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Unfortunately every team has those type of fans with no at home training.
I was concerned all the way up until the NOT, that's when the momentum really changed & I was able to relax finally. We may have made more trips to the red zone, but their goal line stand was on point.
Well if Bama fans are inbred, then I'm pretty sure that Auby fans would be too, seeing as we pretty much choose sides right outta the womb. So I'm guessing Bubba's open letter was because he still salty that sista chose the smarter brother. Perhaps he should learn a little more than his colors.
I have traveled Starkville twice since Mullen took over. The atmosphere was so great that I know pull for Mississippi State every game except around that second weekend in November
Bye bye Kirby, we going to miss you as well as being scared of playing Georgia now
As an Alabama fan, I don't care what he says. It's for entertainment purposes. Scheduling a "cupcake" team towards the end of the season doesn't mean anything. It is what is & those cupcakes can easily surprise you sometimes.
If you would sit there & watch them win, then you sit there & watch them lose. Win or lose, that's your team.