either way I'd be walking out a winner!