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SMDH. Yeah, UT needs to hire their Nick Saban. If it was that easy, everybody would just hire their Nick Saban. What got UT into the mess they are in now was chasing Nick Saban and hiring the walking program destroyer, Lane Kiffin because they thought he could compete with Saban. When UT fires Butch, they are going to have to try to find the next Urban Meyer that did it well at a small school and then went undefeated at a middling program and got hired by UF. Sabans don't grow on trees.
Lol, exactly when was Berry defenseless? Also, the A&M defender was being blocked so it's a little tough to say he was targeting.
Bush league regardless of intention. As an opposing coach it's one thing to console an opponent as you are shaking hands and leaving the field but unless you are a legendary coach of a true powerhouse program, you don't crash another coaches huddle or locker room. It's one thing for someone like Coach K to ask permission to congratulate an opponent in their locker room after a game and quite another for a clown that's something like 1-20 vs ranked teams over his career to crash an opponent's post game huddle.
You may want to try reading the original NOA. OM lied for months about the contents of the NOA and when it was made public, it showed improper benes provided by coaches and a ACT fraud scheme facilitate by the coaches. Hence, Forde has no credibility but Freeze does. I didn't once mention Tunsil in my original response but congrats to you for your blind loyalty.
LOL, Pat Forde has no credibility but Hugh Freeze does? I guess you still believe the NOA was nothing but a couple of minor football allegations and the rest were women's basketball or curling or the debate team.
You do realize UT's run over UGA that gave them the big series lead didn't exactly happen during our best yrs, right? The idea of a team that hasn't had a better record than a rival since 2001 calling that rival little brother is patently absurd.