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I apologize for the sloppy typing, mi tipe not gooder!
Imagine how non surprised the non lemmings will be when it is revealed and realized that this is just another example of the non sense that results when you put morons, that have never had to produce r work in the real functioning world, in charge of important matters. Probably just another attempt at manipulation of a truly successful program at the altar of social experimentation and redistribution of resources to the unqualified and undeserving. The friggin libtards that are running our colleges are going to destroy the once important intention,purpose and societal benefit of higher education.
…104.5 ESPN’s James Haralson, who quotes Baton Rouge radio host Charles Hanagriff as saying, “To the best of my knowledge through multiple sources, I believe this to be true.” To the best of my knowledge, through multiple recent experiences, the contemporary news media, specifically anything with ESPN affiliation, is full of crap. (<-Is that OK?)
I suggest coaching in the Big Ten is just a lesser job. The cooks at McDonald's cook up more beef, but the Chef's at Ruth's Chris could not care less...nor could any connoisseur. Connoisseurs prefer higher quality. The SEC attracts connoisseurs and Chefs and dos not have to be concerned with 99 cent menu posers and burger flippers.
I just released my "WGAS about these websites list" and Wallet Wellness is tied for third with MSNBC.
Capt. Dumbass. Some people refuse to grab the brass ring...I hope his injuries include sterility.
Lee Corso is an indelible part of college football and a higher sports accolade I cannot imagine. Decency exudes from his every word and honor from his character. Thanks Lee.
"LSU fans, what was done to Tiger Stadium to reduce capacity by that much?" Nothing done to the stadium just the pitiful band wagoners and incessant negative BS from the "no longer legitimate" press could account for that drop.
Despite my complete and utter disdain for the Row Todd nation, if I had a vote, Derrik Henry would receive it. His ability to maintain his integrity off the filed combined with his otherworldly abilities on it outpaced all others in the three finalist field. Stanford soft schedule lends itself to increased production by better athletes.
Dear Pitiful, Desperate, Deception facilitating 2015 Press, CHOKE ON THAT! Sincerely, your long since abandoned GREAT grandparents, Legitimate Press
Complete and utter BS from the media is becoming as regular as explosive diarrhea at a Mexican bottled water factory...and similarly offensive. Findbum and Higgins are to legitimate, honest sports journalism as Hillary Clinton is to honesty. GFY!
Couldn't have happened to more deserving victim facilitating state and it's flagship university. Plant victim-ology, reap victims. I hope it costs em dearly and painfully to defend against this BS disability claim. What a sad country we are devolving to when a man is not so ashamed of his horrible personal choices that it would be excruciating to claim them as disability. Dear Mr. Boozer Ex-Coach and your self serving allies, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Children's Aid Society, The Disabled American Veterans, American Council of the Blind, American Diabetes Association, United Cerebral Palsy, National Down Syndrome Congress, National Association of the Deaf, and countless other truly selfless organizations are able and would like to introduce to to real disabilities.
Winner, Winner! Chicken dinner. Just more ignornet BS to assuage the news media's & blogtards' dishonest and unreliable practices.
Laughable. Contemporary "reporters" will not and apparently cannot get the most basic recent and easily google-able historical facts correct. The Aggies were leading at half. The cited article clearly states, that Alexander told Reigel "the decision had 'pretty much been made' a few days earlier". Not at halftime as C. Smith's misreporting alleges. Do news reps have to practice to be this ignorant? Furthermore, the decision could not have been made by just those few individuals. As administrators of a public institution there would have to be a proper, official vote by/of the proper board to 1) Spend $15M, 2) Seek to enforce the subject contract's separation provisions, and there would have to be notice to call any such special meeting. Neither the necessary meeting, necessary vote or call to vote EVER OCCURED!!!! Both SDS's blog-arrhea and Riegel's "report" rely on unattributed quotes and non-statements.
This "article" is merely another example of unfounded, un-vetted, unproven, un-provable and divisive BS from a speculating, untrustworthy ignornet blogger. Thank you SDS, I now have no need to read anything you offer as it is as intellectually bankrupt and no more legitimate and reliable than the blathering nonsense routinely offered by the drunken/intoxicated street corner philosophers that infect major metropolitan cities. I feel dumber for having enjoyed your articles in the past.
Hey 7tee, Are sexual relations and cohabitation illegal in Kentucky? If so, y'all should introduce some legislation that would change that. Maybe try having sexual relations with other humans, it can be really fun...ask your sister.
OK vermin, touche', But did you get the joke? Did you enjoy it?
In Kentucky, wouldn't that be his Grandparent-Sibling-Cousins?
So what have we now, Mr. Flores, Double Secret Reverse Counter Racism? The sports press has clearly embraced the idiocy and political moronity of the mainstream press. I miss the days when the term "legitimate press" had meaning. P.S. Iggy Azalea called and said, "Robert Flores is killing simple cognition."
"Ole Miss (9-3) — ...The blind lateral against Arkansas cost them a spot in the SEC Championship Game, " said every delusional Ole Miss Brown Bear. Let's not ignore the loss to Florida AND the powerhouse Memphis. Even though it pains me to hear it, let alone type it, the Row Todders deserve to be the SEC West Champs...bleeech, puke, ugh!
"Where do you get your info from?" Same place the press/bognorance gets most of its disinformation...imaginary, unreliable, and typically un-vetted source and/or pure speculative BS. Dear Future, DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING YOU READ. Sincerely, 1970
Dear Anyone with a speck of ethics and morals and/or any sense of truth, IT WAS ALL SPECULATIVE RUMOR AND SELF SERVING PRESS GENERATED BS, lies and un-vetted sourcing, which warrants/ed no validation or attention. There was never a meeting nor any call to discuss ever having a meeting by the necessary bodies/boards/administrative personnel to discuss even the potential for a firing, buyoout, or coaching change. IT NEVER HAPPENED. Neither LSU nor Les Miles owed a scintilla of attention or consideration to the speculative press and their "alleged" reliable sources. From the "vauted" ESPN, the cathedral of sports rumor mongering, to the blognorance, down to the sewer that is forum punditry/idiots, including and the Advocate's questionable reporting practices, they were all IN-KO-REK! So suck on it, you buncha pitiful lemmings. THE PRESS IS A MORALLY BANKRUPT BODY that feeds on its own bile...deservedly. P.S. We now return you to the regularly scheduled race to bad information that is the contemporary American press.
GWS, may God's will be delivered through the hands of the capable and caring physicians.
Rumors are the sandbox of the ignoratti. Sorry SDS, your sandbox is in the greater media cess pool...nothing but crap as far as nose can see!
"ramajama 94 8 hours ago Who are they going to get that is better than Les? What elite options are there?" When a typical row todder gets it, how hard can it be to understand? Furthermore, Scott Rabalais has been writing anti Coach Miles articles so often that "Rabalais" has become a verb. Rabalias - [rab-uh-ley, rab-uh-ley] - verb 1. To incessantly call for the firing, ousting, dismissal and/or separation of the most successful coach in a school's history. 2. Cutting off the nose to spite the face.
His douche baggery is the result of a cumulative resume, not just a single post game presser.
His douche baggery is the result of a cumulative resume, not just on post game presser.
Les may be many things, and some not conducive to victory, but he is most definitely not a douche bag. Bielema has proven he is. Big Ups to the players and the Razorback nation but nothing but genuine disregard for Bret Bielema.
Being defeated by a better team is no dishonor...not so much for being a douche bag.