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Kirby Smart, in his role as head coach, can certainly give advice on a personal matter such as a lawsuit. To sustain somehow that "he signed off on it" is logically beyond his purview and worse, wrongly implicates both him and the University of Georgia in another school's problem. Unfortunately, such is the state of modern journalism when one level of drama is felt insufficient to increase clicks at the very least, or to increase the opportunity to slander others at the worst.
Ellis, the opportunity to slander the University of Florida and/or the Gator football team notwithstanding, NIL is the disease and UF is the most recent symptom. That clearly extends to the SEC when other SEC schools or coaches are somehow irrelevantly and unnecessarily implicated in an alleged-but-highly published untoward instance at one member school.
Emilio - did somebody just break wind? It smells like rotten eggs on this page all of a sudden! :)
Sage advice, Les - but I doubt he'll be under UF's purview much longer. In fact, I doubt even more that any school will take a chance on him unless he wises up most ricky-ticky and can prove it. Since it's Wednesday the 22nd, Gaga is preoccupied with his monthly underwear change - so I'll say it for him: "See, you guys wouldn't listen to me when I kept telling you that things like this are all Napier's fault!".
Having said my piece in the previous article on the subject, I had vowed not to make any more comments on it until such time as the actual facts are made clear in the civil proceeding which may likely follow. However, I'm totally flabbergasted that Kirby Smart is being somehow implicated in any way, either proximally or by distant/irrelevant correlation, as associated with or even in some manner culpable in the matter. College football is doing a mighty fine job all by itself of tearing its own amateur foundations apart - it would be a shame to see the SEC as leading the way as well on this too. SMH.
In as much the actual exculpatory components from the University of Florida's side of the case are unlikely to be known until the Trier of Fact formally entertains a hearing involving both the Plaintiff and the Defendant(s), more speculation from the media and fans alike strikes me as a waste of electrons. As for me, I don't know what those findings of fact will be, but in general it seems to be a necessary indictment of the NIL system itself.
That's just one of several "ifs", Gatorbait, but a fair comment. Call me crazy, but I really think we turn the corner this year. To me, that means 9-4 when all is said and done. If not, well, I read an article the other day about how Coach Prime will be the next Gator coach........ :)
Cojo, if they are I wouldn't be surprised if they're connected at the rectum.
Humper, despite all the ribbing we give Mertz, the guy is a stud muffin masquerading as a Big-10 transfer QB. Highly rated out of HS, very intelligent, and a savvy leader. Assuming that the Gator OL has matured, RBs are unafraid to block, and receivers do their job - all reasonable expectations in 2024 - this cat could set opposing SEC teams on fire and hand off a winner to Lagway next year. That would no doubt break Gaga's heart, but hey, we all have to take one for team once in a while.
Cojones - I took up Gaga's challenge and read his posts. All I can say is, "DON'T DO IT!". I lost 15 IQ points just by looking at the first one, and was afraid to read more since I'm in Texas and keep the room temperature at 65.
Cojo, if I didn't know you as the Master of Sarcasm, I'd think you caught coodies from Gaga and they ate your brain! :)
High praise for an over-promoted PFC like me, JTF - but apur-ci-ate it. I think you've got to actually know both Nash, and Stl to for that matter, to fully understand their habitual commitment to assessing things based on facts and logic, regardless of any emotional content that may be present from time to time. I surmise that it's not just a requirement of their chosen occupations, but rather a disciplined precursor. It strikes me as no accident what they do (or did) for a living in the fields they respectively chose. As always, knowledge without discipline doesn't get one very far. I was raised in an environment that makes it hard for me to denigrate any other SEC team above and beyond what simple good-natured rivalry permits ... but FSU and Notre Dame for instance are, on the other hand, fair game for merciless savagery. I've said on many occasions that I hope their crotches become infested with the fleas of a thousand syphilitic camels, and I mean it! :)
Cojones, it's not so much that Nash doesn't experience similar emotions to what we all feel at any given time - it's that he has learned to suppress it in favor of rationality, reasoning, and logic. There's always a place for both, except for when there isn't, which is usually evident in the case of fans who are characterized by emotion being all they've got. I won't name any names, but I think you know who I'm talking about.
All programs go through and ebb and flow from time to time, which may be relatively long or short. That's the nature of the game, even for historically elite teams. It's easy to criticize a coach by isolating one possible factor to focus on, and then correlate that to the exclusion of other potentially proximal factors, but correlation of and by itself does not indicate causation. That's the nature of sports journalism, especially when the goal is to manufacture drama.
Nash, you just said a mouthful of truth. Structure -> Discipline.
I put my money on Beck, hands down. But if the Gators have grown up after two seasons of adversity, I'd love to see Mertz at least in the running.
Wonder if CBN had a conversation with Coach Prime before he pulled the trigger. Man, that would spin Gaga into orbit!
Repetition of the same theme across multiple posts sounds more like projection of your own unconscious libidinal fantasies than simple trolling, RTR. If only for the sake of entertainment, you really ought to get some new material.
Nash said it all: Gaga's glass has a hole in it. In a different context, perhaps a hilarious gag gift. In the present context, speaking of holes I would urge the lad to refrain from passing gas - he may lose the remains of precious few brain cells.
Les, the only thing not odd about this situation is that Gaga still wouldn't make so much as a pimple on Napier's but-t.
If one exclusively abides by historical models, as Finebaum apparently does when a new coach takes over a dominant team such as Alabama, he is ~probably~ correct. However, it would just as probably be a mistake to factor Alabama out this year. By December there may be a lot of egg-sucking mules, myself included, but I think we will be just as surprised that Alabama is at the top again with Georgia.
Humper: Marsh, unlike myself, is an objective and fair-minded thinker who not only accommodates but tolerates other rational opinions. I'm just calling it as I see it. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of other SEC teams as far as preventing Georgia in 2024? Only the Shadow do!
BAMA has the 6th hardest schedule in the nation and a new coach, Texas the 34th, and Ole Miss the 54th. Georgia is 13th. What does that mean? Not a thing until the season starts. Still don't see a reason why Georgia doesn't come out on top. We'll see ... or not.
Factoring in the rest of the team, I'd be hard pressed to come up with a reason why Georgia doesn't run off with another NC in '24. Going to be an interesting season for sure with the talent being spread around the league, but totally agree with Beck as preseason #1 QB.
Best name for that game would be the "Schizzle My Nizzle for Televizzle Bowl".
BamaBone: Gaga's untoward comment about the Florida AD, et al, is clearly a desperate case of projection - in as much he has suffered us (Gator fans) to a relentless barrage of similar one-dimensional verbiage since the day Napier was hired and prior to him ever actually exerting any control whatsoever over the team. Accordingly, his own diagnosis has been established as V301.20, Transposition of Orifices with Fecal Facies, subcategory Cranial-Rectal Inversion. Sadly, there is no treatment for this condition other than very expensive Personality Bypass surgery, which he has thus far repeatedly declined.
DAWG10,MARSH: I really wasn't referring to the Gators in particular since this is an SEC page and I was responding in general - tongue in cheek - to early predictions overall. That said, the conventional wisdom is that the Gators and CBN are doomed by the schedule - particularly in the context that we're only two years into a probable four year rebuild following the residuals of Dan Mullen (despite his promising start). There's another context though, largely unrecognized and certainly not accredited by those not tuned in specifically to Florida football on a day-to-day basis. Clearly, Napier is prematurely faced with a tough 3rd year schedule, and his own developmental liabilities in the SEC as demonstrated have contributed to the challenges that poses to his longevity in Gainesville. But it's also "his" team now, the talent is there, assistants have been rotated or changed IAW his philosophy whether fans understand it or not, and likewise he's either up to it or not. I think he is, and ironically the schedule may work in the Gator's favor from an underdog/motivational standpoint. The deadwood has been culled and these young men want to win. That's what Napier and his staff have to harness. If they do, the ceiling may be as high as 9-3. 8-4 allowing for the unexpected hiccup, but anything south of that won't cut it. Put another way, when your back is to the wall and the enemy is less than 600 meters from the wire, you either come out swinging or die trying. DISCLAIMER: No Dawgs or Seminoles were injured in the production of this meme. :)
Might have been better to have not published this, wait for the 2024 regular season to conclude and then change it to reflect reality ..... t proclaiming, "Hey, look what I found from May but forgot to send in!". :)
Marsh - I completely share your opinion of Kiffin, and to a lesser extent (work still in progress), Riley. By the Eternal, thankfully Florida hasn't thus far been seduced into to going after Lane: "All skill and no character".
4- or 5-stars come with the reasonable expectation that their developmental milestones against SEC level opponents will be accelerated, but that of course varies between individuals regardless of program. As we have seen in the past, often a 3-star with desire, who is trainable, will surpass expectations as well as others who are rated higher. What's the key variable? A staff that dependably drills the fundamentals over and over until they are mastered, and then the advanced nuances of the position to the reflex level. IMO, this is where programs like Georgia, Alabama, and LSU seem to have an advantage. Native talent is important, but good coaching perfects it. Naturally, draw your own conclusions.