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This comes down to two factors. The bowl tie ins and the position Auburn is in the SEC. Wisconsin gets in the Rose Bowl b/c they were the highest ranked Big 10 team outside of playoffs. One could argue that Wisconsin shouldn't be ranked 2nd in the Big 10. I think they got the nod because their 3rd loss came in the CG. Penn State or even Minnesota could have gotten that spot seeing as they only have 2 losses. Auburn didn't get a NY6 bid because they ate the 4th highest ranked SEC team behind LSU, GA, and Florida. The rules are that a conference can not have more than 3 reps in the NY6 bowls. LSU gets the playoff, GA(being ranked 2nd) gets the tie in with the Sugar Bowl, and Florida(being ranked higher than Auburn) gets that 3rd spot. This seems fair since both GA and Florida beat Auburn. If Auburn wins one of those games then they would have gotten that 3rd spot.
I find it amusing that people think loosing 2 games is the decline of a program. Just shows how much success that program has had. It hurts to loose the game but people need to realize that we had a backup QB, multiple season ending injuries on defense, and there were some crazy plays in the game, (2nd pick six, the end of the 1st half, etc...) We also had a lot of penalties, all Bama's fault, but still hurt us in the long run. Keep in mind that all these loses to Auburn since SAban has taken over have been really close and always has some crazy ending. Most of the wins have been blow outs. Just saying. This wasn't our year but the defense should be better next year with all of the experience the young guys got this year. QB and running back will need to be replaced but don't forget, Saban has won the majority of his NC with a "game manager" at QB. I love the debates that go on but hate to see it get ugly with stupid commments. Keep it clean and non hostile. And just a note to Bama fans...enjoy what you have right now. This success doesn't come around very often. For me I am really enjoying it..