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What do you mean sorry? Kevin Steele is a great option. If you cant get Freeze keep Steele!
Unless youre in the national title game you're irrelevant. Apparently the CFP thinks that's the only game that matters
Peyton has no involvement in the Denver Broncos operations. Not sure why Lock hasnt been good in the NFL.
Butch had one bad season after 2 straight 9-4 seasons and was fired. I wouldn't have fired him.
Dang so 4 of 6 NC winning HCs have won one at LSU? Pretty impressive.
4 coaches have NCs right? Technically Jimbo won one at LSU too so that's 3 of the 4
Yes. Yes they are. They have more national titles, all time wins, and conference titles than all those teams.
Nah its spelled Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch(2020)
Tennessee is capable of everything Clemson, UGA, Florida, Oregon, etc are capable of. It will take a while to get back there m, but they are capable.
Says the guy whose team has never even gotten out of the basement except 2018
Except Tennessee has a much more recent national title than all those teams and UGA
I'm not taking opinions on Kevin Steele from an Alabama fan who hates Auburn
Steele has been in the sport for a long time and has been a good DC and recruiter. If you cant get Freeze you keep him, he played at Tennessee and he seems like a great leader
Nick Saban coach rehabilitation clinic has an opening
I mean Pruitt was the one who shut down Chaney's constant attempts to run up the middle that game
I'm not sure why you're trashing UT when SC didnt even win its first bowl until the 90s and you have no national titles
Now we know why you post dumb sh*t everyday. You cant even spell!
We're putting you back in your sad little hole where you have never and will never win anything
Yeah I live in Georgia not sure how it was blue
People deserve second chances especially when they were good at their jobs