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Wildhogzzz, I hope you know my comment was meant for the Tenner fan with the fine opinion on football. The guy didn’t mention Ole Miss in his response, so hey, according to him, the Hogs are better than someone in the SEC.
Your comments go back to my post above. Morris was the real problem, and people who don't follow the program closely don't understand that point. It's easy to blame the problems on personnel, because like you said, Arkansas is not a recruiting haven, but does have a history of success. Just because a program is currently down because of mismanagement by Jeff Long and the Razorback Foundation does not mean this team cannot and should not win football games. The team seems to be all in with CSP and his staff, so I expect a couple of wins this season. I am realistic in thinking that it will take three years to get this program where it needs to be after the gross mismanagement by former staff members.
There is talent on the Arkansas football team, but it is not deep. If you actually watched the games from 2018 and 2019 with an objective look, what you will see is the team gave up. They gave up over and over again. Morris never won the locker room, and the players quit on him. Morris was proven as an OC at Clemson. Look at his record at SMU, 14-22 over three years. He may do okay at Auburn as an OC, but I imagine Gus will keep him on a short leash. Morris is not a good HC.