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Connor, you are the farthest thing from Jalen Hurts. Therefore, I did not read this article. I just scrolled straight down to write this.
4 of your elite teams are in the same conference. Yet, Clemson will own the college football world. Because there are no other elites in the piece of sh!t conference. Dabo is the luckiest coach, he will never know what it is like to have to play your best every week like in the SEC. Otherwise Clemson would have lost alot more games over the last decade. He nearly lost to Troy the year they beat us with Watson. They lost to a sh!tty Syracuse team last year and almost lost to them again. Dabo underachieves during the season but never suffers for it cause his team is in a conference full of lackluster programs. The only way Clemsons reign of terror ends is if the ACC gets better. That's what happen in the BIG10. Ohio State would be in Clemsons shoes if the Big10 would have stayed as bad as it was about 5 years ago. PS the big10 still sucks but it has more parody than it use to.
LOL I am curious why you called Kyler Murray a gnat? His size? Maybe Marvels should make a comic about "the gnat" villain who flies into peoples eyes aka Kyler Murray
You don't listen to Saban much do you? First, everything is a big deal to him. Second,he tells his players never to play hypothetical with the media...not a big deal to you, I agree.
Usually every practice 1vs1 does happen at some point. Best vs best. But your correct about the non contact would be easy to be QB if you were those on gameday.
You have a good point. However, in practice you rarely see the same intensity the other team comes out with. Alabama runs a different D than Clemson and it would be hard to simulate that in practice. I think it's fair to say this will be the best opposing D he has faced...oh lastly, practice usually does not allow QBs to get hit with intensity. They blow the whistle quickly. That does not happen in games. Roll...Tide!
I find myself agreeing with a UGA guy often today. Paul used "snapshot judgment" to sound smart. It's called an over reaction. Everyone do not overreact if Clemson beats Bama. Honestly, if you want Bama to be meaner and play with more fire next year, then Bama would need to lose. Win this game and it makes that much more difficult for Bama to fight the complacency which will be there, all spring, summer and into next football season.
I would ask this player to focus on Clemson. You are not playing the Cardinals. This was foolish on his part. I am sure Saban probably said what I said with many more extravagant curse words too.
All this talk about haters and people are bored with Clemson vs Bama. People are going to hate and get bored with about everything in this time era we live in. Thanks to the internet and social media people get astonishing and fascinating news every second. So who cares if people are astonished and fascinated with this game. Let them sulk. When you start trying to make something pleasing to the ever changing society around you, you start to lose the very thing that made the thing special to start with. What makes most things special is the tradition. Tradition is something that has existed before you, it exist with you and it will exist long after you. Take tradition away from something and you take away the very essence that drew you in to start with. The tradition of football is why so many people are drawn to it. Appreciate it, even if it means Bama vs Clemson again.
That is a great point. Bama cannot have the mental errors and the amount of penalties they had against OU. Refs unfortunately have alot more power than I feel comfortable with LOL pass interference calls, holding, they are on most plays, who gets the unfortunate calls? Reviews will be big too. ND was killed on reviews against Clemson....refs can change an outcome, just hope not in a game this big let guys plays and see who is more prepared cause talent is neutralized.
Your dead right. Anyone who thinks Clemson will win cause of what they have shown all year has not watched Bama AT ALL. Bama does everything Clemson does but did it against better opposing coaches and much more talented teams. Not to mention Bama plays in more difficult stadiums week in and week out. Clemson got all they wanted from one SEC stadium. Those stadiums, play a much bigger factor than people give them credit you said anybody can win. Momentum will be a huge factor. The team with the momentum the most wins to me. If Clemson gets momentum early and keeps it they win. If Bama does they win. But it could be split and it's a coin toss at that point.
Keys to game: •Who can run the ball more efficiently. -Bama has a deeper stable of backs and the Tide has played against some very good rush D's, while Clemson has not played teams that were top tier at running the ball, therefore I question how well they will do from a technique standpoint cause Clemson has the talent but is that talent at its potential? Iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another. Therefore Clemson run D has not been exposed and that is my point. It's good to get exposed throughout the year so you perfect those weaknesses and Clemson has yet to have to adjust for a rushing attack. My thoughts are that Bama is the sharper sword from all the exposing it faced through the year. Bama wins 38- Clemson 28 ROLL... TIDE!!!
Martell will lose his job to Fields and will be looking to transfer after spring ball when he realizes it's over and then people will blast him over his tweets. If you dont recall such tweets, it went something like "dont strike out twice" and later he said "he knew he would be the starter next year."
Hunter Renfrow is one of the most unskilled athletes I have ever seen make such a difference in the biggest games. He has hands but it's the defense giving him so little respect that makes him successful. If I Bama I am jamming him at the line and showing him why its important to lift even as a WR. If you cant get past the jam then you dont get to run your route. That would be my plan A. Plan B, put Shyhiem Carter on him and allow his quickness to play close man to man on Renfrow. Plan C, hit him hard and hit him low. As a former player I can say first hand players would much rather be hit in the head and chest than at the knees and shins. Those low blows hurt alot more and they cause injuries like ACLs, broken legs,ankle injuries, etc. Not saying I want to injure him just that it sucks to get hit low so Bama hit him low. To sum up my plan be very physical with hunter cause he looks like a IT guy who works on a computer all day fixing spyware issues. Roll Tide!
I guess Bama fatigue has gotten to the writers too. Everybody wants Clemson to win. I understand. That however, does not determine the outcome of the game. You know everyone who is tired of Bama, think about how much you would hate Clemson if you did not spend all your time hating Bama. Clemson plays nobody, steals SEC territory recruits, and they get to play nobody(yea it's that bad I mentioned it twice.) Roll Tide. Mark my words folks. Bama doesnt need to lose this game or the SEC is that much closer to losing the benefit of the doubt and getting two teams in the playoff and Clemson will be the new kings of college football and people even start talking about Dabo being the best coach ever. Trevor Lawrence will get Heisman over Tua next year and Clemson will play nobody and get back to the playoff again. Please, everybody take note at what the he!! is at stake.
If you can tell me what Kirby is selling then your statement may be factual.
Everybody wondering why these guys went pro saying it may be the offensive cordinator/philosophy or that because Fields left, that is all a little weak from an argument perspective. All these guys going pro have a chance to go early. This years running back class is weak. So all Holyfield needs to do is have a great pro day and combine and he could up his pick to a 1st round guy. Ridley can do that as well. Nauta is perfect guy for the way the NFL is trending, TEs are the new X-factor for teams. TEs when athletic create so many mismatches. Therefore, I believe all these guys saw where they were predicted to go probably that 2nd 3rd round range and figured with a good showing before scouts they can easily up that grade to 1st round because there is not a TON of talent coming out this year at those specific position.
Danny will never be happy. Sooo why waste your time listening to what he wants.
If I was UCF I would try to get into the ACC. It's the same quality of conference your in but you get the benefit of getting an automatic bid to the playoffs, sadly. The pro would be Clemson would have to one decent team to play and would probably beat UCF the next 20 years. So we all win.
Clemson does recruit very well and Dabo has it made that nobody takes his coordinators after every year like Bama. UGA got a taste of it this year. Clemson is a product of playing against a very had conference. They are elite but if FSU, Miami and VT would all get back to the former glory days then perhaps I would say Dabo is one of the greats. However, Dabo has the best home field advantage in the ACC and the rest of the games have zero home field advantage cause they all suck. VT could be a challenge night time in Blacksburg and "enter sandman" but when you suck, it's not intimatdating and it's not a difficult venue to get a W. I will never believe Dabo, no matter what success he has or how many NC game wins and appearances he has cause he didn't have to go through anything to get there. It's so bad that ND has a lot tougher road to the NC than Clemson. So does a Pac 12 team. I would dare to say that Clemson and UCF have the same level of schedule. Only difference was the A&M game but the Aggies should have won that so there you have it. Clemson is the greatest because everything around them sucks so bad.
In my scenario..3 ND woukd have played 6 Ohio State and 5 UGA would have played 4 OU and I think UGA wins and OSU wins and then Ohio state would have played Bama and UGA plays Clemson. But this still makes all other bowls more meaninglessness and more guys sit out. The bowls just need more incentive. Like what if the Heisman(all individual awards) trophy wasnt given out during the year but after all bowls are played. That would at least give a couple of extra guys more incentive to keep playing and play to their potential actually
How about a 6 team playoff but the 1 and 2 teams sit out the first round while 3 and 6 and 4 and 5 play each other..kind of a mini version of NFL. But I am fine with what we have now just wish the voters would not put the likes of ND in when they were obvious weak links when they could barely beat a 5 win USC team.
Who thinks that UGA came out with the same chip on their shoulder against Texas that they did against Bama in SECCG? This game reminded me of Bama vs Utah. End of debate to me. UGA could beat Bama, would beat Clemson(my opinion). Everyone seems to overlook this game was the biggest game Texas played in a decade. You think they were pumped? UGA played a bigger game with more on the line just a few weeks prior. Not to mention they were in the National Championship last year. So yea, Texas was super excited to be there and UGA was still thinking about how they deserved to be in the playoff and they did deserve it. I hate how people see Texas beat down UGA and think maybe UGA wasnt worthy of the playoff. No! They are a top 3 team that when they have no motivation can be beat.
I hate excuses. Bama DBs have got to find a way if possible to overcome the obstacles put there by opponents and sometimes refs. That was without a doubt some major "push in off" by Lamb. One hauled in a TD the other got them a 3 and long. Those are two very important plays that could and should have been called differently. You cant say that Surtain needs to get better when he got shoved as soon the ball was close. That isnt skill by the WR its pass interference. Champ Bailey himself couldn't do much against a push off like that.
I dont think they flipped, Clemson allowed almost 600 yards to Scar and Tamu. That isnt like the Bama Ds of the past. Also Clemson offense is quite explosive. They are more mirror images this year if anything to me.
Why is this even possible? Guys fail drug test and Clemson looks beyond desperate to get them back. If Devin White gets ejected and misses half of the biggest game in the regular season(Alabama vs LSU) for a slight push then how the he!! can you justify letting a player play in the NC for failing a drug test twice(both samples)...its unbelievable. Maybe if I fail a drug test I can tell my employer hey, I want to appeal this cause I am really a good person, I have no idea what happened..