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The main difference in the situation is nobody wants to hurt Joe Burrow. He makes LSU not so potent on offense. Tua on the other hand would make any offense look potent. Be completely honest with yourself bayou tiger, do you really care that much about Joe Burrow? I am guessing you just want to argue about something.
I get tired of the way everybody handles these conversations. You are all quite pathetic. Here is why. If this was any of your own teams QB you would be raising he!! But you always take jabs at the team defending their guy. I understand how to put myself in other peoples shoes. If that was Fromm I would understand if Georgia was irate when people seemed to be zeroing in on his injured area. You want to defend your player, why are you having defend him though? Cause some people I guess think it is fun to attack your player saying he is weak, or that your o-line should block better, or maybe you shouldn't have done it back in 2000' whatever. The Miss State player went low and in slow motion it looked awfully like he adjusting his projector to hit the hurt knee. It was so fast though that he was probably just making a good football play. Tua needs to get healthy. End of story. Folks learn to see things for how they are and not what you want them to be so you can have an excuse to troll somebody.
Will say though that Miss State has as good of a defense as I have seen this year. I need to see more but I honestly think that defense is better than the one we will see in Iron Bowl and SECCG
Alabama's D steps when they have to. If you follow this trend: Bama offense scores like a Big 12 team our D allows alot. Like Arkansas, etc. Then when our O struggles our D turns it up a notch. I hate it, but that trend is obvious to me. UGA had the better day. Alabama looks stagnant due to Tua injury while UGA is gaining momentum.
The person who tweeted that wont be able to feed their kids after losing the bet. Umm..first get a job, second dont have kids if you cant feed them, third, dont bet away what little money you have, fourth if your going to place a bet dont bet on LSUs offense covering(not a slight against LSU, you won the game)
Your right bro! I hate it but you hit the nail on the head. Bama has to learn how to beat AU. There is no way around that one. Maybe if we follow the UGAs outline then we have a shot but still I dont know. Tua is so banged up that I dont see how we will compete with Georgia. I was hoping we would lose to LSU and not have to go to the SECCG and play the Bulldogs. That would have been awesome man! Haha
I understand what Kirby is trying to do with making it a three TD differential. But, you seriously think after Auburn was held scoreless for the majority of the game that they would score 3 TDs? The fake was unnecessary but who cares
Serious enough that the player is in obvious pain or is unconscious. If your scenario of 5th strung WR gets opposing best d player ejected. Then so be it. The rules arent ther to protect the best players and say "hey" your 5th string come here boy, go get so and so ejected and if you get hospitalized we will send you flowers. However, I think if the player is ejected then the player he hits must be taken out of the game for the remainder of the game. To ensure nobody fakes injuries...by the way I would think my little suggestion would have holes I thought about for about 10 seconds before typing. If it were my job to decide these changes then I would hope I could find a better alternative to the rule now
After a full evaluation my professional opinion is that,yep, it's either a sprained PCL or torn. Unless there was other ligament damage, only rest, ice, etc. I hope Bama let's him rest against duh duh duh the citadel. Not a single play. Second, I really think Tua deserves the Heisman merely cause he has still played well with a fairly significant injury. Even if it's not the PCL
Offensively, I wish would go back to the good ole days,sometimes. You know, go under center and have a lead blocker and just run it. Damien Harris and Najee are built for a UGA run game. Mark my words UGA will beat Bama cause they run to set up the pass. We pass to set up the run now. We get all our rushing yards when the opponents have given up. Our rushing stats are bloated cause of it. With big backs like we have they need that old school philosophy. Now I know they arent that bad but they arent what they could be if we would incorporate the I-form. I have always felt this way even before the year got started. Still run the RPO and let Tua ding and dunk but we need something that is more reliable out of the rushing attack
Seriously injured like a concussion. I would hope nothing worse would ever happen.
Correct call but if I could chnage the rule I wish players only got ejected if the opposing player gets seriously injured. Fromm appeared to be fine so to me let guys play. Its suppose to be brutal. The Devin White play still makes me sick. This was targeting according the rules but the rules themselves are a problem. Player safety? I still dont understand how guys get lit up blindside hits to the head on punt returns and nobody cares. It's a joke. People have jobs to make these rules and notice this stuff. They arent very good at those jobs
Maybe I can donate part of my knee for Tua...hmmm
I am with you. I want Bama and UGA healthy when they play. I would hate for the playoff implications and possibly a national championship to be decided cause folks are hurt. I know the Dawgs are banged up on the o-line and Bama,man Tua is struggling with that knee. I want him healthy...I am not biased even though I am a Bama fan. I think the dawgs beat Bama in SEC championship game cause they will control the clock but red zone o needs to get better
Refs have been pathetic but the block un the back if you put yourself in the shoes of the ref he could only see the front of bama player if he saw it from a diff angle he would have seen it wasnt a clipping..I think people overreacted to that it was his view to me that was the problem. The play on Tua was questionable. The player looked like in the slow motion that he was aiming for the injured leg.
I agree with Del Rio. Frank's has not shown the growth he should and any body else would give the fan base a little optimism that maybe we are on the up trend. After Mizzou you cant honestly say that Frank's wasnt the problem.
Would have loved for the SEC to have welcomed Clemson instead of Mizzou(no offense) that way Dabo and the Tigers would have never been. They would be fighting it out every year with the Dawgs in the east and my gut feeling is the Bulldogs would take the east 4 out of 5 years.
Who would you rather play everybody? NC State, BC, or Syracuse...or UGA,LSU,or Auburn? That's the three best ACC teams behind Clemson and that is three of the SECs best teams behind Bama. Auburn could be swapped with Miss State, etc. But how pathetic is that? And people want to argue that Clemson has a resume? Their resume is built largely upon two SEC games, Texas A&M and S. Carolina. Those arent exactly the cream of the crop of the SEC but they are "big" games for Clemsons resume. Give me a break
Why yes, yes I am. Maybe I should have said Auburn..is that closer to Purdue for you?
I have been wondering this for a while and it's entirely unimportant, but when did Tenn go to the neon looking orange? I like the good ole Al Wilson, John Henderson days orange. It was like a yellow/orange.
I hope somebody steals away Clemson DC. He has been there too long and is a big reason Dabo has had the success that he does. Alabama loses its coordinators every year and somehow Clemson doesnt! Somebody please hire that blitz happy Brett Ven. He has been there since 2012. I have never believed Dabo to be a smart guy. Just seems like a kid. The one thug he has done is surround himself with the best assistants and coordinators. Anybody would win in his situation. Play nobody. Never lose coordinators...
I think Trevor is elite. The key is though Clemson doesnt play a single good team. That will hurt them when they do get hit in the mouth by Bama, UGA, Mich...not ND...who ever they play it will be like playing high school and jumping straight to the NFL. It will take time for the guys for Clemson to catch up with the speed of the game lol seriously
Greedy Williams pass interfered about every play. Even LSU folks got to admit that..but he is good at hiding it. That is what will make him successful in NFL
If you mention the manger cause the above comment it's from Tombstone I believe. Goes, "where is Wyatt? Down by the creek walking on water."-Doc Holiday...Gregory above says he wasnt impressed by Tua and I can see why. He was inaccurate. I am not trying to defend Tua here but I believe the fact that his right knee is unable to be used like it should is preventing him from driving into his throws and that's taking off some accuracy as well power. I think if coukd ask any QB coach they would be impressed he has done as well as he has without being able to plant his leg which is where alot of your power and accuracy come from. Well it's just one of the many mechanics that are vital to a QB
If there are any Tenn fans reading.. when Bama played yall Keller Crist looked really good. What is the reason he doesnt see the field?
I agree Locksley has been a fantasticplay caller. It's a perfect storm. Though when Jalen(early in year) was playing he made Locksley look not so great. Tua is the one who picks up on the blitz and delivers the perfect deep ball. Locksley deserves credit. I see it like this Tua 60% WRs/TEs/RBS 20% O-Line pass blocking 10% and 10% playcalling. Those are not the best percentage but something to show how I see it. Cause with Jalen Alabama looked like they did with the past two offensive coordinators
KirbySmart, did I say Alabama would not win without Tua? No. I said he makes is the reason they are this dominate and without him this team would not be nearly as special. Those WRs dont matter if the QB cant get them the ball, like Jalen.
Yes alabama would still be in the championship hunt without Tua. My point is that with Tua Alabama is so much more dominate than they were with Jalen. So yes. He is the one piece that makes bama this level of dominate.
I agree. That Bama would be in serious trouble if they lose to UGA. But, if it's their only loss and it's a close game. Let's say it's another thriller like last year. Bama would have one close loss to a top 5 team. ND almost lost to Northwestern and so did Mich. If Mich loses they are out. If ND gets beat by USC they are out. ND is not good. They will lose or win ugly and that will hurt them. OU almost lost to Army that really hurts and did lose to Texas. I think if commitee uses eye test they will know Bama is a top 4 team and like last year they will snub someone to out Bama in the playoffs. Cause to leave them out would be and everyone knows it whether you love or hate Bama, that Bama is the best team in the country. To leave them out would to me, make the playoff a joke.
Rankings are a piece of trash. Kentucky is like the 30th best team in America not #9. Florida is like the 31st. They got whooped by Mizzou. Wow, that was ugly. So go ahead and claim your top 10 victories. One more loss and no playoffs for youuuuu