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If the Ags start fast and can make it a 2 possession game early, I think LSU packs it up and does not put up a fight. They may be fired up to start the game, but if they fall behind they may just want the game, and season, to go ahead and end.
lol Calzada throws 2 pics late in the forth quarter. SDS- "lets move him up a spot."
6. Spiller, starting Oline, and starting DLine only play 1 quarter. Need to be 100% for LSU. If the Ags play like they did last week that one will be the 4th setback.
Mond was good. He had an amazing season last year. Mond was not the reason we lost a game last season. Defense gave up huge plays on third and long several times. Most resulted in a td.
We would have had a really good year with King. Calzada just can't get it done. Even in the Alabama game he threw a terrible interception. He has not thrown a td in the last 2 games.
Here is the question though, did he throw a catchable ball? May have been a catchable spot, but the guy is throwing a 90mph fastball out there. Also, the interceptions were terrible throws by Calzada.
Has Kiffin won any games as a result of going for it 4th down? 1-4 against auburn, 2-5 against bama, and it kept A&M in the game till Calzada decide to play like Calzada. They beat A&M but not as a result of going for it on 4th down.
I think the auburn game took a lot out of the players. They did not look the same this game.
Ags by 14 and Corral will be sacked 5 times this game.
Liberty rushed for 284 yards. That does not seem like an improved defense.
Is putting your own tweet in a an article the same as quoting yourself?
"Is there a scenario in which Georgia doesn't make the Playoff?" If Georgia decides to lose their remaining games they would be left out.
A&M still has a path. Win out and wait for you guys to beat Bama.
It will be incredibly funny if Cincinnati loses this game.
Also beat Alabama. Lets not look past that one.
Is it considered an upset if Auburn is favored to win this game? Although the spread is only -2.5, they are still technically favored to win.
Auburn might still have a say on this topic. Season isn't over yet.
I am still not believing the Ole Miss hype. I think Auburn beats them this week.
"Alabama is the No. 4 team in the nation. Tennessee is one of the teams in the nation." This was funny.