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Masterful performance by Mr. DeLucia. Noland was good, but DeLucia was hitting all his spots. Even his strikes were pitches you don't usually want to hit. He reminds me of Noland quite a bit in that he throws strikes, pitches to contact, and trusts his defense to close them out. Ole Miss was just better than we were today. Congrats! I'm proud of the season the Hogs had after faltering late in the season. They showed well, as most of the SEC did. Now... on to football.
Yeah, frustrating 2nd game. Hope we get to do it again. Gotta get through Auburn, and we won't, if we don't get it over the plate consistently.
Perhaps. The talent is there, but so is the turnover. Gaining maturity and chemistry will be crucial for such a high seeding. I trust Muss and his staff, but they will have work to do.
Agreed. Hats off to the entire Ole Miss line-up and starting pitcher Elliott. Excellent game plan executed extremely well. It certainly wasn't Arkansas' night. Hopefully, we get another shot, and another one after that, LOL. Congrats on a solid win top to bottom.
We already had a "Rollin' Nolan" back in the 90's. Now Noland is rollin' in the CWS! Congrats Connor! Great win for a good dude.
I agree. Though the way twitter warriors are, you definitely open yourself up to future ridicule anytime what you say could even remotely be considered a challenge. I thought his comments were just a statement of confidence in his own team and due respect to his upcoming opponent. I'm not sure he could have done much more than leave the props to his own guys out of it. Not saying he asked for it, but in today's environment, he asked for it, LOL. Well, they have as much chance as any of the other teams on the loser side of coming back and getting some payback. Odds are stacked against them now, but it's baseball.
Great win over the Cardinal tree thingy today! Go Hogs! Keep it up! WPS!
Awesome win today for Noland and the Hogs! He is just such a smart and efficient pitcher. Perhaps not flashy, but just knows the game and works it. His defense ain't so bad either.
"His freshman school year consisted of winning a game as an SEC starting quarterback (a 23-0 victory against Tulsa) and as an SEC starting pitcher. The list of SEC athletes who accomplished that feat at any point in college consists of Noland and, ironically enough, former Razorback Barry Lunney Jr., who also served as the team’s interim coach when Morris was fired." And Barry Lunney Jr., thought he didn't play for Greenwood but 15 miles away in Fort Smith, grew up there during his grade school days. So they share a bit of regionality in common as well.
Awesome performance from Noland, offense, and defense. You rarely think of a one strike out game as dominant, but he was as efficient as you could ever ask for, throwing only 78 pitches through 7 2/3 innings of work. The defense made elite play after play, especially in the in-field, with that late Moore throw to first just sick. And every starter getting at least 2 hits against Stanford? Everything was on today. Let's keep it going Hogs! Also, this game only missed tying Oklahoma's Friday game total runs scored record of 20 by a single run. Too bad Stanford only mustered 2 runs. Arkansas left a bunch of runners on base in the early innings. The Hogs could have pretty easily tied or broken the record by themselves. Wow, just wow. Go Hogs! WPS!
Aaaaaand, Arkansas misses matching the 20 run record by a single point. If only Stanford could have held up their side of the record. Hogs win 17-2 for 19 total runs. Wooooo Pig Soooooiiiieeee!!! Go Hogs!
Excellent breakdown, and excellent performance by the Hogs. Joe Cox's article and keys were pretty spot on as well. I don't usually like his takes much, but that piece was pretty on point. Go Hogs! Beat the Blue Dukies!
Credit Musselman for putting together the perfect game plan, and credit the team for executing at a very high level.
I didn't read this piece before the game, and I have been critical of Joe Cox in the past. But this was an excellent breakdown. And the game played out nearly exactly as he suggests. Nice analysis and write-up. And excellent performance by my Hogs! JWill was a beast, and Notae was Notae. And the rest of the support cast showed up at key moments throughout the contest. Toney played an especially important role and performed wonderfully. It wasn't 40 minutes of aesthetically pleasing ball, especially on offense, but it WAS 40 minutes of WINNING ball, and I'll take it all day everyday. GHG! WPS!
"When Arkansas one-and-done prep star Marcus Moody departed...." Marcus? Come on Joe, I know he was only at Arkansas for a single season. But he was Arkansas' first and so far only one-and-done basketball player ever. A little proof-reading or a 2nd pair of eyes never hurt. Moses Moody departed after last year, not sure who Marcus Moody is.
Both hires look better than Mizzou's probable hire. Only time will tell. Arkansas had a pretty poor offensive showing against the Aggies, but give credit where it's due. New Mexico State played pretty stout defense. I'll take the win, but that was one of the ugliest NCAA wins I can ever remember. Hogs were fortunate to escape with a W.
I LOL'd at that. I think I would have laughed even as a Georgia fan. Tough season. Crean needs to find a new home.
"Cute" tweet, but seriously, if BBN was really "nuthin'", no one would be making a big deal about the win. The "troll" tweet actually gives merit to the Big Blue Nation moniker, IMHO. I mean, have your fun, I'm not a grumpy old "get off my lawn" guy. But I do respect that Kentucky travels well, whatever they decide to call it.
Oscar T's an absolute beast. JD had the hot hand and didn't need a ton of contribution from the rest of the team, though they are capable. Don't get me wrong, they were all very important in this matchup. Very hard fought game, and no, I'm not sure the Hogs would have come out of Rupp with a W, especially if the Cats are at full strength. But the chemistry keeps getting better and better with these Hogs. Hopefully, it peaks during Big Tourney time.
The quoted text now reads "The Crimson Tide and Razorbacks, who face off Saturday, are the 2 SEC teams trending upwards in Lunardi’s projected field of 68." I'm not sure whether to give the writer a pat on the back for at least taking the time to edit his poorly constructed sentence or SMH for using a commenter as his own personal proofreader.
I read that article. Didn't realize it was pulled, LOL.