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Bust, of late. But then, my Hogs haven't hung a Final Four banner since 1995, I believe? Go Hogs!
Good job Ethan. I fat finger often enough myself. Good to know you read the comments. ;)
Glad we made the Sweet 176. We need to hang that banner for sure xD
"Arkansas: 64/Only SEC team to lose in the first round" Glad you were wrong, but your pick wouldn't have shocked me at all. The only thing predictable about Arkansas this year was which team was going to show up. The right one has shown up so far. But they don't seem to string games together for very long. I'm hoping for a 3rd straight Elite 8, but I'm not holding my breath.
Ah, I was wondering why you were pulling so hard for the Hogs. I know you have a connection there, just didn't understand why you wouldn't pull harder for 'Bama. Now I see.
Glad you were wrong about the Illinois game, though these Hogs tried really hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory inside the last 5 minutes. There is talent here to defeat a really good Kansas team, but this year, with this level of inconsistency, lack of leadership and maturity, lack of consistent cohesiveness, and poor shooting/foul shooting from time to time, I just don't see it. Very much hope I'm wrong.
Glass half full take: I would have had the pleasure of seeing a Texas team eliminated. Glass half empty take: I would have had the displeasure of seeing a Texas team advance. I guess I'm glad one of them was eliminated in the first round. I'll take it.
9/15 = 3/5, not 2/3 or 3/4, but hey, it's just math. Not sure how many are seniors excluding grad students. I'm too lazy to look it up, because you're right, facts are hard. :P
"Or at least just have them hand the ball to the nearest opponent to save the wear and tear on their arms." I nearly spewed my coffee. Agree, LOL.
Valid point, though the transfer portal mitigates that issue somewhat. A setup like this might also contribute to the imbalance in recruiting. The best players already tend to want to play on the best teams surrounded by all the other best players. They already want to have a chance to play for a national championship. Getting the chance to participate in this season launch event against one of the best teams from the B1G/SEC would be one more draw for those who might at least consider otherwise playing for a team without so much recent success. That said, I'm all for it.
Reasonable take. The act, whether full of malicious intent or not, was unprofessional and inappropriate. Muss did not appear to be directly involved, though assistant behavior reflects on a HC at least to some extent. If this ends up being the most egregious incident this year and basically a one off, no one will remember it 6 months from now. On the other hand, if it is indicative of a cultural problem, it will eventually be reflected in a much worse incident involving either additional staff or players or both. I do hope there was no damage to the student reporter's phone. If so, I think it would be appropriate for the UA Athletic Association or the school to reimburse the phone owner. They have millions to work with. A phone is nothing.
Agreed. And Arkansas hasn't made it that far since making the final in '95. Still, two Elite 8's in a row qualifies as a kind March, I would think. I just don't see Arkansas this year, even if they got hot, winning that many games in a row.
“Prediction: Arkansas by 6. At halftime. Then A&M wins by 6, after a 20+ turnover game for the Razorbacks.” Arkansas by 8, 2 minutes before the half but up by only 1 at the half. Then, A&M by 12, after a 20+ turnover game for the Razorbacks plus a costly flagrant by (someone in Cardinal and White) and T by Muss and some foul trouble down the stretch. Hope I’m wrong.
"Prediction: Arkansas by 6. At halftime. Then A&M wins by 6, after a 20+ turnover game for the Razorbacks." Arkansas by 8, 2 minutes before the half but up by only 1 at the half. Then, A&M by 12, after a 20+ turnover game for the Razorbacks plus a costly flagrant by and T by Muss and some foul trouble down the stretch. Hope I'm wrong.
I was going to mention Bill Self for the same reason. But his age is certainly not an issue. And I really don't see him hang it up for another 5 years at minimum and more likely 10-15. So, yeah, forget I even mention Self. Circle back around in maybe a decade. Huggins.
March has been kind to my team the last couple years, but I would be rather surprised to see that trend continue this year.
He has the gall to claim this "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" ish on an SEC football discussion site. LOL, Adam, why do you write for SDS? Don't you realize football is religion down here? I guess a counterpoint could be made: Football in the southeast is 24x7 365 days a year, so the "Most Wonderful Time" tag would be meaningless for football. Anyway, enjoy your March, Mr. Spencer.
LOL. I can get behind this thinking. Neither of these teams ride momentum well. Trending one direction, expect it to change, sooner than later. Hogs tried really hard to give it away in the last 3 or 4 minutes.
So sorry to hear that. Prayers for you, your sons, and the families and friends impacted.
It's quite possible, the Hogs don't get past Auburn, so it would be a moot point anyway.
Let me add, A&M is hot right now. Arkansas is not. And it's away from home record is not great.
There's a way, but it's HIGHLY unlikely. It seems this team somehow forgot how to shoot free throws and can't hit anything consistently from more than about 18 feet out. Come to think of it, they can't even seem to finish around the rim consistently. I could see Arkansas having one of those everything came together magic type wins over a team it shouldn't beat, like it did at Kentucky, for example. But I cannot see it winning 2 games in a row. It's just too wildly inconsistent in production. I wouldn't surprise me to see Arkansas lose to an A&M team by 30.
Yeah, talent in there, and permimeter shooting has improved slightly with the addition of NSJ. But team chemistry is severely lacking. Passes get throne into the bleachers when a player is not where the passer is expecting him to be, players look like lone wolves in the half court offense, and good defensive series get negated by lazy or sloppy execution in the transition game. And then the failure to finish plays right around the rim has to be incredibly frustrating for Muss. This team has the talent to beat the vast majority of teams that will be in the NCAA field on any given night, should the team play as it is capable of playing. The talent is there and the coaching is proven. However, the lack of consistency, young unseasoned maturity, lack of a take charge of the game leader, and inability to play to their strengths on the road predict an earlier than later exit from the big dance, IMHO. I hope I'm wrong.