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Easy decision. Over. This team will get 11 wins again on the back of what should be the nation's #1 or #2 defense. They'll lose one game to either UF or Alabama.
And you wont win anything being conservative like you have always been, and when you try to take risks that fails too, because yalls WRs couldnt catch a cold in the SEC championship
Lol the 2020 class was not average it was ranked 10th
UTs class is still better than UGAs right now. We dont have December recruiting rankings right now, we have MAY recruiting rankings, and I'm going off what we have now not a future projection. You're such a clown
If I had any I'd bet alot of money on Kyle Trask. He look great last year and I think he has the best TE in the country with a relatively east schedule. If UF makes the SEC Championship game itll be because Trask is a Heisman contender. If not him I'd bet on Spencer Rattler bc Lincoln Riley hasnt shown me a QB that WASNT a heisman contender, in fact, if Joe Burrow didnt exist Riley wouldve had 3 straight Heisman winners
I was wrong on all trivia answers I said: Tim Tebow, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Drew Brees, and Baker Mayfield
11-1 I'd bet money Trask wins the Heisman. He looked great last year and has time with QB guru Mullen to improve his game. I think he'll have monster numbers, not Burrow like but still great. Like 45 TDs to 10 INTs and a 69 completion percentage plus a high QBR and Passer Rating. If Trask doesn't win I'll pick Spencer Rattler
The case for MSU: Better overall roster, new, innovative offense, Leach is a proven winner, easier schedule. The case for Ole Miss: Kiffin knows what it takes to win in the SEC, dynamic QB can score from anywhere, better skill players on offense(besides RB)
Came into this expecting to easily pick Herschel. Was wrong
2020: probably a decent season not great not terrible, decent bowl game 2021: a little better than 2020 2nd or 3rd in the east and a good bowl game 2022: serious contender for SEC East 2023: serious SEC champion and CFP contender
Tennessee has a chance to win the game. They wont, I think they lose 27-34, but I would not be surprised if they won
The names not really racist just making fun of Urban Meyer
Wish we still had the smokey gray alternates. The orange looked great on the dark gray and the added touch of the mountains on the helmets was incredible, very subtle but the little details are the best