Originally from TENNESSEE.Been a loyal fan since 1958.I am 74 years young.

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TENNESSEE 9-3 or maybe 10-2.Quarterback Should be even better this year. GO TENNESSEE
TENNESSEE 9-3 or maybe 10-2 Defense will be better and offense it's Lights out. GO TENNESSEE
Please Connor,find a more suitable job. Go Tennessee
Please,what are you smoking?TENNESSEE will not lose to Kentucky.I think 2 loses,Alabama and Texas A&M. TENNESSEE 8-2 and a trip to SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. GO TENNESSEE
Be ready,Vols are coming. Go Tennessee
If regular season stands,TENNESSEE 10-2,With losses to Oklahoma and Alabama.If it's a SEC schedule,TENNESSEE,9-1 loss to Alabama. GO TENNESSEE
Don't worry TENNESSEE will take care of Florida in Knoxville.
TENNESSEE will finish season 10-2..with losses to Oklahoma and Alabama.
No need to worry.TENNESSEE is coming.And then Georgia and Florida will be put in their place.