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Pretty sure every school is doing that. The school isn't offering the deals, people in the suites are. I am surprised people are still worried about A&M and NIL deals, Ohio state coaches are picking up players in 200k cars and nobody seems to care lol.
Note to self.. stop running my mouth about Texas. ... Now I have to find something else to do this weekend.
Not sure why you grouped A&M with Tennessee or Mizzou. But sure... whatever you think sounds right.
I wonder how much the heat and playing every game at 1PM effected the team today.
He even went on Tex Ags one time and couldn't resist bringing up how much Jimbo makes. I think anybody listening to Tex Ags is well aware of how much Jimbo makes haha.
Hey Connor... Who cares? ...I thought Connor had finally moved on from Jimbo's salary and contract. Guess I was wrong.
One of those years was Dak Prescott though, so lets remove that one if we are taking off the Johnny wins.
Also, have you guys heard of Achane? If not get your popcorn ready for this season, because he will put on a show.
Why would A&M be depending on a substantial amount of true freshman next year? Might see Stewart, Marshall, and Jake Johnson get starts, but there are a lot of veterans returning. This should have been a 10-11 win team last season, but QB play was subpar. I mean Calzada threw an interception off his lineman's head, then threw back to back interceptions against Ole Miss to close that one out, even in the Bama game there was an interception that I am pretty sure he was just trying to throw the ball out of bounds. Against LSU he tripped over his own feet twice in the back field. Why not think this is a top 5 team with anybody else at QB?
If Johnson doesn't win the job, I still think we are in good hands with King.
I expect us to be a top football program next year. All the talent is there, we were a QB away last year. I think Max Johnson will be the guy to play a Kellen Mond role and move the chains on 3rd downs. Dline might take a slight step back to start the year, but I think they will turn it on after a few game. A lot of talent that played some snaps last year in back up roles. Also, you need high expectations to keep up the tradition of BAS haha.
I wouldn't mind lSU every year. It seems like more of a tradition playing LSU around Thanksgiving than playing Texas at this point.
I believe he is good enough to earn playing time. 2020 proved he can be very consistent.
Did I? I commented on a troll response, with a troll response.
@dale 2020 would have been an 11 win season with cupcakes added. So one of the years you referred to is a little skewed.
Conveniently putting the coaching change year into this average.
Anybody ever wonder what A&M did to Connor? Maybe it was his first choice for school and he didn't get in. Still holding a grudge after all these year.
They will hold them as long as possible. Big XII knows it is the beginning of the end once Texas and OU are out of the conference.
Also, you realize the 9-1 season had a big impact on these recruits right?
*Five 5 stars in the three years before this class.
Another article implying that this recruiting class was based solely on NIL. That it has nothing to do with the constant upgrades to facilities and the coaching. Take a break from this narrative. It's old and worn out. Why would this money not be spent to keep Kenyon, Peevy, O neal, Wydemyer, and Johnson in school another year? Also the comparison to Sumlin through 48 games is misleading. Sumlin was fired for what happened after those games. Running off two 5 star QBs, blowing a huge lead to UCLA, coaching staff, ect...