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Pittman has said Odom tried to hire him. I don't know how many times, but he did. They have purportedly been friends for a long time and discussed working together before either was ever in a position to hire the other. However it happened, this was a perfect hire for Pittman - get an experienced SEC HC who also happens to be a proven DC. He is more than earning his keep. And he will eventually get the offer he wants as an HC or perhaps more prestigious DC position, though I believe the former is much more likely than the latter. I think he is enjoying working with Pittman and the hands on work with the players. I hope he sticks around for another year or two, but he will definitely have opportunities, and when the right one comes along, he will probably have earned that opportunity. And I will certainly wish him well.
The clarification is for the ref crews' benefit, not a clarification for the fans. It is the closest thing Hog fans will get to an admission that the call + replay was handled incorrectly.
This ^^^!! He moved the offense 80 yards or so to within the 10 and is on a roll. Why take him out with that confidence and momentum? Why change everything for the offensive unit that is clicking? Ride the hot hand and get 6 or at least get 3. I get it. It's a package they have worked on, but when the O is moving the ball, stick with it. Especially with Franks having no turnovers the last 2 games against 6 TD's.
I was feeling pretty good about Arkansas' chances until I read these picks.
"There’s a 4 out of 4 chance that Louisiana’s No. 1 prospect in the class of 2021 will be headed to the SEC. 5-star DT Maason Smith’s top 5 list includes Alabama, Georgia, LSU,Florida and Miami." I'm not a math wiz, but this looks to me like a 4 out of 5 chance, unless the chance that he picks Miami is actually zero despite being included in his top 5.
Agreed. Heck, it's just good not having a revolving door at QB with no appreciable improvement. I'm happy for Franks and happy for Hog Nation.
Perhaps Chad has learned since last year. But at Arkansas, he failed to feed the studs. Boyd and Burks should have had twice as many touches last year as they did. Instead, he played musical chairs with the QB's. If Malzahn is worth anything, he will tell Morris in no uncertain terms, that Bigsby WILL get his touches. Or he will just take over play-calling duties as he usually does.
This is incorrect. The ball must move forward from the point of release in order for it to be a forward pass. If the ball does not travel forward from the passer's hand, it is a lateral, even if it is perfectly parallel to the line of scrimmage. It does not have to move backward in order to be considered a lateral or "backward pass". Look it up.
Completely agree with this. The ref screw-up hurts, but that conservative play-calling set it up. I think the coaching staff will learn from this and hopefully trust the offense more in future similar situations.
Totally agree with this. We shot ourselves in the foot with poor special teams play and bad clock management/conservative play calling in the last drive. The officiating certainly affected the outcome, but it should not have been left to the refs to screw up. We gifted Auburn points off a blocked punt and failed 2 point attempts. Congrats on being lucky and taking advantage, Auburn. And congrats on finding a running game.
There was a single Arkansas fan posting a lot of cocky predictions on nearly every related SDS article last week. He was posting responses nearly as much as wde0012. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. Every fan base has those. After Georgia's game 1 win over Arkansas, there were plenty of Auburn and Tennessee fans replying to Georgia fans with the typical dismissive "It was ARKANSAS, for crying out loud" lazy comments. Georgia's defense, "4th string" QB, and 2nd half adjustments looking pretty good right now. Oh, but wait, that was Auburn and Tennessee.
I don't read all the comments on all the articles here, but of what I read last week, I only saw one Hog fan spouting off. Now that fan was pretty mouthy and commenting on nearly every article I read. You must feel very releaved that annoying little fan isn't able say how right he was. Enjoy the W*.
No. Any pass that does not go forward, including your straight into the ground take, is a lateral and therefore by rule, a fumble if it is not caught. It does not have to go backward to be a fumble. A pass thrown perfectly straight towards the sideline but dropped by the receiver or simply not caught is also ruled a fumble. From wikipedia:lateral_pass: “Unlike a forward pass, if a backward pass hits the ground or an official, play continues and, as with a fumble….” “A ball that is passed exactly sideways is considered a backwards pass. If it hits the ground, the person throwing or “pitching” the lateral pass will be subjected to the fumble designation …. If the ball hits the ground after travelling even slightly forward, however, it is then incomplete instead of a fumble.”
Auburn may have gotten the "official" win. But I'll take our coaching staff over Auburn's all day long. Arkansas would have never even begun a comeback from 17 - 0 with last year's staff. Enjoy your Gus and Gus Jr. for as long as you can stomach paying them. I suspect that won't be very long, no matter how large the buyout is.
Arkansas cost itself this game long before the refs sealed it. I'm not happy about the call, but Arkansas should have won this game anyway. Special teams was a horror show. Congrats to Auburn for taking advantage and escaping with a W. I'm proud of how these Hogs played and came back from a 17 - 0 deficit. Sam and co. appear to have this team on an upward trajectory.
Yeah, very tough loss to swallow. But we shot ourselves in the foot with so many special teams gaffes, the failed 2 pt tries, and the conservative play calling on the final Arkansas drive. I'm frustrated by the bad officiating, but I'm seriously proud of a team that showed no quit after falling behind 17 - 0. This team has certainly turned a corner from last year's. If we can just clean up those ST alignments and get our punts off cleanly...
Congrats to Bumper, congrats to the Hogs D, congrats to Odom, congrats to Rion Roades, well deserved! Congrats to Hog Nation! Go Hogs!
AustinHogSlice, I believe he was replying to waycross' comment, not yours.
Arkansas is not a top 5 team. And who exactly is saying that??? Certainly not the writer of the article. He's picked them to finish 2-8 LOL. But I gotta give credit where it's due. This team played lights out by comparison to the two Morris teams. Go Hogs! Hope we keep surprising. But we're far from top 5.
Ha ha! Yeah, 2 games does not a season make. Ole Miss and Mizzou might be 50/50 games. And I could see the Hogs winning a game or two they are not supposed to win. But I'm not quite ready to say we are the best 1-1 team in the SEC. Barry Odom's defense thus far looks fantastic after the last two years. But the Offense and Special Teams still need some work. I'm optimistic, though, so we'll see.
Your take for Mississippi State was certainly bold, just not quite bold enough. Barry Odom is the man! Loving this all SEC season. Go Hogs!
Didn't need luck. But we sure did try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Go Hogs!
Agreed. Arkansas' offense is no world beater and has a very long way to go. Auburn still appears to have some question marks on O. But Georgia's D is the real deal. The Offense is solid, but that D is elite. It's going to be very difficult for any team to run against these guys. And passing D is no slouch either. Count me as one who will certainly give credit where credit is due.
Long way to go there. Special Teams were a bit better. But yeah, that offense was very inconsistent and really had trouble after halftime adjustments. A ton of it is self-inflicted, not to take anything away from MSU's defensive performance. But miscommunication on that hand-off and similar gaffs could have cost us the game. Barry Odom's unit definitely deserves the game ball. Fantastic performance, especially after the last 2 seasons of pathetic.
How many "It was Arkansas, man" posts did I read mostly from Auburn fans after last week's game? Yeah, that 4th string QB Georgia has would start on a lot of teams. Congrats on you guys' win over the plain war tigers this week. You have a complete polished and deep team there.
No, no, he only won last week because it was Arkansas. It couldn't be that he's actually a pretty decent QB. C'mon, he's a 4th stringer. Maybe Auburn's D is just that bad. Hmmmmm. Seriously though, really enjoying this SEC only season. Congrats on a really solid victory.