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It always sucks to lose to Georgia, but it is always fun to remember they have not won a National Title since before I was born. They will not win one any time soon either. Let them have their moment. Kirby Smart is Richt 2.0 at best.
your - you're, tou - you. Put down the crack pipe and take a deep breath there fella. Also childrens, should be children's.
It helps when the refs do not call holding on your O-line. Whatever, Georgia isn't going to win the SEC.
Georgia did not win that game, the refs gave them a phantom first down and refused to call any holding penalties in the entire first half. - End of the day, Georgia will not win the SEC or a National Title and it will still be 40 years since Georgia won the National Championship and they no closer now, Florida has 3 in the last 20 years and are closer to winning one than Georgia is.
for the first game of the season you cannot do much better than 42-3. i remember spurrier at florida getting booed for only being up 28-7 on auburn and fans wanting to run the score up. a Win is a Win by an inch or a mile.
FSU only has fans when they are winning, the rest of the time their 'fans' are sporting Miami t-shirts around the trailer park and smacking their wife/cousin.
after seeing his press conference it is clear the man just does not care. how many people out there right now would give everything to be a head coach in the NCAA and he acts like it is bagging groceries at wal-mart. i would fire his @s$ right now because his attitude isn't going to change.