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I feel the Mizzou Specials Teams should get a Hall Pass, at least, their punter should. Fatony was the only player who did well on Saturday.
I always call Bud Light the "Vanilla" of beers. Not what you really want, but you'll drink it if you have to.
Everything mentions PEDs, not something like speed. In my experience, most prescription cough/cold/flu medicines don't have things that resemble PEDs. Also, one would hope that before charges were levied, they would check his medical charts for just such a thing. I think this is the right call, and I hope they don't find that the staff knew and choose to make Florida vacate their wins. It really helps out the Tigers, but I kinda like the idea of some undefeated Gators headed to ATL to rep the East.
Mauk seems to me to be a much better RB than QB, and Lock makes decisions much, much faster. What if, and bear with me here, Mizzou tried the 2 QB look on the field?