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Just asking, Did Kiffin or Saban leave in mid-season? They may have left mid-contract but not in the middle of the season.
I think it's also interesting that Alabama played all of the SEC bowl teams this year during the regular season. All of the West and Tenn, Georgia, & Florida, from the East. (6) of those bowls, excluding Bama, were Blowouts. If you go back and look at Clemson's schedule, (4) of their opponents ended up 3-9 and (1) was 4-8. Only (1) opponent on Alabama's schedule had a losing season (UL Monroe). Oddly enough, South Carolina was a 3-9 teams that Clemson played at the end of the season and beat them by on 6 points.
I love how all of the sudden George is getting a defensive coordinator with no real head coaching experience and now maybe a S&C and they are going to be "Top Dawg". This may or may not work out. As Florida about hiring a DC for a head coach. I wouldn't get to cocky if I were ya'll. If Cochran wants to go, then go. EVERYONE can be replaced.
You have a great coach. He's a great man also. It's been great to watch Florida get back on top this year. Great times ahead for the Gators.
Really? Short jokes? That's the best you can do?
Can someone tell me what he was so upset about? The guy tackled the QB into the bench 5 yards out of bounds?
Big 10 is not allowed to schedule any FCS opponents because the whole conference is not much better than the FCS. I challenge any team in the country to go through an 8 game schedule in the East or West SEC. You are beat to pieces.
All you have to do is go back to 2009 when a dominate Alabama team was undefeated and ready to pounce on a struggling Tennessee team at Bryant-Denny. It took two blocked field goals to defeat Lane Kiffin and the Vols. BTW...we all know how that season ended for the TIDE. Vols played an incredible game yesterday. Their future is bright.
Never really thought of it in that light. It is tough and many times unfair, but we really bring it on ourselves. I'm just trying to enjoy the winning while Saban is here. It will end soon enough. As for the reporters, ANYTHING they say is just an opinion and opinions are like buttholes..... BTW...What has Ohio State done this year to be in the top 10?
When TCU, UTAH, or Baylor win a national championship with their "NEW MODERN OFFENCE" then I will want Alabama to get rid of the dinosaur. All that offence is flashy, but it doesn't win championships. At least not up until now.
Same thing can be said about Bama vs. Ole Miss, but it's still a loss.
Man I hate watching football on CBS. 100 year old announcers.
Beating Alabama cannot be the pinnacle of your season. Ole Miss has found this out two years in a row.
I'm a huge Bama fan, but I love Ole Miss. This was painful to watch for the whole conference. I think you are correct about the fan base. It's time to get fired up and expect better from that program.
Very Classy Move...Great to be in the SEC Family.
Every school has their 20%. Not just Alabama.