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if i were a 33 year old linebacker who's torn my acl 3 times i'd take a day off every now and then too
Timing and whether or not he wants to do it. I have a feeling Hines' thoughts of the job would change after a sit down with CKS. It's easy to say you wanna coach but it's not easy to coach. Would he be a good coach? Probably. Would he be a good recruiter? Yeah of course. But is Hines willing to put in all the time that it would take?, because a lot of these assistant coaches work a lot harder than people think. The next thing is timing, didn't he just take a job with NBC? He'd be taking a big pay cut from NBC to assistant coach. I'd love to see Hines on the sidelines on Saturday. It just seems unrealistic
As much as I want him to come to Georgia, I see him going to Tennessee. Not mad though since UGA is taking the top athlete in the nation out of Tennessee's backyard.
haha solid point. I'm not sure there was that much thought put into it though. I just didn't understand how hard it could be to use an actual picture of the kid talked about in the article.
This kid is all dawg and also this picture has nothing to do with the article.
Is this new format permanent? If so, two thumbs up.
Robertson is making the announcement May 2nd. Do some research.
People need to relax. Two high schoolers joking around on twitter with some friends. All that it seems to be.
BREAKING NEWS: College student arrested for being a college student.
I'd slow down there. Rivals reported that he was on the verge of committing to Georgia on his low key visit to Athens this past weekend but instead he just decommited.
While it seems that is his final three, he was quick to refute that rumor via his twitter page. Auburn still looks to be the favorite though from the insiders perspective.
Come on dude, slavery? really? Just because cash isn't falling into your lap, the school is giving you thousands and thousands of dollars a year to be there.
Keith Marshall isn't leaving early. He's been at Georgia for four years, he's a senior in college. Technically he could stay for another year because of a medical redshirt but he stayed at Georgia for 4 years. That's not leaving early.
According to his twitter page it's true.
You never mention any school but Alabama for Ben Davis, but Davis just recently announced Georgia as his leader.
"Smart has had to be pretty efficient with his time as he prepares for the National Championship Game and College Football Playoff and assembles a staff and begins recruiting for his new job with Georgia." Longest run on sentence I've ever seen. Four "ands" in one sentence. Seriously, do y'all proofread these?
Rumors are that Smart will hire the DB coach from Alabama to be the new DC. I can't remember his name but it seems they are just waiting for the right time to announce it.
To be fair, Dimarco is the best fullback in the NFL.
@TwansTide I think it was in Smart's best interest to to be announced as HC as soon as possible. He's got some damage control to do on the recruiting trail in Athens and has to put together a coaching staff. I think he easily could've called it quits in Tuscaloosa right now and immediately gone to work for UGA but I thought it was respectful of him to finish what he started with this year's Bama squad.
sources? I'd love that but i've heard that no matter what happens Pruitt will be gone. Apparently he's been a cancer internally on the coaching staff. I want to keep pruitt the most though. He might not have the best business ethics and morals but he gets results on the field. UGA threw morals out the window when we fired Richt.
To be fair, Georgia Southern is light years ahead of Jax State. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that Southern would beat Auburn
I'd feel confident in our ability to find a a good coach given that the Georgia head coach is a top 10 job in America
When did he say he thought Georgia was the better team? Georgia is terrible this season. I've never seen the offense this bad in 20 years and we hung 31 on yall without Chubb. Kind of funny how Tennessee is .500 and yall are all happy. I guess that's the difference between UGA and UT
"You’re trying to call the Vols a bad team, and yet we beat Georgia." Yes ADB literally did say that Georgia was a bad team. Congratulations for winning that one? A Chubb-less Georgia hung 31 points on ole Rocky Top with the dumpster fire offense Georgia is. The Vols aren't really a good team at all. Yalls best win is against us, and we're terrible (who knows how that game would have ended if Reggie Davis didnt drop that TD pass). Kind of funny how Vols fans come out of no where and talk trash when they had more losses than wins 48 hours ago.
This is just my own opinion but I feel like if Kirby Smart wanted to be a head coach by now than he would be. He seems perfectly happy at Bama
No one laughed at Todd Gurley tearing his ACL. If you made some kind of witty joke about it then yeah I'd probably chuckle depending on if the joke is funny or lame. Lighten up, why can't people take jokes anymore?
Maybe now some Tennessee fans will take their head out of the clouds. They got wayyyyyyyy too much offseason hype. Still could be a good team, but lets tap the breaks just a bit.
Thank you. We might have the most conservative play calling in the country and it bugs the crap out of me.
Seriously? You can clearly see that he jumped towards McKenzie instead of being pushed. It might've looked like a block in the back with the angle that they chose when the play was happening live but in the vine above it's pretty clear the defender tried to leap for McKenzie.