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We're all real tired of your sh*t. You think you know better than anybody and everybody on this site. You're not the almighty, and you can't tell everyone what to do or think then cry about it when they disagree. Just because your team is good doesn't mean you're better than everyone else.
At least Arch Manning is pretty much guaranteed to play in the SEC now.
On what grounds is Bigsby better than Harris and Spiller? He had worse stats last year and now has a new coach.
The NFL has a rule preventing drafting anyone unless they are 3 years removed from HS.
Picking Stingley is entirely based on the baseless assumption that he will rebound after a bad year
False. Space eaters are still popular look at Quinnen Williams and Da'Ron Payne
Are you seriously suggesting that all athletes should be paid the same amount by universities? That's ridiculous.
SEC fans do cry about taunting like that. Just read some comments on this site about Gilbert's bat flip.
NC was possible with N MSU in 2014. They beat Alabama if the game is in Starkville. So they win the west, then beat Mizzou. Then they end up making it in as the 1 or 2 seed. They definitely could've beaten Oregon or FSU, IDK about Ohio State.
And since this carousel started UF and UT have the same amount of SEC and national championships: ZERO
Not really my problem. I wasn't in favor of it back then but I do know 2008 was a terrible season following an SEC Championship berth.
I don't think UF loses that much. Mullen has been really good at UF
I think they're better than their record(like last year) but I had a hard time finding worse teams in the West. Auburn has too much talent, Leach has a trend of 2nd year breakouts, and Kiffin was already good last year, and has tons of returning production.
You expect me to say that the Florida team that lost tons of production is great because my team isn't good? Gtfoh man, that's ridiculous
There are plenty of powerful and/or rich schools in the SEC(Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas A&M) for Texas to control this conference. Oklahoma joining also would now have the power and allies to not allow Texas full control.
Isn't my fault that y'all cannot comprehend the definition of overrated
Florida's orange doesn't look that great on the helmets. Tennessee's orange would probably go better with blue
Saban should use his position of influence to criticize referees.
My prediction: East 1. Georgia 11-1 2. Florida 9-3 3. Missouri 8-4 4. Kentucky 7-5 5. Tennessee 6-6 6. South Carolina 4-8 7. Vanderbilt 2-10 West 1. Alabama 12-0 2. Texas A&M 10-2 3. LSU 9-3 4. Ole Miss 8-4 5. Mississippi State 8-4 6. Auburn 7-5 7. Arkansas 4-8
Florida isn't giving anyone chills this year, so no one in the East is challenging UGA, also one writer picked LSU to win the West
Why in the world would you pick LSU to go to Atlanta???
I mean, the NCAA recognizes it. I'm not saying they won the national title that year, but their claim is pretty reasonable. They beat the only team to beat both teams in the national title game(10-4 Auburn) and they were the only undefeated team in the FBS.
Most entered the portal BEFORE Heupel was hired, and the coach who recruited you being fired is an example of adversity
May I suggest Georgia Tech? They were in the SEC before and have natural rivalries against UGA, Alabama, Tennessee, and to a lesser extent, Auburn.