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And Kirby won’t get recruits like saban. Yada yada yada.
You sir would be incorrect on pitching. Guess that’s why they are currently 7th in team era
Basically just walked out on the team . Drama queen
Who cares about preseason power rankings? I mean really people
I think LSU makes the tournament
Think you mean Corona virus and judging by your comments you sound a bit salty.
That would be correct while Georgia currently sits 1 game behind Princeton on the list.
About 75 percent of the nations athletes wouldn’t start at bama. Reason being is the depth chart is already loaded as is. Must be a nice problem to have.
Alabama and Georgia never lose anything at all. The next man up is just as highly rated as the one that left. Only difference would be playing time.
Unless you play for Alabama. Am I right?
Or have a 5 and 6 interception game as well. He can sling it but you can’t have those ludicrous turnover numbers in 2 games no less.