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Wonder what the offensive players said about WM? Oh... Rigghhhht... He didn't really have an offense.
Alabama took all their instate recruits lol
Only like 10 people lost their lives and 100s flooded out of their homes... clearly football is more important...
Enjoy ur win in this lopsided rivalry they are few and far between.
They always beat Tennessee. What's new?
And wtf is that comment about?
Just like last year? We didn't even need tabor because UT can't pass.
What exactly is UT back to? Back to the Fulmer years of losing to UF? Back to the citrus bowl? The is a UGA article but of course Tennessee wins because it was written in the preseason where UT wears the crown.
Ohhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it was 1/13 I had really really good odds.
Lol muschamp built? Far better coaches have been DC at UF Bob Stoops, Charlie Strong, Dan quin, DJ Durkin built that defensive legacy all of which > muschamp.
Spurrier won a Heisman at UF, then brought UF to greatness. Muschamp played for UGA and turned the program into a laughing stock. He looked stupid doing so.
Article fixed: 1, considering hiring a HC without HC exp. 2 hiring muschamp , 3 giving muschamp a contract extension. 4 not firing muschamp 5 taking so long to fire muschamp
Yea most of what we would take back was muschamp's fault... why not just regret muschamp
In one word UF will win the east because: TENNESSEE
Lol I just threw punches at FSU fans. Only pussies reach for the piece
Can't spell citrus wkth out UT. Old joke same school
Muschamp should never have been given the keys to UF he had zero experience. Bitter taste aside, Now he has experience and has learned. Muschamp will have more success at South Car then his time at UF. But in now way shape or form did South Car get another Spurrier from us.
After reading your rnking I can tell you are kinda confused LOL. I don't like bama either but if they have 5 straight #1 recruiting classes they're not 7th best talent.
UGA fans be like: I wish we could win the east.
Copy bama's athletic facilities not playstyle
UF is simply behind our rivals, this drop in instate talent is something several years in the making from Foley taking to long on athletic facilities to Day 1 Muschamp didnt want his team to mirror Florida HS talent. The state is loaded with speed players and hiring coaches trying to be just like Saban doesn't fit the talent rich recruiting hotbed. I hope Mac starts landing instate talent dispite not having a bama prototype size/shape...Foley straight copying Alabama in the wrong state.
Will Grier was a redshirt freshman from the 2014 class.
I wonder if he will help Muschamp win more then 57% of his games?
But he should run far far away before he signs to anything Muschamp ks a part of.
Muschamp is such a tool I feel sorry for those student athletes that are bound by their contact unlike their coaches and universities. the university should step in and honor their word to that kid.
He took more then 1/2 the plays off anyway