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Is Dontario Drummond not a starter?
The team was plenty good enough to win. They were in the redzone with 3 seconds left and the garbage backup QB decided to run instead of chucking up a prayer. OM also cheated the entire game with those BS fake injuries.
Yes it's completely ok to throw things when you're mad at terrible refs and can't do anything else about it
Never said it did but I also don't care that they threw stuff at people who deserve to have things thrown at them(*cough* Kiffin *cough*)
With UGA we have 1980 jokes but with OM I guess we'll have to say 1960?
Ever seen the glass bowl in the NFL? Same thing but on a 10x worse scale. Glass bottles EVERYWHERE and game ended by refs
Im only 17 so don't have a wife and kids or anything like that but the rest of my family aren't Tennessee fans(they're GA fans) and none of them get as mad at losses as me. I used to get really mad at Eagles losses but I've kinda become apathetic towards them unless I'm watching the game.
Coloradeaux TIGAH bro this is just where people my age come to vent and get our anger out. I can't say this in real life it's 1 AM and my Mother and Step Father would be angry
I was using that as an analogy for something else and y'all misinterpreted it not my fault
You're a d*ck, see, I can say random sh*t for no reason too
Been saying that for years still hasnt worked
How am I, a 17 year old high school student in South Georgia the reason Tennessee isn't good?
And now our seasons over because Hooker's out, Walter Nolen won't commit to UT, and Heupel will eventually be fired for not being able to recruit the right players be the couldn't make a bowl game his first year. F*ck. This. Game.
F*ck this game, I'd say I was going to bed but I can't sleep now.