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Lmfao that's not what we're doing. The PAC 12 can do literally nothing to change America, dont know why players think they can just quit playing for political reasons when they're going to school for free
We were winning in the 1st quarter last year. You are going to be crying in your mommas arms when UGA loses to Florida and doesnt make the SEC title game
NFL is way better. College is too predictable
Monday is trash, Rattler has barely played(as has Bryce Young) Lawrence is overrated but other than that its ok
Why was UF ranked ahead of Kentucky when UK beat them and they had the same # of wins? There is a blue blood bias in CFB
UF is clearly better this year. Smart is so overrated
Newman is a game manager. Get over it. UF is way better than yall this year
I mean we SHOULD have been better but UGA is a bigger disappointment this century imo. Yall have got elite recruiting classes similar to LSU and Alabama. Both of those teams have multiple national titles this decade. Yalls issue is recruiting
Lol I post a respectable and undeniable comment and your cocky behind comes in here and talks crap. Lmao
It's Georgia. With that elite recruiting they should have a natty this century
GA st is an FBS team. Yall lost to a team worse than GA state and BYU.
Kirby does nothing but out talent Mullen. Hes not a better coach. UF doesnt lose games their supposed to win unlike UGA under Smart(Texas, 2018 LSU, Auburn, South Carolina)
Orgeron over Saban is dumb, Mullen is a better coach than Smart but cant beat him with worse talent, Leach has a proven track record.
His defense wouldnt be as good at Vanderbilt or Kentucky bc he wouldnt have the talent. Stoops is doing more with less. Smart? Less with more. 2 #1 recruiting classes and no NC.
Lol DeAndre Baker just got arrested for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. I never said he couldnt coach, just that he wasnt better than Mullen
I just told you. He out-talents everyone. This is why UGA always loses a game they shouldnt. Kirby gets outcoached by a less talented team
Smart out-talents Mullen. Mullen is a better coach, Smart is a better recruiter
Lol Mullen is a better coach, Smart is just a better recruiter. He just out-talents everyone, that doesn't work every time(see: LSU, South Carolina, Texas) because he regularly gets out coached. Your blind, cocky, and biased opinions are what make UGA fans insufferable