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It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If he was holding her down after hitting her how did she get any mace in her hand? All you have to do to be arrested is be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or have an ex-wife who marries a cop. We'll see what happens in court.
Do we need more than 4 teams? Depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to preserve the power, prestige, and money flowing to 4 or 5 particular schools, 4 it's fine. If you are trying to have a fair playoff, then you need more. 8 is better but 16 would cover any chance of a deserving team being left out.
I still haven't figured out Ole Miss's reaction in the NCAA mess. Were they protecting someone or are the AD and school admin really just stupid enough to get into a Pxxxing contest with the NCAA?
Hmmmnmm. I suppose we need a disenfranchised Alabama or Auburn fan to tell us how they do it.
Wouldn't it be a LOT easier to just expand the playoffs? And more lucrative financially?
This MSU team is on a level of ineptitude that boggles the mind. I can't believe you couldn't go dorm to dorm and find a better FG kicker. It seems all of college FB can except MSU. Bottom line is that this team at no position rises to the level of even mediocre. I have watched linemen stand in one spot and watch opposing linemen run by them to sack the QB while they didn't move a muscle. Camera on him on national TV. I wouldn't bet on this team beating Millsaps. Maybe we need a performance based contract for the coach. $500,000/year and about $600,000 per SEC win sounds about right. Maybe the coach would feel more incentive to recruit better and make players stay in the weight room more. The boys are either not being coached or they are uncoachable. Which brings us to who is signed. Obviously S, Alabama and Mass and Samford are able to sign players who are equal or better. This shouldn't be. First thing the coach should do is get mad and not renew scholarships of player who refuse to even try. Maybe you could recruit some of the S, Alabama players. Somebody at MSU needs to get mad. The fans already are.
This was embarrassing. The D end who stood there and let the Auburn player run by him..........I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I still think Mullen could recruit a better FG kicker from the dorms at MSU. Why does Sylvester Croom come to mind?