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Danielson is biased towards the bigger ranked team every game
Well every teams fanbase before this week was mad at Gary too so what's your excuse now?
I never said Guaranturnover was good, nor did I say we were better than Auburn
That was obvious targeting. Also "If you don't think these rivalry games matter, try losing one" -Gene Stallings
I knew I was right to pick Mizzpu to cover. UK was in for a letdown
What are you? Guaranturnover's burner account?
So Tennessee is gonna pack it in and give up? Because that's what they're doing by starting Guaranturnover. Not saying we'd win if we start someone else but starting Guaranturnover is suicide
This is probably the wisest comment I've seen on this site. Very well said my friend
SC wins Alabama wins and covers Ole Miss wins Kentucky wins Mizzou covers
Drop the powder blue Rebels it will suit you well. It looks dumb with the red. The Navy blue looks great with the red
Alabama fans are actually the most tolerable on this site
First...Trask is better than Mac Jones Second...It doesn't matter 44-10 Alabama
Did you watch UTs OL vs UGA? It looked like they weren't even trying the only one trying was To'o To'o
Meanwhile Stetson Bennett is worse than Jarrett Guarantano because at least Guarantano can throw for more than 20 yards
PFF isn't "due" any respect. Their rating system is complete garbage