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Gig'em, every year ND is in the top 10 in the pre-season rankings, ESPN and every other publication puts them up there based on their history and fanbase, that won't change in 2021.
He's not much of a "reporter" if he's basing rankings off of a rivalry versus record and SOS.
You can't prove a player is faking so you can't sit them for a quarter or half. The way to fix this is, if play is stopped because of an injury the player must sit out for a designated amount of plays, say 3.
That can't be right, Odom, as a HC was the best MU has ever had based on his defensive knowledge.
It was a proper and legit football hit. I've watched it several times and still don't see the "targeting."
You won't find an article, they're not going to report that.
Right, they quit with one game to go because their HC that hasn't won a game since mid season last season was fired..sure.
Tigerdawg, really? They're going to opt out their last game because the head coach which hasn't won a game for over 10 games is fired? That's completely ridiculous.
What are you talking about? As a fellow MU fan, please stop talking. She won an award for one squib kick, that means she took the award from a deserving player. What she did was a part of a publicity stunt, the punter should have been put in to kick off as he's actually another player on the field in case it is returned, she was told to get off the field as soon as it was kicked-it was not an "accomplishment" or "overdue," it proved what many have said, women do not belong in football at very high/competitive levels.
Fuller is literally on the team solely because there were no other options. They stated she was not comfortable kicking a FG outside of 15 yards.
Now that you say that, it makes sense. His throws didn't have a lot of "touch" on them. It also makes sense based on the way we finished the SC game last weekend.
Cook looked pretty impressive, it was the perfect chance to get him some snaps that included passing.
Exactly, why couldn't have been about her AND the game itself? I have no ill will towards her and it was great to see, but there should have been some sort of balance in that telecast/story and there wasn't. Many senior players may have played their last game, it would have been nice for both teams to have that talked about.
Are we even sure that the W counts considering it was obvious this game was all about Sarah Fuller? Kudos to her but that telecast was an absolute insult to the football players esp seniors that may have played their last game.
Agreed, now we have a clue as to why the kid was dropped from the team to begin with, he's raised by someone that's a terrible role model. He literally stabbed two kids. "Malicious wounding?" Nonsense, he stabbed them in the face and chest, it should be attempted murder.
This is the type of MU coach I want to have, great signing. You can tell that he's vested in the program. I'm not taking anything away from Odom but it's def two different styles. There's a reason this young man saw a future with MU and I'm looking forward to that new style. Get'em Coach Drink!
It was a good article and you, Guinny_Ire added good points as well, great post.
Unaffiliated....what? you obviously didn't check the guys resume.
The fact you think Odom could be considered a B- coach says a lot. The guy is a solid hire, he's young and has some experience at winning, he just won a conference title and he was a coach on the 2010 Auburn NC team..what exactly did Barry do, lose two bowl games and look outclassed in both.
Zoucat, you're right MU fans are terrible, they don't like mediocrity and complain about it.
And yet you call people names on the internet, how fitting. ;)
And also look at how he faired in those bowls playing real teams.
Zoucat, calm down homer, you sound like a butthurt child. You are bragging about a guy that went 25-25 never beating a real team. Those seasons you're bragging about, look at who he beat to become "bowl eligible."
"No coach spilled more blood for his program than Barry Odom did for Mizzou. A former Tiger linebacker, GA, support staffer, position coach and coordinator, his alma mater chewed him up and spit him out after four years. Brutal business." Obviously Barnett watched very little Mizzou football over the past two seasons, what was brutal was watching him trot a team out there that was totally unprepared. MU was supposed to compete for the East this year and lost to Wyoming to start the season and was beat by a one win Vanderbilt team. They went how many quarters with out scoring a TD, 13? Give me a break with the "brutal business" crap.
I agree dellav8r and it's a bad thing because both play in terrible conferences.