I'm a Tennessee football fan from South Georgia that loves football and dogs. My screen name represents my two pit bulls, Diesel and Nova.

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If someone with connections to UT passed away would you be saying that? Seriously doubt it considering your behavior towards vol fans
He shouldn’t you should be allowed to curse at refs due to their extreme ineptitude across all sports
F*ck refs in every single sport can we please hold refs accountable???
So you laugh but provide no reasoning as to why you disagree. Proves you have no argument.
They’ve already proven it Kopps didn’t even make the CWS
I’m so mf tired of the “what happens when adversity hits” bullsh*t. Like we didn’t just come from behind to win 2 games in a row
I love Nussmeiers attitude and leadership, but Brennan has a pretty good arm and he trusts his playmakers. If he can fix some of his errors, he could make a good SEC starter. Daniels is another story, he is extremely athletic honestly would be a Heisman candidate with the right team around him. LSU does have the SECs deepest WR room. Should be very interesting in Baton Rouge, I personally would like to see Daniels win the battle.
I'm not referring to the the article I'm referring to fuzzy
We beat them 45-20 how is their staff better? Especially since Beamer has never been a HC before
SC doesn't have a higher ceiling. We murdered them last year and we have the far superior offense. Rattler is nothing special
No I'm definitely not taking him in the first he's not that type of QB at all dude couldn't beat out Sean Clifford
Thanks for the defense LSUSMC but don't waste your breath on this lunatic I mean even Negan is more respectful. Really sorry for how I acted over that Ole Miss game last year though.
That might take a 2019 LSU vs 2001 Miami Hurricanes type of hype
I guess if I was forced to pick another team it would be LSU. I've always wanted to go to school their but my anxiety and out of state tuition costs prevent me from doing so. I could easily get in though.
Gus Johnson is the most annoying commentator of all time. I don't even watch games where he is commentating. All I hear is him taking about 12 seconds too long to say David Ojabo's last name. Loud and annoying.
Yall said we wouldn't beat tall in Lexington last year either, what happened again?
I've always wanted to watch a night game at Death Valley I've seen 1 at Neyland last year vs South Alabama it was really cool but Tiger stadium at night in a conference game will be something else.
Can't drink(legally) but I've heard Baton Rouge has one of the nation's best tailgate scenes and I think LSU and Tennessee fans in the same location will be a very fun time. I've heard LSU fans are very hospitable. Won't this be the teams first meetings in Baton Rouge since the too many men on the field penalty ended UTs chance at an upset? If so, and if it's a night game, the atmosphere should be incredible.
Hey guys so I'm probably going to Baton Rouge for the Tennessee vs LSU game in October so what should I do while there?