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I'm ready for that kid who tried to intercept the 2pt conversion to get cut. Don't know who it is, don't care.
MIZ! Didn't expect that outcome, especially with all the bad turnovers.
Bazelak looked better, and we had better play calling with him in the game. The option with Robinson clearly was never going to work against a bigger faster team in Alabama. When Bazelak came in Eli started to call quick passes, which is what we should have been trying all game.
All true. I remember when he was getting top 10 buzz before the draft and thought everyone was crazy.
I don't think he flopped or acted, I think he just got crossed over w/ a msst extend arm and that was the result. It's hard to tell from the video, but Geist was sprinting and tried to come to a stop. The problem is tho, if the refs had done their job at the end of regulation, this play would have never happened. Miss st players were fouling at end of the game (as the losing team should) and the refs just kept letting them play with no calls...
I know Mizzou has made due with 3 stars or less in the past, but we also had some 4 and 5 stars in the mix. Odom has got to be able to do the same if he wants to compete. It seems like every new recruit is a 3 star with their list of other school offers below Missouri's levels -- Marshall, Colorado State, and Cincinnati. I don't know... I want to see us stealing recruits from other p5 conference teams.
It's hard to know what wolfman means at times, but I believe he is referring to a Patriots type situation - eventually trading Garoppolo and Brissett.
What if Mizzou hires Todd Monken as their new OC from the bucs? A year under a NFL OC should only improve his stock right?... right?
John Crist = troll with a media badge. Only thing is he got your money via all the clicks. The committee only dropped bama to 5 after their ONLY loss. This was on purpose to get them in in the end. For real think about it, are you really going to exclude the best division in football for a single loss to a top team? No way. Auburn > Iowa. B1G < SEC. Good luck Georgia & Alabama
Great hire for A&M, too bad they are still going to be at best third fiddle in the stacked West.
I disagree. Didn't we just get a recruit because he was able to make it to vandy to watch us play.
Playing in the Texas bowl in Houston would be the best for the program. Put on a good display in A&M country while they don't have a HC to bolster our recruiting class.
I agree. First half for Odom was a D- at best, his team was completely unprepared. And absolutely clueless on defense. Second half I'll give him an A for beating all of these down and out teams that you should beat. So that averages out to about a C+ which fits for a lower tier bowl game team and a second year head coach.
Does it really matter as long as they don't tac on a buyout clause?
So let me get this straight. You write an article about winning the SEC east in the foreseeable future, claiming it's a 3 way race. Fans point out that one of those teams really hasn't been that competitive / doesn't have a East win in a decade, where as 2 other teams not in your race do. And your response is to condescend those East victories despite the fact that the whole article was about the East... Troll.
This was a fun game when it was in STL, a home and home just makes it another subpar non con game
This. I was hoping McElwain would last until after the Mizzou game to avoid such a thing.
Too bad bill self is a turd and immediately after the game said he doesn't want to renew the rivalry. God I hate that asshat
zero timeouts going into a final drive after what has been a close game is on the coach. And then Lock check downing to a guy not near the sideline with no time to give is also on the coach. The refs took way too long to place the ball, sure, but we should have never put them in that position. ODOM HAS GOT TO GO
"If he follows the same path as former Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert, his NFL career likely won’t be a long one." Listen, I thought Gabbert was crazy overrated coming out of college and that proved true, but last I checked he's still in the NFL in his 7th year...
The super up tempo offense is a gimmick, plain and simple. That's why when you randomly bust it out the opposing defense isn't ready for it and you can get easy yards. The problem is when you run that type of offense 100% of the time, everyone is expecting it and has had a week of practice to prepare for it -- you take the gimmick away completely nullifying it.
Love the passion, but sorry Barry you don't know what you are doing. 19 seconds left on the clock going into the half, ball past the 50, down by a lot, and you decide to punt it. Cut to third quarter, ball on the wrong side of the field and Mizzou runs a terrible fake punt. Unacceptable.
And this just adds to the reasons why Odom needs to go. Mizzou was making a "drive" going into the end of the half. We had the ball past the 50yrd line but came up short with a 4th and 8, with 19 seconds to go. Ole Barry decides to punt instead of taking a shot, and Auburn kneels to end the first half. Start of the third where the clock is no longer on our side, or is field position, and Odom and Heupel dial up this terrible fake punt nonsense. It is inexcusable. This is not Madden. This is coaching 101. Fire him now, get the ball rolling for the hiring process early.
I think Mizzou would be competitive with any of those other potential HC vacancies. Our donors have been throwing around a fair bit of cash recently. So much so that we are continually upgrading our facilities, which can only help our pitch. But in the end, money talks, and Sterk has already shown with the Cuonzo Martin contract he is willing to put up.
In no way can a second coordinator be in a bigger hot seat then the HC. If you have to fire both the defensive and offensive coordinators then clearly there are much bigger problems of that being the head coach. But in all reality once Barry is gone so is Huepel.
Odom has go to go. The Kim Anderson comparison is spot on-- Mizzou alum, nice guy, terrible coach. Thanks for those hires Mack Rhoades, I feel sorry for Baylor.
Pray? Are you kidding me, this isn't a David v Goliath. Either team could take it and no one would be surprised.
The only content in this piece is Mizzou's schedule...