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He'll do better than Tim Couch there. OOOOOoooooooooooohhhhh!!!!
i'll tell you what is a disappointment. having to look at john crist's fat head and annoying voice every time i open an article on SDS. am i right? most annoying things on the internet are the terrible videos of john crist yelling at the top of every article.
the only thing that poses a threat is a drug test
what are we gonna give UGA for getting beat by the life champs 2 years in a row
this joke is played out. somebody should update the SDS wikipedia page...oh, that's right, SDS doesn't have a wikipedia page
doesn't add up? you need to learn to spell before you start counting brother...smh alabama
how much are you getting paid? you are on here all of the time. get a job.
what are you laughing about? butch jones make more money every week than you pull in an entire year. i would day he is winning at life. also, a few ball players from this team are gonna be millionaires in a few months as well. lmao
also, crist, your face is rather bovine.
That's BS by definition. We love Dobbs in Tennessee. Maybe 1% of the fanbase isn't pleased, but that isn't polarizing. 1% is a fringe...maybe. But I digress. I mean, he is a "Senior writer" he obviously knows what he's talking about.
Florida did not play Bama, and that is the only reason they are going to atlanta. The Vols beat Florida.
your grammar is...well, you must be special
annnnnnd....lost to arkansas just as predicted gaturds go down
well, when exactly will the winning BEGIN at Georgia?
i normally pull for LSU but after reading their opinions on here i am grouping all of LSU in the same category as LSUMC (LSU Mangy Cuunt)
he did more for tennessee football than any of you jerks talking trash on here. i'd like to see you say it to his face.
Muschamp is really turning out to be a great coach for USC. Congratulations.