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Damien Harris would get at least 12 yards every time he ran the wheel route.
Mack Wilson didn’t show enough to get drafted. Why would Stidham be drafted? The others can contribute.
How does a team go from 18-15 last year to 25-5 (soon to be 26-5) this year? Hmmm.
Good. Hire Dave Aranda, pay him several million.
Jalen is too smart to hop on the Gus bus.
He couldn't recruit while at Texas. He is way overrated as a HC. No news here.
Ross Pierschbacher (Alabama); is a finalist for the Remington Award. You have him as Honorable Mention for SEC honors. Yeah, you are that clueless.
UGA fans have to come to a Bama page to see Championship plays, woof woof.
Bama doesn't need any hype. Paul put UGA ahead of OSU because they are a better team.
More cow bell. You needed more cow bell! And then you would have had 7 points and no more.
Awwww Barn. Won't have far to travel to the Birmingham Bowl.
Always trying to build drama where there is none. "Superstar QB Tua Tagovailoa’s knee isn’t fully healthy, so if he goes down, third-string QB Mac Jones will have to step in." Yeah, and if a meteorite hits the stadium the cowbells will be silenced.
Where would you suggest the SEC office be located? Shreveport?
These are not bold predictions. Most of them are a wish list for LSU. A lot of bias in this "article."
What happened in years past has no bearing on what happens next Saturday night. Probability does not work that way. The factors that determine who will win are mostly in the present, such as: What will the playing conditions be? Are key players injured? (or absent in the first half) Do the teams match up well with their opponent? Do they have home-field advantage? Yes, but is it enough to determine the outcome of the game. And the list goes on... Last year, five years ago, 10 years ago, has nothing to do with it.
He has too much baggage now to stay. I don't think playing tough guy with the OSU prez and trustees is gonna work like intimidating an 18 year-old kid.
Saturday Down South is becoming the National Enquirer--an "anonymous" coach said...
Since the Big 10 is really 14 now, it should take them 14 hours to hammer out the details of the cover up.
Adam Spencer wrote a brief article about an "anonymous" coach accusing Saban of cheating--posted at the same time as this article. Must get paid per submission and not a steady wage. Slow news day...
LOL. Yeah, UGA always sticks with a QB--Hutson Mason 2014, Greyson Lambert 2015-2016, Faton Bauta 2015, Jacob Eason 2016, Jake Fromm 2017-?. Go troll Vanderbilt, loser.
Typical Awbarn moronic comment. No class.