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**over the last decade lol autocorrect That’s why I would say “current” rankings
Yeah but information the last decade it hasn’t mattered isn’t the Overall outcome of our season. Sure, it’s nice to have another win, but there’s been few seasons since our championship years that we needed that win for anything.
Gotta agree with this one. No Ws except against UT. Of course this is a hard stretch to predict, but I don’t see USC coming up strong in 4 out of 5 close games. Lived long enough with Muschamp to know he has a knack for underperforming.
Ah that’s tough. I’ve been a UF fan since around ‘97 so I’ve seen both ebb and flow. I think from a vocal standpoint we hate the UGA neutered pups more than anyone — and that may be just because every year they’re even remotely good we get an earful until we eventually shut them up. But, in the depths of every Gator’s heart is a burning hatred for all things creamsicle. My personal picks for our current top 5 rivals: UGA, FSU, LSU, UT, Miami Wouldn’t have put LSU on that list before the last decade of insane and hotly contested games.
@joe - agreed, but I think fans who know football will be able to tell what’s what —especially on the UF offensive side of the ball.
IMO This game is way bigger than some think for UF. If we can’t answer the questions for our OL, tackling, and Franks here, I don’t know if we match our level of play from last year. Go Gators.
Man, I hope you’re right. Everything in me says that UF should be fine but I’m still waiting for a good drive or two from Franks that displays (like #4) a healthy balance of run and pass. Perine & Co. *should* be getting more out of each carry. I blame the O-Line, but I can’t wait for that group to click. It’s just a matter of time and I sure hope it happens sooner tatheethan later.
@CO Honestly, man it reminds me of the classic 40-yr-Old nobody that remembers “the glory days”... except for UGA those days haven’t been around for 4 decades. Lol they gotta make up for it somehow.
@Dawgs Interesting you brought that up. Since 1980, the Gators solidly lead the series 23-15. So, unless you’re over 50, neither of us remember a time that UGA could compare to the greatest university this side of the sun. Oh, and you know what else last happened in 1980? #itstoughtobeadawg
To be fair, I see most of the instigation coming from UGA fans. Best guess would be little brother syndrome — they love to start stuff (especially since they’re the better team for now). And we can’t help but talk right back