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Show me a State Coed who does not dip and could fit her a$$ in a #10 washtub
A) Long had no choice on Petrino- you simply cannot lie to your Boss and have him unleash his media influence to back it up without consequences. Also, Petrino arranged for his concubine to get a job she was not qualified for at the expense of several people who were qualified- that is a lot of legal liability. B) BB is a slob, and loudmouth Yankee who talked before he did anything...and we are still waiting. It seemed odd that Hog fans thought it was getting better year after year when the results just were not suggesting that. If not for wins against Ole Miss you nutty Hog fans might have figured this out sooner.....C) Matt Jones is giving advice - Matt did you ever return even a little bit on the investment in your natural talent? Your personal choices were worse than BB's Coaching.
UK...Basketball...are you sure you want to jump in on this? Calapari would not win ten games a year if Bball had a max signing limit in place every year like Football and the 25/85 rule.
Yep! I do wish the SEC would stand together and leave the OM program alone on this point. The only exceptoon is that I like it when kids stay home. If a kid from another state wants to go this his state U it makes sense. It is messy to take kids from a burning ship...
Ever wonder why Auburn did not get stepped on over Cam Newton sweepstakes? You boys scapegoated Pat Dye and Bowden, brought in Tuberville...and betrayed him flirting with Petrino...but avoided the NCAA somehow?
I am an SEC homer, and alum- got that out of the way.... EVERY school is held captive by the allure of talent. You can pretend, and squirm in your collective seats, but every fan knows they have dozens of Football (and Basketball) players who are nowhere near legitamate academic standards. Half the talent in Mississippi is not academically qualified coming out of HS, but they pretend to get there in a JUCO. If you cannot speak English at 20 years of age, you are not really a College student. There are no rules on hair, no enforcement of rules on uniforms and no Athletic dorms to monitor the inmates. The real problem is that every fan will excuse his team, and defend them to the end.
Don't TALK yet Tigrito- your smart remarks don't add up to Mizzou beating Bama, or Mizzou having a big tradition. Just try to join the SEC, and celebrate your success with some humility.
HAIL & HODDY- I love to hate State...but I love Mississippi above all. The rivalry has never been better because both teams are high profile. I hope the game in Starkville 2015 has a collective record of 22-0 at kickoff!
Mullen needs to learn a little dignity as well. They are 10-2- a year ago they were lucky to win the Egg Bowl to finish 6-6. I think Mullen will Coach just one more game for State - nobody really thinks an ego that big stays in Starkville if they can leave.
A year ago I was deflated - had Ole Miss won the game it would have left State / Mullen 5-7, out of the Bowl picture, and raher insignificant on the main-stage. Instead Ole Miss looked awful, and allowed Mullen to self-promote another year... I know State fans like all that loud-mouth junk, but it never is a good idea. Mullen looks like a jerk to everybody outside of Starkville- and you know he will quit on State before the New year.