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Hard to be happy. I care about football a lot more and the forecast for that program is unpredictable even though it SHOULD be an elite program.
Why not? Guy's a great coach, I just don't want Alabama to be continually dominant.
I think Kennedy Chandler could be good, but other than him we really dont have a good shooter.
Sure, he's a great get, but Barnes wont put him to good use unfortunately.
I think we go 6-6 this year. Winning against Vandy, South Alabama, Bowling Green, Tennessee Tech, Kentcuky, and South Carolina.
How'd all those highly rated Pruitt recruits work out for ya? Butch put people in the NFL at least. Jauan Jennings, Marquez Callaway, Rashaun Gaulden, Cam Sutton, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Derek Barnett, Alvin Kamara, and Shy Tuttle were all Butch era players making an impact in the NFL. I dont see any Pruitt era players doing that(and no, Jennings and Callaway don't count)
I just don't think he's that special. Johnson at least led and upset of Florida.
Nice to see the baseball and basketball teams not in complete turmoil
I don't rank QBs, but if I did Fields would be my top QB and he wouldn't be better than 3rd. I normally do 32, because that's how long the first is, and then I do a top 5 at each position, for example I have WRs as 1. DeVonta Smith 2. Ja'Marr Chase 3. Rashod Bateman 4. Jaylen Waddle 5. Terrace Marshall
I really think if you commit to a program by signing you shouldn't be allowed to leave unless they have done you wrong in a way other than benching you.
How is the SEC allowed to overrule the NCAA's decision?
It should've been Oklahoma State, not because they were better than Alabama but because Alabama HAD ALREADY LOST TO LSU.
As long as he's devoted to the sport and the team I don't care about the star rating
You see the thing is you say that but nobody knows for sure.
Yeah but where exactly did those wins get you?
I mean sure Barnes can create a culture of winning in the SEC but he hasn't shown an ability to reach the heights the team is capable of. I mean you had 2 five star guards and 2 good defensive players(although Fulkerson didn't play in the game, f*ck you Omar Payne) last year and still lost in the first to a team that hadn't won a tournament game in almost 40 years.
Bro that's a great nickname for him lol
Leach turned one of the worst CFB teams of all time into annual Pac 12 contenders. He put Texas Tech in the national spotlight for the first time ever, may have won a national title too, if not for Oklahoma.
The program has a lot of money and the ability to get a better coach. We're not reaching our potential
I don't care about their star rating, I want players devoted to the game, the team, and the culture. That's the way to get back to prominence. Follow the Clemson blueprint, after 25 years of irrelevancy following a 1981 national title, Clemson made a great hire and got back to the national stage.
Oklahoma has been a consistent team and is one of the best coached teams in the country. The talent gap between them and Clemson/Alabama/OSU has prevented them from winning a national title.