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"...the Razorbacks will be without center Zach Williams for a couple of weeks due to a knee injury..." Wait, Zach Williams was moved to center??? When did that happen? LOL
Oh, and for the record, I realize Notre Dame is not a B1G school. I only include it, as O'Gara included UGA's matchup with the Fighting Irish in his list, situated in B1G country and oft considered in football an ex facto member school due to its history with said conference school matchups.
By limiting the list to "contenders", O'Gara can conveniently ignore scheduling of schools such as Arkansas, which had its home and home with Michigan cancelled by the wolverines in favor of a matchup with Notre Dame (largely seen as this year's only marquee nonconference matchup not involving an SEC school). You're welcome, Michigan, no, seriously... Chad Morris' success or failure in year 2 might actully DEPEND on the NCAA's granting of a waiver for this year's schedule. But next year, the Hogs go to Notre Dame, admittedly in September, but home-and-home nonetheless. I have no idea what other non-contender SEC program schedules in the coming years include BiG home-and-home dates, but my guess is there are at least a few.
Sadly only one vs. Ole Miss in Bert's final year. But that is, of course, irrelevant to Hogvillain's point. We have nothing really to support that opinion, but I hope he's right. Go Hogs!
48. There have been a few 7 overtime games. Arkansas won one over Mississippi in 2001 and another over Kentucky in 2003 71-63 4 hours 56 minutes. But I don't believe the offensive production in yards was close to that of this Buffalo - Western Michigan game. 46. While we're mentioning Arkansas, let's not forget Jeff Long's non-scandal firing. It came a bit later than mid-season but does lend some credence to the idea of a trend or season theme. 9. I love the Jake Olson story. I would include UCF's Shaquem Griffin as a major inspiration story. Pretty awesome, he's been invited to the NFL combine now. Not sure if he will get a real shot, but at least he will be seen.