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No offense taken. I agree. We haven't proven anything of substance yet. Cincy was a pretty good win, but up against wins over Gonzaga and Duke? We'll see where this all shakes out, but I would power rank Arkansas around 3 perhaps.
+1000 Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop
Bring on the chaos! End result will prob be the same as it would otherwise be anyway. Georgia prob gonna be crowned for the first time since '80.
I don't see it happening, but I wouldn't mind seeing Alabama upset Georgia, Michigan and Okey St both being upset, and the CFP field ending up Georgia, Alabama, Cincy, and ND. No, I would not be excited to see Alabama in again or ND rewarded for remaining independent. But wouldn't that light a fire under the "coalition" or whatever they are called to expand the CFP and ASAP. That would be 3 of the power 5 left out, and that would tickle me pink. Just for this weird year, I'd love to see that happen.
Agreed. Mizzou always plays Arkansas tough and has the streak of wins. Take the points. An upset in this one is not out of the question. I don't expect it, but it wouldn't shock me. I expect this game to be close, especially if Burks is out.
"Florida — Dan Mullen’s nightmare is far from over" Well, it's actually over now.
Incredible performance, no doubt, but let's be honest. That performance came against a 4-5 FCS team. Will Rogers did his work against Auburn after falling behind 28-3. Just sayin'.
THIS ^^^^ and our D was solid enough without giving up any huge plays. As for the turnovers, not all of them were capitalized on with points, but they were all important as drive-killers. Without any one of them, we probably lose.
For clarification, I'm not crying about Arkansas remaining unranked. I'm laughing at Texas still showing in this list.
The FPI has 4-6 Texas, loser of its last 5 games, the last of which was to a 2-8 Kansas team, ranked 25th, LOL, and 7-3 Arkansas, head-to-head winner of said Texas, unranked. Why even try, FPI?
#25 shortHorns even after losing it's 5th game in a row to a 2-8 Jayhawks team - LOL, just LOL. I know it's just a stupid computer ranking, but are you even TRYING to APPEAR the least bit credible? Why even publish this?
LOL, hope no one sustained an injury.
Agreed. I'm glad Odom's at Arkansas. But this "Mizzou ran off a stellar coach" narrative is tiresome. He was an excellent DC at Mizzou before he was a mediocre head coach at Mizzou at best. Perhaps he will be an excellent HC somewhere when the time and place are right. But things sometimes just don't work out with a particular coach at a particular school at a particular time, even for excellent coaches. He will get another HC chance, no doubt. Until that time, I'm glad he's doing well in Fayetteville.
Bettors vs. a computer calculation. I could see it going either way, but I'm choosing to side with the bettors, for obvious reasons. Go Hogs!
After todays showing against Samford, I would say, you might be onto something there. Wow, Mullin, just wow.
Sinkhole is accurate. But I would say Arkansas has already emerged from the stinkhole. Perhaps not on any mountaintop or even an ant hill. And it doesn't mean I predict a victory today, but the Hogs are competitive in the SEC, and that is saying a ton about this coaching staff. Hogs are in position to finish the season with 7-9 wins (including a bowl game opportunity), and that is impressive for a team that won a single SEC game in Bert's last year and zero SEC games for Morris' 2 year tenure. I was expecting maybe bowl eligibility and hopeful for 7 wins. And I thought that was an extremely optimistic outlook. Win or lose, I'll certainly take it after the crater that was 2017-2019.
It wouldn't shock me if Arkansas beat both MSU and LSU, then lost to Mizzou. I don't expect that outcome, but stranger things have happened. And Mizzou has a nice streak against the Hogs. What I expect to happen is Hogs split against MSU and LSU, lose to Bama, and them win a close than it should be contest against Mizzou. Hogs run game is strong, and Mizzou's D is not especially strong against the run. But again, we are Arkansas. Nothing shocks me any more.
Clempson seems to be struggling this year. Perhaps the self-proclaimed "I built the Clemson offense, I have the key to the championship" Morris can find a 2nd life with the Dabs. Yeah... no.
Totally agreed on the coordinators and assistants.
Good to see Knox and Thompson with some success last week as well.
It was certainly entertaining. Nice take.
I think Pittman is building something special. And when his OC and DC take jobs elsewhere, excellent coordinators will be practically beating down the doors of Pittman's office to have a shot to work for him. Does that mean Arkansas will start off 4-0 on a yearly basis? Of course not. And the loss of the super seniors and true seniors will certainly be felt next year. There are still some weaknesses in some of the recruiting areas. Tight end and DL come to mind. The transfer portal will help. But if this "Are the Hogs here for the long haul" question is defined as "Will the Hogs continue to be competitive even with some of if not all of the best SEC teams going forward for the next several years", I think the answer is YES, as long as Pittman is building his team and culture. Winning can be contagious. And recruiting follows success. And he has been a great recruiter without the recent history of success. The trajectory appears to be upward. Now all this does not mean this team has arrived, nor that it is knocking on the door of the CFP, although expansion surely could make that eventuality more believable. I'm not surprised by the Hogs' improvement and success with Pittman. The game is still a game that is won and lost in the trenches, and I was pleased with Pittman's hire for that reason alone. Arkansas has had it's fair share of skill talent. But the O-Line and D-Line have needed an overhaul for a while. As for today's game, I believe Arkansas can keep it close, as long as the Hogs can play their game and not shoot themselves in the foot with self-inflicted mistakes and penalties. So far, so good in that department when it comes to turnovers. Penalties have been a bigger problem than I would like to see. But Georgia's depth of talent could become a problem, especially in the second half. Arkansas might need some help from the Dogs in the way of mistakes, a timely turnover or two, and take advantage, in order to pull the upset in a rowdy Sanford Stadium. The Hogs won't be starstruck They have veterans and take each game one by one. I just hope everyone is healthy and came to play. I am very much looking forward to this matchup and finding out what these Hogs are made of. Win or lose, big or small, I am proud of this team. Go Hogs!