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Agreed. O.C needs to go and take his scheme elsewhere. And if Jones don't break ties then he needs to go to. Our offense is embarrassing. Run left,run right,pass,punt. And it's been that way sense app st.
Cut the ties with Mike butch. And shame on you for allowing him and his failed offense to take the talent away from stacked player's.
Florida will not beat the hogs. Do you even watch football. Gators are no match
This is what happens when you you make your starters wear green no contact jerseys all camp long.
Until we get an o.c. that calls plays lights out I think we are in trouble. Yoi You cannot call conservative play plays in big games in the s.e.c. And and he has completely shot our offense in the foot. We have to good of talent. It's time to cut the ties coach Jones and let Mike go.