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Tom Brady went in the 7th round. You will be the next late round QB stud.
This should be one hell of a game. I predict the Tigers win. LOL
If Mullen doesnt beat the dawgs next year, Mullen will be gone way before Kirby. And for Finebaum to say "“I say it’s not working because they’re not winning and competing seriously for national championships…" Only 4 teams make it. Geez, did we not compete for a national championship 2 years ago and miss out on competing again by one play last year? Finebaum is a douche.
Just a disgruntled Gator fan wishing his team was playing this saturday. Just cause you guys lost by 14 doesnt mean we will be down that many at any time during the game. Enjoy watching from the couch Jobigator88
Tell you what Dabo, why dont you get Vandy to move over to your powder puff conference and come play with the big boys in the SEC. You win there and you will earn respect. Until then beating teams like Ga Tech and Duke will not earn you any respect.
Lets move Vandy to the ACC and put Clemson in the SEC. Gives Vandy a better chance of playing vs equal talent and we can then find out if Clemson is for real.
Coley's offensive play calling is too conservative. WE GOT JAKE FROMM AT QB. THROW THE FREAKEN BALL DOWN FIELD.
There's a lot of brains between those dumbo ears.
Herby is biased to Ohio St. None of the top teams have played anyone yet except LSU vs Texas and UGA vs ND. Clemson will never be tested in their conference. SEC west is a bear so Ala or LSU will be gone. Georgia needs to clean up a few things from last nights game. I'm looking forward to Ohio St losing to either Penn St or Wisconsin. And knock the crap out of Justin Fields.
Dawgs and their fans prove once again they are classy. A few years ago we built a house for Devon Gales and now this extremely classy move. Stay classy Dawgs.
I would suggest instead of watching TV, you start reading books but I see that would be a problem since you went to UT.