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It's amazing to me how much hate from bama's fans towards uga fans since bama is not a rival school. I understand the hate from gator fans, gamecock fans, tiger(AU) fans and vol's fans because they're boarder rivalries but the hate from bama fans is just absurd. When Notre Dame beat lsu 2 years ago no one made a big deal out of that but when uga beat Notre Dame by 6 points, they're just an average team that were overrated until we played them. UNBELIEVABLE!
@Junebaby01 The way Bo Nix stepped it up against the ducks? That was impressive.
The defense either had a bad day or they plan a mutiny against Kirby. It's uncharacteristic for the defense to give up 28 points to 4 different ball carriers. Heck, Julian Rochester, Tyler Clark and Jonathan Ledbetter contribute a lot against bama but didn't give up any points to their ball carriers. The offense also had a off day. I think Fromm is a good qb, but I saw some gaping holes where Justin Fields would have taking it to the house had he been in there, so consider yourself fortunate that they didn't score more points. I do wish the referees would do a better job calling games because there were a few no calls that went against the tigers.
I know how they beat us in the national championship game? They scored more points!
Drew Lock is a very good qb, but I believe he will have his work cut out for him against Tucker's much improve secondary and against a defense that is eager to lay to rest that they can get to the qb.
"Mizzou/Oklahoma and the 2007 Mizzou/KU games come immediately to mind. In both cases Mizzou beat teams ranked either #1 or #2 in the nation" But mizzou loss it's edge when Gary Pinkel resigned and your team is going through some down years like tenn and fla (your team moved to the sec east at a good time). Like those teams, it takes time to start over so don't expect too much.
Since Mark Richt was fired for not competing for national championships, your point is all smoke and mirrors.
Exactly. Stopping the run is Kirby's #1 objective and they do that quite well. At some point someone will emerge as a good pass rusher and having 2 good CBs definitely helps.
I'm still not completely sold on the idea that Fromm is a better qb than Justin Fields and the idea that Justin has no experience because neither did Jacob Eason nor Jake Fromm when they played. If they can handle the spotlight as a true freshman, so can the #1 player (Justin Fields) in the country. Seeing is believing! The pass rush has been disappointing and from my viewpoint, they don't get off blocks very well. I would like to see Adam Anderson and Quay Walker thrown into the line of fire to see what they can do and I'm anxious to see what Channing Tindall and big Jordan Davis can do. Cade Mays and James Cooks should be starters in my opinion.
Teams like Bama, Fla and Lsu are fortunate to have hired experience HCs to push their programs over the hump (national champions). I think Jim Donnan is the only experience hc (div 2) who was hired by the dawgs since the 30s. Had they gone with a successful div 1 head coach during that time, they probably wouldn't lag behind other elite programs especially being in a state that produces several elite players with no schools to compete for that talent within it's boarders. Now programs within the conference are continuing taking jabs at us. Fortunately for us Kirby appear to be beating all odds as an inexperience hc. I'm not going to say he will push this program over the hump, but if he does, WHAT OUT!!
@lovindagame I don't translate my thoughts into words very well so I understand if you become baffled by my comments. That said, I'm not suggesting that Jimbo Fisher is a bad hc, but for whatever the reason, his team didn't win enough div and conference titles in my opinion and I talked about this before he left fsu. Maybe he just needed a change of scenery, who knows. To clarify my first post, Jimbo Fisher is the 3rd best recruiter behind Saban and Meyer (since 2010).
Amazing! It's easy to practice evil isn't it? My advise to you - be good (Galatians 6:7,8). You can pretend you didn't get my point if you want to, but you can't dispute the fact that Fisher did less with more(elite talent) in a weaker conference (acc). That could change for him. No pun intended.
Since your revenue (tx a&m) is 2nd best, why not create your own sports network instead of leaving the big 12? Can there be 2 sport networks in the same state? No pun intended.
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings young man, but since joining fsu, Jimbo Fishing's average recruiting ranking is 3rd best. See Rivals Recruiting Composite. I didn't read all the comments before I posted mine, but there are others who touched on some of things I mentioned.
"They’re not quite the same level as LSU or Bama " Add uga and auburn to your list. Clemson is 18-42-4 against uga and 15-34-2 against auburn.
Jimbo is a good hc and a great recruiter(3rd best), but he hasn't shown that he can consistently win titles against inferior teams (within the acc). Dabo Swinney won more acc titles with lesser talent than Jimbo. In the next 3 years we will know more about him.
Kirby need to unleash those guys against Drew Lock. I believe Emanuel Hall is a better receiver than Deebo (against us).
That concerns me as well especially when they square off with Drew Lock. Mark Richt was good at producing elite pass rushers but I guess Kirby is so concern with stopping the run, he's not that concern with putting pressure on the quarterback. Nolan Smith is going to be a force but we won't see him until next season.
Every sec team on the schedule will challenge us but I still like our chances mainly because of the OL. We never had a OL as good as those guys. Sam Pittman is a BEAST!
Kudos to Kirby and his entire coaching staff. The game was managed very well and the players weren't the least intimidated by WB. Good job guys.
Kirby is going to play the players who gives his team the best chance to win national championships and fans should respect any decision he makes as long as his decisions aren't detrimental.
I roger that and if Kirby has another successful season in his 3rd season, it might quiet the critics and gain some respectability. If he can get that monkey off our backs this season, that would be awesome!
and out coach teams with equal or more talent...
I can see why the media is giving the gamecocks a chance to win this game and it's understandable. Mark Richt did a good job in his 1st two seasons (21-5 sec title) but he loss his mojo after that. Kirby's record is similar (21-7 sec title) in his 1st two seasons but he has to avoid losing to bad teams and teams with lesser talent.