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This is the type of MU coach I want to have, great signing. You can tell that he's vested in the program. I'm not taking anything away from Odom but it's def two different styles. There's a reason this young man saw a future with MU and I'm looking forward to that new style. Get'em Coach Drink!
It was a good article and you, Guinny_Ire added good points as well, great post.
Unaffiliated....what? you obviously didn't check the guys resume.
The fact you think Odom could be considered a B- coach says a lot. The guy is a solid hire, he's young and has some experience at winning, he just won a conference title and he was a coach on the 2010 Auburn NC team..what exactly did Barry do, lose two bowl games and look outclassed in both.
Zoucat, you're right MU fans are terrible, they don't like mediocrity and complain about it.
And yet you call people names on the internet, how fitting. ;)
And also look at how he faired in those bowls playing real teams.
Zoucat, calm down homer, you sound like a butthurt child. You are bragging about a guy that went 25-25 never beating a real team. Those seasons you're bragging about, look at who he beat to become "bowl eligible."
"No coach spilled more blood for his program than Barry Odom did for Mizzou. A former Tiger linebacker, GA, support staffer, position coach and coordinator, his alma mater chewed him up and spit him out after four years. Brutal business." Obviously Barnett watched very little Mizzou football over the past two seasons, what was brutal was watching him trot a team out there that was totally unprepared. MU was supposed to compete for the East this year and lost to Wyoming to start the season and was beat by a one win Vanderbilt team. They went how many quarters with out scoring a TD, 13? Give me a break with the "brutal business" crap.
I agree dellav8r and it's a bad thing because both play in terrible conferences.
Wow, Paul talking about Verne Lundquist like he was some kind of revered announcer...most fans couldn't stand him because he was aweful.
The team wins a bit and the University jacks up prices on fans that have been very loyal during losing years. Then they wonder why those same fans get ticked when the team isn't a real threat to top programs? Come on, this isn't hard to understand.
Lets break this down a bit to how the University has handled a few things regarding the fans over the last decade or so. A group of us had season tickets and a parking pass for several years, while the team was very hard to watch. After the 2008 season we receive a phone call from the University in regards to our tickets and the parking pass (had it for 10 years). We were told that our ticket prices would be increased and our parking pass would be up for bid. We asked them why and we were told that boosters from STL were wanting the pass and it would be roughly $2500 (Forced to donate to the school as well) if we were able to keep it. Mind you it was $800 before that. That's the kind of stuff MU fans have had to deal with, they have a right to be pissy.
Just when you think they can't possibly get any dumber, they go and totally redeem themselves.
Agreed Mizzou All Day, pumps me up to watch this team play. Nothing better than seeing the team mesh and have fun together.
Yeah the team that was embarrassed by Florida, not really a bragging point.
Not really, they consistently underperform. No one is scared of Arkansas regardless of their recruiting rankings.
"However, now he has been threatened by one of the top musical artists today..." Going out on a limb there, aren't you? "Artists?????"
None of of those fanbases cared...but they told everyone why...LOL
I have to agree with THorsHammrd, Bryant isn't gonna pass like Lock so MU will have to change up its game plane. I LOVE the addition and we're lucky to have him but this isn't a 5th year of Lock situation.
Guessing you're a troll, that is the only way your post makes sense.
I will admit that Mizzou lost two games on the last drive, games they had won. I will also admit that the SC game the team COMPLETELY lost focus while winning.
There was a Shakira concert a few days ago that tore the field apart and they've not gotten it put back together.
UCF hasn't been a ranked team...they play NO ONE. Goodness that school and fans need to get a clue.