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It's a tradition. I get that it's annoying...but I like the tradition aspect of it. I don't think cowbells have any bearing one way or another on our "relevancy", whatever that entails. I don't like the screeching eagle thing played over the PA at Southern Miss home games every time they get a first down (or SC's crowing cock), but it's their field so they can do what they wanna do.
Enjoy your bowl game, Reb. Kiffin has got you guys rollin'.
Runnin' Reb, to be honest, I don't enjoy the Egg Bowl at all, until it's over and MSU has won (when they do)! If we happen to be the better team that year, I'm afraid there will be a goofy upset (like in...2017 when Fitgerald got hurt). If we happen to be the worse team (2023), I'm afraid we'll get blown out and embarrassed! That game is great, but it's kind of a gut wrencher for most fans, I think. As far as Thanksgiving, if I'm not actually attending, it's fine. One positive about it being on Thanksgiving is the TV coverage we get. I doubt some years would be televised if it was held on a Saturday with other teams playing, but I rarely actually attend on TG day since I'm usually traveling.
Right? I watched him play for ASU on a late night game on TV one night. He's a pretty slim guy, but looked outright skinny back then at ASU. He was running all around dodging tackles and honestly, I was afraid he was going to get hurt. Then the next thing I knew he was at LSU and I was like, "Hey, it's that ASU kid that kind of looks like old school rapper Humpty Hump!" I had no idea he could throw the ball like that until I saw him at LSU, though. I knew he could scramble and run from seeing that ASU game.
I think Luke was a goner anyway at that point. I think we (MSU) beat Ole Miss the year prior (2018) 33-3. I may be mistaken on that, it all runs together. I think that was the same year MSU got rid of Joe Moorehead also. It took me a minute to remember his name. Kind of a common name and he didn't hang around long. I wonder if that's the only year we both fired our coaches at the end of the season?
That's interesting and could be a good move for him. I didn't even realize Dillon Johnson had gone there until I watched Washington in the championship game the other night. I hope he does well. Not sour grapes, but I think the transfer portal and NIL are going to ruin college football for me. I've always been an MSU fan because I went there, but also because a lot of the players (not all of them, but a lot) were from...Mississippi. I'll still be a fan, but it just won't be the same for me if the QB is a transfer from Toledo and the running back is some dude from Arizona (hypothetically speaking) rather than a dude from Brandon and Greenville. I'll have to keep up with the Huskies better next year.
Agree. RebRun is a classy fan. Wrong team, but a classy fan. Good luck in the bowl game, RebRun.
What?!? We don't get Oklahoma's staff? Dang. What about that Sooner Schooner thing? Do we still get that? I had plans for that thing...
Speaking of which, is Barbay gone yet? I'm assuming he won't be needed...? Kind of sucks for him if he's let go after one year.
You might be right. I thought those legs looked a little husky to be Kiffin's, but just assumed he must have cankles.
Can you imagine having a head coach who would go to the effort to tweet pictures of his socks?
Umm... Not exactly what I said, is it? But, you do seem to be fascinated with what Mississippi State does, now that you mention it. "lolz"
Certainly. Ole Miss was the only school with a jumbotron until we stole their thunder.
Honestly, I never even knew he was the OC at Ole Miss until I read about Lebby after the hire. Surprise! I'm not as obsessed with Ole Miss as some of their fans seem to be obsessed with all things Mississippi State.
Hate to agree with you...but I do. A&M vs LSU and Clemson vs South Carolina seem like the only games that might be interesting.
Yeah, the "tombstone" thing wasn't in good taste, although I don't think it was meant literally. Basically what he's saying is if a coach doesn't do good at MSU, they generally don't coach elsewhere / their career is over. Or, if a coach does well, he moves on to a bigger school. So he's basically not saying anything that isn't already known by everyone. Of course if a coach does well at a mid tier SEC school he moves on to a better job, and of course if someone does poorly as a coach at MSU...obviously they're not moving up in the world... What, they're going to be a bad coach at MSU and get picked up as a head football coach by a bigger school when we fire them?
Let's see, Mississippi State doesn't have a coach and has beaten a grand total of 1 SEC team this year (which is Arkansas). Ole Miss has only lost to Alabama and Georgia so far. And Ole Miss is predicted to win? I'm shocked! I'm hoping for an upset, of course, but Ole Miss (as bad as I hate to say it - give credit where credit is due) is pretty good this year and we are at like a 13 or 14 year low. As always, anything is possible in the Egg Bowl. I hope it's at least entertaining for someone other than Ole Miss fans this year! Hail State!
I was glad to get the win, as early on in the game, it didn't look like we would. I'm not real optimistic about beating Ole Miss, but anything's possible in the Egg Bowl. Really glad to see Rogers back. Would love to see him end his career with another win.
That was classic. We didn't play great, but at least we showed signs of life.
You make some good points. Particularly about Barbay with the new offense and the regress in defense. Revamping the offense in year one without a revamp of the players kind of reminds me of Joe Moorehead - which didn't work out either.
I agree. But that’s kind of the world we live in today. Not a lot of patience, everyone expects instant results. Really, it’s kind of similar to Matt Luke at Ole Miss a few years ago, although I think he got a couple of years to coach and he had quite a bit of talented players that Freeze had recruited. On the other hand, it seems coaches are quicker to jump ship than they used to be if a bigger school with a bigger check comes calling too. I do miss the days of coaches staying at one school for a while. Hopefully your boy stays at Oxford. He seems like a good fit and he’s obviously done a good job there.
No delusions of grandeur here. Aspirations of a bowl game every year and competetive in the losses, yes. I agree whoever we hire we need to give a minimum of three years before we expect a trend in the right direction (not a 10 win season, but a trend in the right direction). I would've liked to have seen how the season would've turned out if Rogers and Marks would've stayed healthy, and I'm not sure how well another coach would've done in Arnett's situation.
I agree. I think it would've showed more class to let him finish the season.
So, like I said...appease the fanbase, not for "a spark", for better or worse. I don't blame you and don't disagree with your comment, but I'm not sure how much less of your money MSU gets if Arnett was allowed to finish the season vs being terminated two games prior? The only "spark" possible this season is the return of Rogers and Marks, and realistically, that would be the only reason to even attend either of the next two games.
I do remember that. I believe that was the infamous "pXXX and the miss" game. I'm not sure they were both fired from their respective programs within such a short time frame after the game, though. I don't remember. I was glad to see Moorehead go, but Luke could've hung around a few more years lol.
I think Matt Luke was fired from Ole Miss at around the same time Mississippi State fired Joe Moorehead after the Egg Bowl, although I don't think those were the same day. But same teams, following playing each other if I recall that correctly..?
I really don't know if I agree with the firing of Arnett before the end of the season to "provide a spark". What spark is that going to provide exactly? They kind of threw it in Arnett's lap, then yanked it away early to save face, in my opinion. I tend to look at it like I look at my own career. Don't quit a job until you've got the next one lined up. Don't fire the coach until you've got another one ready to go. I don't disagree that he probably needed to go, but I'd probably have let him finish the season. All firing him early did is appease the fanbase.
As a Mississippi State fan, I'm not sure I'd be on board with this yet. Deion took Colorado from 1 and 11 to a projected....what, 4 and 8, 5 and 7 maybe? With all those players he brought including two of his kids? Give Mississippi State Sheduer Sanders and they'd probably be bowl eligible already without Deion. So I'm not sure the results are going to live up to the hype. We'll see what he does in year 2. No doubt, he could recruit there, though. I'm just not a fan of the flashiness / bragging. I'm more of a Mike Leach in a generic "State" shirt kind of guy lol. I already watch Colorado hoping they'll lose to the teams with less hype (like Arizona, which coincidentally, MSU beat in OT earlier this year).