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Strong has not even been mentioned as a HC candidate at LSU. Why do people insist on not investigating before writing stuff like this?
Is it just be or did he miss the tackle? It looked like he got pressure but didn't really touch anyone. So why is he dancing?
Well there's your problem right there. You know who else gave a good showing at arkansas the year before he became the starter? Anthony Jennings.
Did you watch the game? Les took his foot off the gas in the second quarter. Coasted to the W. Damn near cost the game protecting Harris.
Where's the one about ms state, keeping ugly girls out of Oxford since 18 whatever. I always thought that was the best. Piss poor performance sds.
Did you watch the entire season? We did become a MUCH more solid unit, at least on defense, as the year went on. Not saying that y'all wouldn't have possibly won if we had played later, but it damn sure would've been a closer game.
All the butthurt in Starkville...
You got a paypal? We can make a friendly wager on that.
God. Our defense is horrible!! Thanks Kevin Steele!!
I've watched the entire videos of each team. A&M still looked much soften throughout. And it's not exactly biased editing, unless using the very first example from each video. It's not life he dig through each video and picked the best LSU and worst A&M. So try again.
"Les Miles wants Simmons to play FB". I read that as fullback and was seriously confused for a minute.
LSU top 25 on both lists. I think some sort of trophy is in order.
MS State 1b. You know...the backups from last year. They're REALLY good because they got so much playing time last year. Actually, they're better than last year's starters, but Mullen is such a nice guy he started people according to seniority instead of ability.
Did you just start watching football in '08?
Cause nobody improves in the offseason. That's absolutely unheard of.
I agree. We've absolutely demolished the SEC before all on the back of our defense. We're used to not having a dynamic qb. If one of them comes back this year just competent enough to keep defenses honest then the 4 year cycle will continue.
It's a decoy. He's putting Harris getting first snaps while the media is in there. He'll get to start against McNeese that way MS State won't be ready when we unleash our secret weapon...ANTHONY MF'ING JENNINGS!!!!!
Cue MS State fans ranting about how they have more starters coming back because they "rotated players".
How much money you got on that?
I agree for the most part. I'm optimistic about this year. The only thing is that since there was little to no improvement throughout the entire year that I worry that one offseason won't be enough time for either of them to truly lead the offense.
I know a guy. Not a doctor, but he can get the job done.
Did I ever say they didn't win? No. But y'all don't seem to get it. Attrition is a part of college football. As bad as we all hate it losing starters hurts. It usually takes a while for the next crop to find their rhythm. Regardless of how much playing time they got last year. Trust me, I'm an LSU fan. We gripe about it every year.
Aren't these the same "second string" players that y'all always blame for those 25 unanswered points we scored at the end of our game to ALMOST come back and win it? Get y'alls sorry straight.
You're an ass for wording the title like that.
You talking about the guy who is always hanging out in Coates bathroom?