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I'm not sure either how he has suddenly gone from 'hero to zero' among Gator Nation, ie, "he was a hero when he transferred to UF and now a zero", as the most I've read on any comment from Florida fans anywhere is a rather benign, "he dropped the ball a lot when he did play", which is actually somewhat true. Amazing how when you don't have any evidence, wanting to add something in order to get attention only, you feel free to manufacture it. Separating of course the good-natured ribbing between fan bases from trolling, should I then nevertheless conclude in kind that all fans from a neighboring blue state from which we have a rival are blue themselves since some of their fans act like it?
CDM under-utilized a lot of quality people. Always thought this guy had a lot of potential above and beyond the star rating, and unsure of how he was developed. Thinking that will be different under Napier, but don't know the back-story in this case.
I have a hunch he'll be back, just can't say when. Neurosurgery has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last ten years, getting way ahead of the old Rule of Thirds (patient improves in 1/3 of cases, stays same in 1/3, and gets worse in 1/3). Regardless, he's young and in good shape - always figured him to be moving up to P-5 pretty soon so I know he's disappointed in this turn. Sparky, I always thought you had either had a career in LE, corrections, or airborne...close or no banana?
I think you're right about that, Covington. We'll see about the desired effect soon this fall, at the latest 2023 one way or the other. Meanwhile, the real drama is going to be Georgia-Alabama for the next 3 years or so, until one prevails.
No number yet, but I have it on good authority that his favorite color is fried chicken.
Elsewhere, the report is that the effected players "had failed to buy in to the new plan" - so if accurate, that would mean there is a significant back story involved. Of course, we have no idea if that is accurate or not, given the overall credibility of the media these days. However, assuming for the moment that it is truthful, it would mean that at the very least Napier is a completely different animal than Mullen in more ways than simply meet the eye. Successful SEC coaches can be nice guys all day long, but the extent to which they suffer dissent from their subordinates and players is another matter entirely. At the worst, that signals tyranny, but at the median it portends a man who understands that his responsibilities are accompanied by authority.
My understanding is that as long as they're not disqualified from school by either misconduct or poor academic performance, they can stay in school until graduation on scholarship but just not be a member of the team. Do I have that right?
Agree - can't wait until toe touches ball in 73 days!
Actually, a great number of players read SDS, as well as recruits - so our comments as adults probably play some role in their developing concept of sportsmanship too, whether or not we realize it.
Let's hope not, Dawg - but I have a hunch it'll be purple for a long time even if Herschel prevails. Atlanta seems to have the same influence Austin does out here in Texas, but at least you guys still love the Bulldogs as much as Texans love the Aggies. Go Gators.
Interesting choice of words by a man from a blue state, Dawglb.
You can't fix a vulgar, insatiable drive for attention either, REALCOJONES. Every actual fan of SEC football knows very well that anything is plausible in this conference. All that aside, I'd say Heupel has the best chance if Tennessee performs like they're supposed to. He's already got my attention, at least.
That would be a shame, Quantrill, with Mizzou about to turn a corner. If he does, who is the back-up? Sometimes that guy pays more dividends in the long run....thinking of Kyle Trask in particular.
Spot on, G8tr.....CDM didn't leave an "attractive" program for many prospects, but a good showing this fall and a Top-10 class for '23 ought to right the boat. It all starts with Utah in 74 days.
I think that attention is long overdue and am glad to see a focus on both mass AND movement, frankly. Without an SEC competitive O-line, which we haven't fully attained in some time, all those talented RBs and a hot QB are like a full 6-pack missing the plastic thingy that holds them all together. Good start so far, so now develop them! I don't give a flip about some expert's rating or some troll's fascination with star ratings at this time....the focus right now is where it belongs.
Disagree with your disagreement of my disagreeing statement about the disagreeable star rating system, Leghumper. Now that we've established that, talk amongst yourselves. I'm verclempt.
Pretty much sums it up, UFgatorfan. I think, however, that you're being rational with an emotionally crippled irrational person and expecting it to penetrate. He just wants attention, the quality of that attention making no difference to him. That said, good coaches select under-rated prospects all the time when they see something they can develop. Sometimes it works out in spades (ie, Kyle Trask), and sometimes it doesn't. I can think of quite a few 5-Stars who were in the latter category too, but the overall concept of star rankings is that they're an estimate of future potential more than anything else. Dabo Swinney built some pretty good teams by using his own estimates as well, so we'll wait and see if CBN has that knack too.
Leghumper - What GabrielRTR is forgetting is one of the most important cannons in college football: The best team wins ON THE DAY THEY PLAY EACH OTHER. No other excuses offered or accepted. It would take a more discriminating eye than most of us have to see any difference between Alabama and Georgia at this point in time - I'm not one of them, but I know two other things at least: (1) on any given day in the SEC.....and, (2) football from the long view is cyclical. You and Gabe, as well as the rest of us, will be having this debate for a very long time, IMO. It's called, "When Two Titans Collide". There will always be a 3rd Titan to emerge at some point - I happen to think it will be A&M, even tho wishing it would be Florida. Regardless of who it is, THAT's when things are going to get interesting indeed.
EKing - The Shed definitely has got it going on. I retired from the Army at Ft Hood, decided I liked this part of Central Texas too much to go back to Florida, which had changed a lot in the 32+ years I had been away at the time. Been here on Black Dog Ranch for 23 years now and even attended TAMU for 2 years in a post-doc program and for 2 other years before that when stationed at Ft Sam Houston in the 70's. It's in my DNA now. Gabriel - True that one great recruiting class doesn't mean much, look no further than Ron Zook for confirmation. That said, it does say a lot about the trajectory of a program in context of how the culture has changed so far. IF THE PROGRAM HAS AN HC WHO CAN DEVELOPE THAT TALENT. IMO, Jimbo has proven that he's the type of coach who can do just that. Everybody, including you and me, has both assets and liabilities within their character structure - what's important is which is predominant. I think Fisher's assets definitely outweigh his liabilities. Don't get me wrong - I want the Gators to stomp A&M into a mudhole this year and walk them dry, but my reality is that doing so might be a bridge too far in Napier's first year and maybe for the next few years even if I'm correct about where TAMU is going. Again, orange & blue glasses off, it's not that I "love" Jimbo, but I sure as hell do respect him.
GabrielRTR - That's a matter of opinion, but I would hardly call the guy "mediocre". Look, I had a lot of fun making fun of the guy too when he was FSU....that's what goes both ways in the State of Florida, occasionally including that other school to the south whose name I can't remember right now....but I always respected talent over rhetoric. Jimbo, or Dumbo if you prefer, had a lot less than met the eye at TAMU to straighten out. I think he's almost there, so let's see how 2022 and especially 2023 turns out. If I'm wrong, then you're right - fair enough?
True, BamaTime, but that was then and this is now. If I tell you a flea can pull a buggy, hitch his little butt up.
EkingGill - BamaTime's OK, just that there's not much to laugh at in the nation right now and that colors everything. I live over in Salado, 90' from Kyle Stadium, and even if it's sold out I'M GONNA MAKE AN AGGIES GAME THIS YEAR! Now why would a Gator do such a treacherous thing? Simple: This year will foreshadow what's coming in 2023 when A&M wins it all, and I know everything will be sold out then! That's when everything comes together that Jimbo has been building, critics aside. That's how I see it, anyway.
I've been monitoring but not commenting much since I've been busier than a man with no arms in a Krystal eating contest. Not much news over the summer anyway, but it will pick up, I'm sure, in late July. Question is, where have YOU been? I'd sure like to get your take on the Gators this fall - the suspense is driving me mad!
Hey ain't fair to say Tuscaloosa ain't got nuthin' without Saban! They have two Krystal Hamburger restaurants! To a hungry Gator living in Texas, where there are zero, that's everything while driving east on I-20. (:
EZACKLY, dixieduck.....and amateur athletics is no more.
Bayou Tiger, welcome to the club. It's one way you can tell it's still off-season!
I'd think A&M would be tickled pink with Texas in the conference - they get to curb stomp them every year now!
Leghumper, if Lane Kiffin (the inventor of the Ready-Shoot-Aim offense) had his way every coach in the SEC, except for himself, would be suspended. Talk about whiney little biocthes, look the term up in the dictionary and there's his picture!
Hey, here's an idea....let's go Old Testament and have Kirby Smart disemboweled in public instead!