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Digging way back in the archives...try reporting on something current. Thanks.
This guy will pick Ohio St. or Clemson, who each have only one quality OT committed. If Bama scores here, it would be phenomenal. For Auburn it would be unbelievable. He won't go LSU cause he hates corndogs. Peace.
Did he wreck his motorcycle with a young university employee (who he didn't know) on the back?
Ha ha. UGA isn't paying much interest on the 200 million they have invested in the past few years. LOL. Better switch to Bama, Florida, or LSU for investing your $$$. Forty years dude, forty years...
I'm okay with a conference only if the alternative is no football. The early non-conference match ups are always fun to watch. They will be back. Notre Dame...and the few other independents will have no season, or play each other.
Seems like 75 million doesn't get you much these days. And, that 5k fine is such a deterrent.
Bama. Kirby is running low on funds. He pays too much for QBs that don't quite work out.
LOL. The NCAA had nothing to do with it. Clemson directed the page be taken down.
Good for the NCAA. You don't have to publicize yourself to be useful to the world.
Does anything Kiffin says really matter? Given the disaster that has been UGA special teams in the last few years, anything Cochran does as special teams coach at UGA will be successful. UGA has now spent over 200 million dollars trying to become a national champion. Hiring Cochran as special teams coach is not the missing piece.
Given the special teams disasters UGA has fielded the past couple of year, Cochran will have instant success there. He leaves behind two years of the most injuries in program history. Good luck to him. The Tide rolls on.
Snapshot--Phillip Fulmer sends Butch a 2.5 million check each year until the last one in 2021. So make that $2,500,037.00 per year.
USF still owes him 5.3 million. You let them pay and hire him for 50k as an analyst. Yeah, it is newsworthy. A three-time head coach who had greater success as a DC will have a role. Moo.
It will be a good move no matter what his job title.
Making disparaging comments about a man who would never spend a second with you, a man with success that you will never see, as a way to try and make yourself feel clever is mental illness. Get some help.
McCarthy is a control freak. This should be fun to watch.
Put some mustard on that corn dog. Try to act like you have won something before.
That was a fumble. OSU got screwed by an SEC crew that has screwed several SEC teams this year. Maybe with the upcoming ESPN TV contract the SEC can afford to train some decent referees.
The headline is backwards. CBS is leaving the SEC.
Ole Miss goes 6-6 next year, at best. Whoopee. Wait until they are 1-4 and see what he has to say.
A glaring political move by the committee. The coaches poll is more realistic.
Anywhere in the top 10 would get Tua about 19 to 20 million. The 11-20 picks get at least 12-13 million. He has to go.
Tua has always marched to a different ukulele. His cultural roots are not centered around refreshing. He has a few unfinished goals. He just could decide to return, get a hefty insurance policy, and make history. Stranger things have happened.
Except in 2016 when the LSU center apparently waited longer than a second to snap the ball and the game-winning TD was negated :).
In 2016, LSU had one second left on the clock. The ball was snapped with one second on the clock. Danny Etling rolled right and hit D.J. Chark in the endzone for a TD. LSU won 19-18....but wait. The officials ruled the snap did not get off in time. Game over, Auburn won (at home). Now tell me who gets the breaks.