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I'll answer that for you southfork : Kirby and Pruitt never cared for each other in Tuscaloosa. Saban was the tiebreaker there, as HC.....Good Luck Dawg Fans, except against us. Goodbye Kirby, it's been a good run.
Smart and Pruitt weren't fans of each other in Tuscaloosa, from what I've learned. As soon as I heard Smart was leaving, I heard he was the #1 candidate for Kirbys job here.
Let me play devils advocate here. I have no dog in this hunt, but was happy to see LSU being so stupid.....Now I just read, Georgia has fired their best coach, arguably ever...Stupid, stupid people.
HATE to say it, but it should have been Aubarn.
Whippin ??? lucked into a win & know it.
I have to agree with the Auburn guy ( not a common thing ) but Jimbo better be careful about casting stones in an extremely fragile glass house or at least show hard evidence before making such an accusation.....One Alabama kid I'm personally glad left Alabama or even Auburn. I would'nt wish him on anybody.