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Exactly. Can u blame them. Get the hell out while u can. Find a new chancellor and maybe he/she will have the balls to fire Ross and everyone on staff.
But at least Alabama had a legend like Bear Bryant they were trying to copy. Ole Miss will never be Alabama. Just wanted to add that so it was no confusion. Definitely not taking any shots at Alabama. Envy
Job well done Ross and Matt. Mediocracy. He's an Ole Miss guy though. Everytime I hear that I think of Alabama trying to replace Bear Bryant with his disciples, it never works. Trying to hire a guy just because he played for or went to your school is Ludacris. But he has such a good relationship with High School coaches in Mississippi remember. That's the reason we hired him. Well maybe since that was proven untrue today we'll fire him.
It's really sad we were told by everyone especially Matt Luke homers at certain Ole Miss websites that the reason he was hired and retained as the head coach was his ability to recruit Mississippi and his relationships with Mississippi High School coaches. Well looks like that didn't happen. I don't know how, if your goal is to compete for championships or at least be in the running for one every four or five years, look at Matt Luke and think he is capable of that. If you can't get Mississippi kids in your own backyard and within an hour of your school what the hell are you doing there. How is this the coach with all the connections in Mississippi. We're so close to Memphis State we can taste it.