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I looked up another stat. UM vs Vandy all time record is 40 wins, 39 losses for UM, apparently. So I guess…Ole Miss is on the same level as Vandy? Honestly, I’m being facetious and I think Ole Miss has the better program. But..I always pull for Vandy lol.
I think the last 20 years is more relevant than historical records dating back to the very early 1900’s. So your point is accurate. But it’s not relevant. I looked it up. Ole Miss winning percentage over the last 20 years is .5019. MSU’s is .4998. So, it would be fair to say Ole Miss has had the very slightly better program over the last 20 years. Congratulations on the huge edge. Vandy’s percentage is .3515. More recently, one of these 3 schools ended the season ranked and won their bowl game. As far as what happened before I was born or I was too young to care…well, I still don’t care. I don’t think most MSU fans would argue that Mississippi State is a football powerhouse. It is comical that some Ole Miss fans think that their team is far superior when records over the last two decades seem to prove otherwise.
I just commented to my wife during the bowl game that it seemed like Austin had been at State forever lol. I’m going to miss him for sure.
Price looked great. I kind of wanted to see if he could punch it into the end zone there at the end rather than Rogers moving the ball to the middle of the field. Either way, glad to get the win.
Zach Arnett looked like he was ready to kick someone’s ass when they dumped the Gatorade on him. He looks like an intense kinda guy lol
Whew! Got the win! That was a close one. Looking forward to see what we can do next season. Hail State!
Not looking too great. Offense looking pretty predictable. Defense is holding us up so far. Hope we can pull out the win, though. Hail State!
Meh, all I did was reply that State won in reference to TX Reb’s “we continue to outplay” MS State. The series is pretty evenly split over the last 3 decades or so. Not a lot of “outplaying” going on from either side. If that’s “trolling”, then I’ll own it. Unfortunately, it’s looking like the Egg Bowl may be the only bowl either team is going to win this year, but I hope I’m wrong. Hail State!
“State fan misses the point.” Correction. That would be State fan refutes the point. Try again next year, “big bro”!
“oh i’m sorry , my scope of reference includes more than the one game where our coach was a little distracted” Oh, ok. I apologize. I didn’t realize that was the only game MS State has won against Ole Miss.
“and yet still we out recruit, outplay” Yes. Definitely outplayed State this year…lost the game, but never mind that. You’re still special. Great job, “big bro”.
I’d take listening to Dan Mullen over listening to Beth Mowins. Never liked her voice.
Great! Does Illinois throw the ball much? I don’t know much about them but have heard they have a solid defense and like to run the ball. Hope we can move the ball on offense.
“OM has reached its peak with this coach” I’m an MSU fan, so a general hater of all things powder blue, but I think that remains to be seen. “He doesn’t know when to hold them” I can agree that he absolutely didn’t last night. “he’s a gambling cavalier coach.” That’s for certain, but surely we all knew that going in! Lol
“it shard to build a consistent high achieving team from the portal every year.” It’s hard to build a consistent high achieving team every year, period. Really shard. Lol Like I said in another post, it’s cyclical with UM (and MSU, KY, LSU, etc). I think some Ole Miss fans had their expectations a little high after last year’s 10 win season and the 7-0 start to this season (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but realistically, they lost a lot of players last year so it would’ve been a helluva feat to get 10 wins or more this year, no matter what Kiffin finds “acceptable”. Now I do think that UM is a better team than they looked like last night, though. I wonder how the game would’ve looked if they had punted? That’s on Kiffin.
FLReb, I don’t have an issue with giving the ball to Judkin’s. He should definitely get the ball often, he’s a great player, and I’d love to have him on my own team. It’s just the timing of it on 4th and short looked pretty obvious sometimes ..and didn’t work most of the night. If the entire D line sells out on him getting the ball, maybe call another play… Just my take.
“There were major question marks the day after Matt Corral left. Does it look like any of those were addressed this season?” I’m not on OM fan. I’m the polar opposite. But let’s think about this a minute. OM was not even as good as they were this year in Corral’s first season. Dart will get better. Judkin’s is just a freshman, I think. OM will get better. It’s all cyclical, to be honest. I’m a State fan. MSU is the better team for a year or two, UM is the better team for a year or two. Neither team has the recruiting to constantly be good year after year. I don’t think any coach is going to change that in 2,3,4 years time, no matter who he is or how much you pay him. I think TN is in the same cyclical boat right now, to be honest. Remains to be seen, but I doubt they do as well next year as they did this season, assuming they’re losing their QB and star receiver (I haven’t kept track). It’ll take a year or two when those star athletes move on.
Easiest change that I can see would be to not go for it on 4th down inside your own 20, 30, 40 yard line in the first half when the score is still relatively close. The risk to reward ratio just doesn’t seem to be that great to me. But, hey, college football coaches get paid a lot more than I do to think about these things.
So that’s what he was arguing with the officials about? I was kind of wondering what the deal was. Makes sense, if that’s what it was.
Now if Kiffin had only tried to run the ball 3 or 4 times the whole night…that might’ve been an homage to Leach lol
“Ole Piss, and Miss State, will always be bottom feeder SEC West schools.” And yet AU’s goal is to beat at least one of those schools next year. What does that say about AU currently? “But, but, but Hugh Freeze…”
“Some might say our tackling got better; just exclusively in the head/neck region.” Nice one. I like a fan that can keep a little sense of humor in a loss. I can’t understand Kiffin going for it on 4th down inside their own 20 or 30 yard line so early and often. I can’t understand Kiffin arguing with the officials like he did. I couldn’t understand some of the calls where they handed it off to Justin’s for short yardage when it was painfully obvious that’s what they were going to do. Basically, it looked like Kiffin kind of blew it last night. Texas Tech whooped our (MSU) tails in last years bowl game too if I recall correctly. TT apparently has MS school’s numbers for the last couple of years.
Leach is different. Moral and ethical standards? Who knows. But, he’s different…lol
First 7 games they were kind of expected to win, except maybe KY. Their schedule was harder at the end. I don’t really think those Auburn rumors caused the defense not to be able to contain Arkansas, for example.
I don’t know the particulars of all this, and I’m not going to make a judgment. But…direct messaging a student that you don’t know as a football coach (or anyone else employed by the university) is kinda cringe.