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Dec 7, 2019, a day on which Clemson will register its 28th consecutive victory. You can gripe about whatever you like, but that's really all that matters. (To me, anyway.) Then things might get tough.
I've read the comments here. As a Clemson fan, I feared Tua (for good reason) going into the National Championship Game in Jan, 2019. The problem Tua is seen as having isn't his arm, or his accuracy; it's his ability to check off the openings, and successfully complete his 2nd or 3rd option. Does anyone disagree with this?
In all seriousness, don't forget Notre Dame last year - Clemson won 30-3. Their combined playoff scores were 74-19 against teams with a combined record of 26-0, and they downshifted into cruise control in the fourth quarter of both games - they could have dropped 55 points against Alabama, but they showed good sportsmanship (good sportsmanship is exactly what it was). Anyway, good luck to both teams in the coming season. Cheers, DR
You're probably right, CO Jones, but you know what? Twenty-years from now, nobody's going to remember anything other than that Clemson went undefeated. I think people are downplaying the *very* real potential that Clemson could drop a game this year. Winning 15 straight is next-to impossible, especially two years in a row; if they pull it off in 2019-2020, there's no doubt that they'll be remembered as the greatest college team in history (they probably already will be just for last year).
"There is no ACC team that has a tougher schedule than Bama, let alone any SEC team." Well, of *course* Alabama has a tougher schedule than Clemson ... after all, Alabama has to play Clemson, and Clemson has to play Alabama. (This is sort of like going to Paris, and trying to get the best view: Go up the Tour Montparnasse instead of the Eiffel Tower - that way, you can *look* at the Eiffel Tower instead of the hideous Tour Montparnasse.)
7 out of 8 of Clemson's opponents have had a .500+ record coming into the Clemson game. Look it up if you don't believe me.
Nothing against either Alabama or UCF, but as a Clemson alumnus, sitting on the sidelines, munching popcorn, I just wanted to thank both of you for a *highly* amusing back-and-forth.