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Well, you know, it's just common knowledge... in California, I guess. Well, I'll shut up and let the socially and educationally elite speak. “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”
Class individual. He's definitely the total package from a maturity standpoint. I wish him all the best success at the next level.
Easy solution: Pick a corporate sponsor and rename the stadium just like the pros. Hey Michigan State did something like that with its recent 'MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage' announcement. The 'Florida State Seminoles presented by Foot Locker' as an example. Problem solved. /sarcasm It won't be over, though. Someone will insist on changing the mascot as well, even though the tribe's blessing was obtained years ago, or so the story goes.
Thanks for beating that drum ad nauseum, tony. I didn't get it the first 49 times. Repeat it a few more, and who knows, you might start believing it yourself, even. We had an opportunity to win and end the Mizzou run. But alas, we played a very soft D with next to zero pressure on Baz. And our kicking was putrid. Congrats on another W.
Absolutely terrible call, but the review "confirmations" are just indefensible.
Agreed. Hunter Yurachek has made it a mission to try to change the paradigm. But athletic foundations gonna foundation, especially when Jimmy Sexton is involved. And with the established coaches, Sexton is always in the mix.
Agreed. And there were several officiating gaffes in this game against each team. The LSU tight end "incomplete" on the obvious touchdown clearly inside the pylon with total control was probably the most egregious one I saw. An earlier fumble call and a few others to go along with the typical no-calls, which don't bother me nearly as much as a call that is actually reviewed, and the call is still bad. But Arkansas had opportunities and did not capitalize.
Pretty sure Franks supported Trask and cheered for him the entire rest of the season after he was hurt last year. That's class. I hope he makes it and does well for himself in the league. Wish the best for Trask as well, as I'm sure Franks does too.
This is the first Arkansas game I have not been certain of a cover. Even without Pitts, the Gators have so many weapons, and Trask is a surgeon back there. He doesn't make many mistakes, even when pressured, and I feel the Hogs will have some trouble bringing pressure quickly enough (or at all). Hoping we play a competitive game and don't get beat deep. Still might get picked apart though. Go Hogs!
I'm just hoping for a competitive game for 3 quarters, preferably with another points cover, and no sign of quit through the very end, whatever the score may be. I could see the game staying relatively close, if the Hogs D can force and take advantage of a couple mistakes, a very tall task with Trask. I could also see Arkansas getting blown out despite a nearly mistake-free game, even if Pitts doesn't play - so many dynamic weapons. I do expect Franks to get a solid cheer, perhaps even a standing O, of support from Gator nation, and I hope he does very well in his return to the Swamp.
Yep, I thought the same exact thing. Oline play certainly needs to improve, but it's not the entire reason for the number of sacks. The oline needs to improve in run blocking more than pass pro, but improvement needed all around. Fortunately, the trade-off of sacks for picks and potential pick-six's has been a good one, though I would love a few of those balls just chucked away into the 3rd row of the stands.
Speed kills, and Toney has it in spades. Florida will be able to rush and pass. Trask gets rid of the ball quickly and efficiently, and Arkansas has trouble getting pressure on the QB. If we only rush 3 most of the game, he will pick us apart. We can only hope to slow the Gators down and hope to benefit from a timely turnover. On offense, if we can rush successfully some, we should be able to at least move the ball. Then the other really big question: can we finish drives? I'm expecting a competitive game for a while and hoping for 4 quarters, but that might be a task too tall. I'm making no prediction, but I'm already so proud and pleased with this team, I'll just enjoy watching, whatever happens. Hopefully, the team is healthy and stays that way.
I know your comment was about Franks and Burks, but I'll add Mike Woods has quietly asserted himself as a go-to possession receiver. I'm so impressed with is work ethic. His off-season training and attitude to outwork everyone shows. How many passes has he caught with a defender draped over him like a cape? He's just money, especially considering what having to respect his game does for Burks and Warren. This squad is very complimentary, and Franks just steadily makes it all work together. Briles seems to be improving as he adjusts to SEC defenses. However, for the first time this year, I felt like there was a regression in the first half when he tried to get too cute too often, when the base offense and running game especially was moving the ball with some success. Still, overall, light years passed the previous two with Bad Chad.
Just hoping for a competitive game for most of it. Gators looked sharp against the Dawgs. The only chance Arkansas has of staying in the game, is if it plays mistake-free and takes advantage of a couple miscues by Florida. I don't expect there to be many if any of those. But seriously looking forward to Franks' return to Gainesville. I know he will get some cheers from Gator fans. Hoping his has a great game, regardless of the outcome.
You do sound like a homer, but that's what fans are to some degree. I'm just hoping the Hogs show up and give the Gators a game for at least 3 quarters. Georgia might be depleted with injuries, but it's still a very stout defense. I also hope Franks has a good game in front of his former fans. Anything beyond that is gravy.
Agreed. There has been some incremental improvement, but this week is go time. I expect A&M to try to bottle up the run and force Franks to beat them with his arm. Then they will pin their ears back and come after him hard. The O Line has improved over last year, but it has to be better at opening lanes, and it needs to start this week.
I think you meant SDS, not the SEC. That was an SDS writer's opinion, and yes, he completely left Morgan off even the "honorable mention" portion of the list.
Pittman has said Odom tried to hire him. I don't know how many times, but he did. They have purportedly been friends for a long time and discussed working together before either was ever in a position to hire the other. However it happened, this was a perfect hire for Pittman - get an experienced SEC HC who also happens to be a proven DC. He is more than earning his keep. And he will eventually get the offer he wants as an HC or perhaps more prestigious DC position, though I believe the former is much more likely than the latter. I think he is enjoying working with Pittman and the hands on work with the players. I hope he sticks around for another year or two, but he will definitely have opportunities, and when the right one comes along, he will probably have earned that opportunity. And I will certainly wish him well.
The clarification is for the ref crews' benefit, not a clarification for the fans. It is the closest thing Hog fans will get to an admission that the call + replay was handled incorrectly.
This ^^^!! He moved the offense 80 yards or so to within the 10 and is on a roll. Why take him out with that confidence and momentum? Why change everything for the offensive unit that is clicking? Ride the hot hand and get 6 or at least get 3. I get it. It's a package they have worked on, but when the O is moving the ball, stick with it. Especially with Franks having no turnovers the last 2 games against 6 TD's.
I was feeling pretty good about Arkansas' chances until I read these picks.
"There’s a 4 out of 4 chance that Louisiana’s No. 1 prospect in the class of 2021 will be headed to the SEC. 5-star DT Maason Smith’s top 5 list includes Alabama, Georgia, LSU,Florida and Miami." I'm not a math wiz, but this looks to me like a 4 out of 5 chance, unless the chance that he picks Miami is actually zero despite being included in his top 5.
Agreed. Heck, it's just good not having a revolving door at QB with no appreciable improvement. I'm happy for Franks and happy for Hog Nation.