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Hats off to GA State for the win against UT. They earned it! UT was out coached on the sidelines, and out played on the field. No excuse for the lack of preparation on UT. I hope this is a wake up call to Pruitt and the coaching staff. The offensive play calling stunk, and the defense didn't know what the hell was going on. All this comes back to the coaches preparing the team to be ready to play. Get Chaney out of the press box and on the sidelines so he can coach the guys during the game. As far as the defense goes, I'm at a loss how awful they played. Don't have too much confidence in New DC.
It's the first game of the season, believe me I know I'm a Volunteer fan. We got embarrassed by losing to GA ST. One game does not define the whole season, especially in week 1. I will root for any SEC team in a non-conference game except for Florida, who us always overrated, and is well, just Florida.
That's because Spurrier is a troll. Needs to stay underground where he belongs.
UT's loss to GA ST has nothing to do with any other team in the SEC. All teams gave suffered embarrassing losses. Trolling another SEC team is easy when they are on the ropes, but don't worry, UT will bounce back, and maybe that is what the strollers are ultimately worried about. GO VOLS!