Florida Gator from birth. Retired Army 32 years, Military Police, Infantry, Multifunctional Logistics, Medical. Live in Texas. Civilian: Academic Medicine (Retired Assistant Professor Family Medicine, Civilian (GS) Core Faculty in Army Primary Care Residency Program). Married with 5 adult children. Enjoy shooting sports & gunsmithing.


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COJONES, NASH, LEGHUMPER, EMILIO, MR & MRS AMERICA et all AND ALL THE SHIPS AT SEA - FLASH! I've learned from my experience with Howdy Doody, my 12-year-old primary care physician, that the older a doctor of any kind is the better the chance that he/she/it/they/them will look for a horse instead of a zebra when first hearing hoofbeats ..... which is only to say that they won't get so excited that they won't drooling like a target acquisition battery commander in a target rich environment, reinventing the wheel and subjecting me (the lowly patient) to all manner of high speed-low drag procedures that only waste time and money when they've already been done. Just a work-around in our increasingly social*ized health care system, the only downside being that the older they are, the greater the chance that they'll dorp dead before you need them. Axe Leeland, I'm sure he broke the code long before I did. I'll be off net for a while but back more frequently as the situation improves. In the meantime, keep up the good work and GO YOU GO GATORS! - Gator-6 Out Disclaimer: No British sensitivities were harmed in this post.
Emilio, that is entirely consistent with my yet untested theory that the team that scores the most points will win a game 90+ % of the time. Otherwise, I see that nothing has changed with gaga, who deprives a soldier somewhere of much needed oxygen each time he takes a breath. For the record, if Phil is the same Phil from our GS days he's not a fake Gator by any stretch, just still walking to the beat of his own drum.....good guy, just a sour pus at times. Opto next week with the oldest eye doc I could find, so high hopes. Still improving although the rate of progress is slow. Go Gators!
EKG at Cardiology was stone cold normal rate & rhythm, just added a beta-blocker Qam. Big surprise was Neurology - I had only previously seen the coronal slice and the infarct appeared very tiny. Got to view the MRI full sagittal shot Wednesday and from that perspective the goober looked about the size of my fist ..... neurologist opined that I should be blind, unable to explain why I'm not but I can: The answer isn't in this kingdom but in another that is less visible. If that doesn't merit praise, then I'm a suck-egg mule!
Emilio, Jeff, Cojo, Leeland et al - Cardio & Neuro tomorrow, after that Opto to straighten out this vision thing. Complication is that my optometrist healed off and died while I wasn't looking, so got to find a new one I can trust. Improvement so far, greatly aided by a phone call from Emilio that had me laughing so hard I soiled myself!!!!! :)
Went into clinic to get a referral, did an ECG and found out I was in A-fib without knowing it - could have knocked me over with a feather - got admitted and found out the next day on MRI exam I had a CVA the day before. Back home couple of days later, but due to location of infarct can hardly read a lick. Slowly improving +/-, but may take a while so won't be on here much until then. Just thankful I made it to O&B Game with Jeff and Emelio, which was a blast.
Not sure exactly what you said since I'm still having reading problems after 2 weeks, but by gum I support your right to say it regardless. GO GATORS.
That wise Chinese philosopher from the Ming-the-Mertziless Dynasty, Some Say, sustains that when you dispense with tradition to accommodate a new paradigm it signals trouble in paradise. He also once said that man who stand on corner with hands in pocket not crazy, just feeling make of it what you will. Me, I'd rather root for Notre Dame than not play LSU every year.
Emilio, mi amigo, you say potato and I say tater, it's all the same to me but I say he was/is/will always be stubborn as a suck-egg mule ..... and if there's anything I know about it's the nature of suck-egg mules (being one myself). (: Great points though about CDM's recruiting strategy. Off to Day-2, hopefully won't be suckin' eggs today.
Cojones, I'm not selling all of them - I've got so many 1911s left over from my competition days that it takes two safes just to hold them alone (before we even get to other types). Call it a sickness, you know, the old "He who dies with the most stuff wins"? (: Besides, my sqaw wants a closet in the garage where one of the safes is. I'd rather have a urinal, but we compromised, met in the middle, and so we're going with what she wants.
I'm in favor of burning redshirts, or going head and starting the player from jump street if he can handle it....and that's a staff assessment pure and simple. Mullen was great in a couple of ways, OK in others, and downright p*ss-poor in some - but one thing you can always say, he was stubborn. There have been quite a few players in the last few years who could have started as freshmen IMO.
Late getting to this party due to selling at a gun show all day Sat & Sun (nobody seems to want 1911s anymore, probably a waste of time), but I did get here in time to see that your buddy was the first to post with a hasty drive-by, obviously without putting any thought into it with the same old-same old one-dimensional thinking. As you, I wish these two productive hold overs the best. I'm sure the handwriting was clearly on the wall for both, so a good move indeed.
LSUSMC - 3 boys and 2 girls here, and you're spot on from this OP. Thankfully, tuition was a lot cheaper when they finished. Army sent me for 4 years of advanced civilian schooling while still AD in my 14th year (10th commissioned), which was a job within a job so I stayed for 32. But for that no doubt I'd have still be crawling under greasy vehicles in the motor pool looking for Class-3 leaks. (:
JTF, that's exactly what I have it at .... anything above that, say 9-3, would be whipped cream on the pudding. I think 6-6 is a legit floor, but another losing season would be a tasteless self-licking ice cream cone and probably curtains. I'm basing that on what I saw in the O&B game plus a fair amount of hope along with what's on the roster - but as always, I'll be the first to tell you that hope is neither a strategy nor a tactic.
GFA, last Thursday night what we saw in the OL was indeed a depleted unit, but we got to see the 1st and 2nd stringers, with Miller and Mertz switching sides at the half. Both Emilio and Nash wisely reminded me that (a) the D should be ahead of the O in the spring game and, (b) Napier had clearly taken off the restraints on the D for this one. I still have concerns about the OL, but probably better to term them as "unknowns" at this point. I do think, however, that the M&M boys evidenced some good legs in spite of it being touch football for them, and that the RBs did a pretty fair job of exploiting gaps when they weren't wide and otherwise a really good job when they were. Receivers are stable, so to the extent that the OL comes in at least SEC average, I do think the offense will be Top-25 in production. Don't know if it will be a Top-25 finish for the team, but it might be with the D as swarming and penetrating in the regular season as they were in the O&B game. Of course, the SEC teams we play are going to get a say in that outcome too.........
That bowl game was atrocious, regardless of AR not playing. Miller had just come off a season-long injury but at least rose to the occasion although handicapped (no pun intended) and rusty. With all the opt outs it may have been more competitive but may have been a loss anyway given that OSU seemed to want it more. Who knows? What I do know is that the Miller I saw last Thursday night in the Swamp was better than what I saw in the bowl game. Not without fault, but appreciably better anyway. Still have concerns about the OL, but we'll see what shakes out between now and then. In any case, confident that the team will more consistently play better in 2023. How that will translate to W-L ratio is the question.
Don't we all, Emilio? Sure beats sitting on the front porch, cussing and throwing rocks at passing cars though.
My old pal Leeland frequently channels through me, so knowing that he was once the Chairman of the Department of Redundancy Department at UF, I'd opine that he will say it's perfectly acceptably acceptable.
Cojones, if I had 1/2 your wit and intellect I'd rule the world I tell ya'. Just an over-promoted PFC grunt, later blue collar shrink here. BTW, that Chevy Chase line from SNL - back when it was really funny - is my favorite. Right up there with Belushi.
I only read them now because there is nothing else to read except for Matt Hayes.
He can't help himself, Gatorfan, it's apparently all he has to cover up his own insecurities. Hopefully Georgia doesn't mirror his shortcomings this season while they go for the 3-peat, which they have demonstrably earned the right to do without fans such as him.
You ask what dost I day? Truthfully, not much since you are essentially irrelevant, but since you asked, I'd say that for instance your demonstrated fragility at one of your characteristic, bombastic and self-centered rants being punctured is classic of the narcissistic personality type - exceeded only by your style of excessive exclamation punctuation and overuse of capitalization. Given your somewhat amusing proclivity to Shakespearean language, I can only add, "Alas poor Negan, I knew him well, a fellow of infinite boredom....".
Emilio, that there is the stuff Nobel Prizes are made of in the 21st century, judging by one recent former POTUS receiving one before he took office based on "what he said he is going to do". More importantly, if Matt Hayes takes Position A, then bet your money that Position B is in fact true.
I read the tea leaves at this point at a ceiling of 8-4 with a floor of 6-6. But on the other hand, there's a glove. (: Really, not expecting anything earth shattering in '23, but I do think the actual traction will be evident in '24.
Therapeutic failure, narcissists are not motivated to enter treatment since any difficulties they encounter are blamed on someone, or something, else.
He'll be all in, in short order. May have a little difficulty handling it when the Gators play USCe, but that's OK as long as he does the chomp at other games. No real big cultural differences at UF from any other SEC school, except maybe Vandy and Mizzou. And of course, Texas & Oklahoma next year, where in-coming freshmen are issued a semester's worth of Skoal when they sign in but having to provide their own spit cups.
BTW, congratulations on your son's admission to UF. I was just down there for the first time in years, and the campus is beautiful and well laid out. Tell him to go Pi Kappa Phi if he's so inclined!!