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funniest thing, on twitter guarantano put up a pic of him and schiano when guarantano was a kid. and the first reply was "did he touch you?" haha who cares what gurantano's dad thinks. guarantano can hit the road too if he thinks he can do better. que le vaya bien
damn straight. the general disapproval from the media is interesting. the media didn't tell anyone to act this way. it just happened. they can't handle the possibility that a group of people were able to think for themselves and express disgust through an unmoderated twitter hell storm that just kept raining down on this decision. i don't care if the media and all coaches in the ncaa shun us.
i'm with volbeef88. i don't care if we ever win another game as long as our coach is not from the PSU 40 years of raping children and not saying anything tragedy. my gear was in a pile in the yard about to be burnt. and i have known rocky top by hears since i was 5.
i will pay anyone a week's worth of jon crist's salaryif they can provide proof that he actually lives with his parents.
yea right. even if you were the owner of SDS you wouldn't make more than 100k lol
you know what isn't a tier 1 job, makin 40kish (tops) writing for saturday down south blog. lmao
i don't think anybody is taking advice from someone with dawgs of war as their handle, genius.
Correction, it was an instant gratification society that he kept calling us. We must really be a dumb fan base for expecting results from butch while he talks down to us as if we didn't build the atom bomb.
And yes, everyone with a functional brain is piling on Butch Jones. Remember when he criticized fans for being an instant satisfaction society. Well, now we are criticizing him for being a incapable of delivering results coach.
FIrst, "fake news" is when something that is absolutely not true is published as if it were a fact. Such as the batboy tabloids. That is fake news. A reporter asking a question to a head coach is not fake new nor constitutes a digression into a criticism of a journalist by saying they are basically garbage fake news. You can't just say everything that I don't agree with is fake news. Just because Trump does it, doesn't mean that it makes sense or is the correct way to act. He basically did exactly what Trump does when someone asks him a question that he doesn't want to answer. Acting like Trump should be grounds for removal regardless of the wins and losses. Also, trying to cover up a rape should also have constituted his removal from his position without the buyout. That is when he should have been fired.
Just because you won a football game doesn't mean that Georgia isn't generally bad.
only people from georgia would think that hobnail boot stuff is clever. the guy sounded so dumb when he said that on the radio.
oh no! Marijuan!?!?!?! it's 2017. it's basically legal everywhere except the backwards south.
verne lundquist must have sucked with both lips to get that job. he was garbage and always will be.
wolf dropped a couple of passes that almost hit him in the head. also, what is wrong with crist's mouth/face
don't you think crist has bovine facial features? he looks like a cow kind of.
one of those ints looked like the defensive lineman hit his arm right as he let the ball go.
yesterday i was in honduras and met a guy who went to UGA. First thing he said asked was if I knew who Herschel Walker is. Ha! UGA why don't you get your game up before you start trying to talk trash.
That's a pretty convenient position to give yourself. I can act like this because God sent me his standard. Did he whisper it in your ear or how exactly do you know what this ethical standard is? I'm just no smart enough to understand.
Also, what does this invisible thing in the sky always need money? Can any of you invisible being in the sky believers explain why the invisible thing in the sky needs money? It seems like a lot of you all give money to the invisible thing in the sky. If the thing is God, then why would it need money? Just a simple question. Sorry.
Actually, there are men in planes and space stations. So, actually there are men in the sky. What I meant to say was that there are no invisible beings in the sky.