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It’s not gonna cost him a cent in fact Jeff Lurie might pay it for him
Jalen Carter did absolutely nothing that resulted in a loss of life cause he DIDNT CAUSE THE CRASH
Henry Ruggs was drunk driving 150 MPH when he slammed into the back of that lady’s car. Burton slapped a female. Basketball player killed someone and another player supplied him with the gun. You really wanna talk about character issues?
Carter is the most innocent person in the entire thing. He was driving in a completely different car and did not cause the crash and was not drunk. Lecroy was wasted, that’s why she crashed and died
You’re an absolute moron. You literally only think it was Carter’s fault cause he didn’t die. He wasn’t drinking. Just driving fast just like the other car, he just wasn’t the one that crashed. Lecroy was supposed to be the responsible adult in the situation who should not have been driving drunk, let alone trying to race. That’s why she crashed, not because of Jalen Carter. Get over it, we’re not better than UGA
Arch shouldn’t be on this list but if you think he’s a bad player you’re delusional he’s absolutely going to be much better than any current SEC QB imo, and y’all are just hating on him cause he went to Texas instead of an SEC school. But yea, he shouldn’t be on this list.
Kirby doesn’t really put his effort towards WRs like that due to the running based scheme. He finds talent in lower rated players at that position like AD Mitchell. Really the only highly rated WR he’s brought in was George Pickens, who was very good but wasn’t healthy and had an attitude problem
You won 2 national titles with a 5-9 walk on it took you 2 years to settle on and you’re talking about someone else’s QB?
It’s not UGAs fault that their traditional in state rival is currently down. CFB changes quickly, Tech will be back to being a respectable program under the right coach. Georgia should continue to uphold the tradition of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate, by destroying Tech until they can get their business together. Big fan of the new AD and coach they have over there, but they just don’t have the funds other top programs do at the moment
Army won’t be running a traditional triple option since cut blocks were banned outside of the tackle box. They’re switching to a shotgun option offense. Pretty sure that came from Monken himself
1. Michigan(will get blown out in the first round anyway, only here cause of weak schedule) 2. LSU(predicting them giving UGA their only loss in the SECCG 3. Texas(OU is down and TCU is not going to repeat what they did last season. Texas has the talent to go undefeated with a weak Big 12 schedule and undeservedly make the playoffs) 4. UGA(would’ve been #3 if not for LSU being #2)
That 9.5 number is perfect for Tennessee in my opinion. I’d go under cause I’m picking 9-3, but if Milton ends up being as good as I think he can be that could be a 10 or 11 win season
Who on the Bengals OL is gonna block all those guys on Philly’s DL? Burrow is t as mobile as Mahomes.
Arch Manning would start at every SEC school I really think he’s that good it’s up to Sark to coach him
Horns down won’t be banned in the SEC are you sure your players will be ok?
We’ve just had to deal with not having any real conversation. Just trolling. At least when people trolled back then it was about football and we still had discussions about stats and numbers and predictions and sh*t like that
I guarantee the reason these Texas fans are so insufferable is because they’re also Cowgirls fans who are the most annoying sports fans anywhere. Big 10 fans are bad too.
Not me so leave me tf alone I’m tired of the bs I want real conversation
That is not true Saban has won 2 titles without Smart, even beating Smart in the national title game
Why would Arizona take Williams? He plays the exact same way as Murray he’s just slightly bigger. You also apparently know nothing about Salary cap and the fact that the Cardinals can’t get out of Murray’s contract until 2025, cause the dead money is too high.
You finally talk because your team won and now y’all won’t shut up. Even if it’s people like me who never doubted them anyway. Come up with something productive to talk about not just “tEnNeSseE sUcKs”
If you think any other conference is better there’s something wrong with you. When I scout players for the NFL SEC guys automatically get a boost just for playing in the SEC, cause that’s how difficult it is on a weekly basis
Jermaine Burton was obviously extremely afraid for the well being of him and his teammates and that completely excuses him slapping a female in the back of the head
He’s literally Murray 2.0 nothing different about their games
Beck won’t go in the first unless he has Mac Jones in 2020 type of season cause he’s not that impressive physically
Ohio State isn’t winning anything without a QB. Who tf is Kyle McCord? He’s not going to be good and if he is it’ll only be because of Harrison and Ebuka. Georgia and LSU are better teams. If Joe Milton takes a leap Tennessee will be better than them too. If Bama sorts their QB situation out they’ll be a contender too.
Their offense isn’t really an issue Young has plenty of weapons in DJ Chark, Adam Thielen, Miles Sanders, Hayden Hurst, and Johnathan Mingo