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Expectation is win. Win.. win.. win.. win. Just win.
That being said, we didn't win anything while he was here.
I do like the years of experience and size behind a lot of the portal additions.
Every passing day makes me lean closer and closer to Turner staying.
Hopefully keep them healthy at the least.
Don't forget the possibility of paying Elko 15 mill this year.
Not sure the NIL money will go away for all schools. With Texas Aggies United you can pay $25 a month. A&M's Alumni is over 574,000. $25 adds up very quickly with an Alumni base that large. When you are only paying $25 a month the RIO for the individual goes way up. Even with a bad season its probably a better RIO than 24 pack and a hangover the next day. And I am not assuming 574k aggies are contributing to NIL, just using the number as an example.
I am ok with Denver Harris. A completely different staff and he could have a completely different attitude towards the opportunity. If Elko adds him back to the team it probably means he saw a lot of change in Denver's character.
I'll take this pick up. Solid size. And who is Raymond Cottrell?
I am sure Gamecock fans are tired of me on these threads, but no way did Spencer Rattler move from 8 to 5. Offensive production in the SC losses. 17 points 14 points 20 points 39---outlier 12 points 17 points 7 points That does not scream top 5 QB in the SEC to me.
Conflict of interest. Bjork should be fired for letting him stay. Nothing against Robinson, you just can't work for two teams at the same time it just does not work. Digs hasn't been practicing because he has been visiting Syracuse haha.
What is strange is they are mainly defensive at this point, which elko would have been involved with getting them on campus in the first place.
Get hyped!!! The General Manager role is filled. I would call that a step in the right direction.
No clue. Interim coach left. and to be honest... who cares about the Texas Bowl against Oklahoma State? They lost to South Alabama, they were blown out by UCF, blown out by Texas, struggled with BYU. Just an FYI... if we lose and somebody brings this up later, I will say "well the ags didnt have a coach and were on their 3rd string qb"
Very interesting. I would have thought Elko would have kept Nolen since he was involved in recruiting him initially. Will be interesting to see what happens with this team and what team steps on the field next year. The portal seems to get a little crazier each year.
I don’t see that 4 being possible. Ohio state would be in.
Would have liked to see him have another year. Offense did improve with petrino, o line took a step back with addazzio. If petrino could have had his guy coaching the o line who knows what 2023 would have looked like offensively.
I watched Criswell live and in person last weekend, from only a few rows up. I don't think he is your answer.
I think he meant CFL on his post, not NFL.
Would have loved to see him behind a competent O line. Wish him the best at NC.