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Good thing Colorado is so much closer to New Jersey than Alabama is so he can be close to his ailing grandmother....
Neither does beating a one loss Auburn team by three points.
The problem is getting stronger teams to agree to play them.
You... you do know that Alabama weather is hotter and more humid than the weather in South Carolina... right? SMH.
It honestly shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise seeing how after he announced his sudden, new commitment to Alabama, he didn’t follow through with any of the actions players normally take when they make headlines for a major move. The kid has been a solid Michigan recruit for a while now and on the 8th of December out of the blue decides he wants to decommit? He wouldn’t interview with any Alabama reporters, hardly anything was said from his family and the player himself on his switch etc. It makes you stop and wonder if he ever truly intended on coming to Alabama in the first place or this was an attempt by Harbaugh to generate some signing day buzz for Michigan. Either that or like many others have said, Battle coming in after being committed to OSU all this time made him reconsider. Who knows, as it’s all speculation anyways.
It’s not really an admirable story here that speaks to his character whenever he’s “flipped” twice now though.
If Auburn had a dollar for every stupid comment you post on this site, they could afford Malzahn’s buyout and then some. All three of the Heisman finalists have more class in their little fingers than tacky fans whose team can’t back up their smack talk on the field.
Well.... ROLL Tide, Tua! (I tried to resist but couldn’t do it...)
I don’t know of any Alabama fans who are “frustrated” Tua played out the majority of the game in the fear of him losing the Heisman. This article is misleading and the Alabama fan base knows Tua is a class act who won’t let it affect him one way or the other if he doesn’t win the Heisman. Would it be great and yet another testament to his stellar athleticism this season if he did win? Yes. But at the end of the day the kid is far and wide a standout in the character department and I think that’s enough for most of us.
And that’s not to say they aren’t one of the best four teams because I know for a fact they are better than Notre Dame and worked their tail ends off to get where they are this season. But Georgia has to take care of business earlier in the season if they want to get away with a loss at the end.
“That coach across the sideline” has a lot to do with where CKS is right now and the success he has experienced. Why make Alabama play the same team again to get the bid to the National Championship game? They act like it’s the committee’s fault UGA lost to LSU. It’s unfortunate for Georgia but they knew what was on the line in this game and comparing Georgia to last year’s Alabama team getting in isn’t a fair comparison when they’re still a two loss team at the end of the day.
I hate it for them because I’ll always respect Coach Smart for everything he accomplished at Alabama. Unfortunately that will be remembered as the nail in the coffin for Georgia this game. Clearly his defensive mind is still miles ahead of his offensive strategy but well played UGA and thanks for a hard fought game!
Take a drive around AL and you’ll see a lot of “house divided” decals and license plates on cars. Our house is one of them which means if both Auburn and Alabama lose, all hell breaks loose so anytime we aren’t playing the cow college, for my peace of mind I’d rather them win and us both be happy campers lol I’d imagine it’s more common than you think unless Auburn losing a game outside of the Iron Bowl (SEC championship last year, for example) benefits Alabama directly.
No doubt! I understand disliking a guy as a player on an opposing team, but as a person you just can’t hate guys like Jalen, Tua, Elijah Holyfield, etc.
Free motivation for Bama, as if they needed any more going into rivalry week? Thanks ESPN, sincerely!
Don’t make elementary mistakes that could cost him a penalty if the refs actually called him on it, anyways...
Dantzler, a very talented CB, wants us to believe where he hit Tua wasn’t intentional? Players who play the game with that much intensity don’t make mistakes when they go in for a tackle. It’s football and injuries happen, but this is why we’re seeing more and more of a shift towards NFL rules of “protect the QB at all costs.” I’ll give credit where it’s due and he’s a stellar defensive player, but that was literally low down and dirty, apology or not.
I would assume they’re mostly referring to the hypothetical situation where Tua (God forbid) reinjures his knee or something else and has to leave the game. With Tua and Jalen both injured, if Hurts hasn’t fully healed, that’s where it gets a good bit dicier. I agree though that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Tua to play the full four quarters.
I think my favorite part of this whole article is the fact I had no idea there was even a “co-champ” banner at our opener.
As an Alabama fan, I can assure you the only “We Want...” sign I’ll ever hold up is a “We want Gus Malzahn to stay at Auburn” sign LOL However I couldn’t agree with you more that I would love to see Alabama (or any other SEC team) play UCF and let them limp back where they came from afterwards.
Oh how misguided a response. Nobody is in a fit, and if anything it’s laughable that this is dominating headlines when in all reality if LSU wasn’t playing Alabama in two weeks it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal. Most of our fans care because people want to compare Mack Wilson’s hit in the Tennessee game to White’s when they aren’t comparable. Look at both of those plays and one hits the player in the chest while there is forcible contact to the head and neck area by the other. It’s all about players’ safety. But since it’s an Alabama player, other fan bases (especially those in the SEC) love to cry favoritism and if anything it reaffirms what we already know; Alabama will constantly be in the headlines, good or bad, because we are the number one team to beat. They say it’s lonely at the top ;)
JK Scott is a hard act to follow. Here’s hoping they aren’t too hard on themselves and continue to improve with time.
Yes, because allowing players to blatantly attempt to injure an opposing player after a tackle is made is the epitome of high sportsmanship standards... Not excusing this behavior by Davis at all, but it’s best to point a righteous finger when your own players’ hands are squeaky clean.