Don Bridges

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I can’t believe we’ve played football all these years with the incredible risk of influenza
Thrilled that LSU gets 8 of the 9 top teams in the SEC in regular season, and perhaps 9 of the top 9 if LSU makes and plays UGA in the SEC-CG.
Auburn is not a better team than LSU at this point. Yes, there was the head-to-head TWO MONTHS AGO that came down - literally - to the last second. Since then (Coach O's "new season") LSU has figured out how to score TDs and Auburn (still) has not. LSU holds Bama to a 0-0 tie into the 4th quarter and Auburn yields 500 yards and 26 first down to Bama. If you're really thinking Auburn is the better team RIGHT NOW - you're not paying attention.
Somehow you don't mention a SEC team that returns 18 of the starting 22, 100% of their offensive skill positions and 85% of their defensive tackles. And a consensus Top 5 Heisman candidate. If you're wondering about QB, remind me of anybody not named "Manziel" that truly shined as a sophomore in the SEC...