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Tl;dr Florida only claims to have narrowed the gap. Applying actual data negates any perceived gaining of ground by the jean shorted.
The cop was the one that referenced oxies to which he agreed. To me this sounds like he was having an ambien trip, which is commonly prescribed to people on anti-depressants, and i widely known to induce episodes in people where they are not cognizant of the fact that they are out walking around instead of in bed sleeping. I am not a medical professional though, just someone who knows that pharmaceutical companies are the devil.
The class of '13 is still the biggest detriment to the CMR era. So few of them worked out or even stayed that you can pretty much count it as a wash. How this happens is so troubling, and probably why we have a new staff working on the sideline.
What kind of weirdo calls his sister-in-law sexy?