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Who is going to want to get into that UT mess? No "elite" head coach. As for all-time wins, it does go away. Vandy led the league in all-time wins up until the 1960s. I think UT can come back as power but it will take a while, maybe 30 or 40 years and other SEC programs will need to experience a decline for that to happen.
No, they won't get Nick Saban but Vandy's not going to hire someone who hasn't even been a coordinator yet. This is clickbait and I fell for it.
Lazy writer, Had to take a pop shot at Vandy. How about it would be nice not to be the only team in the SEC without multiple serious NCAA infractions?
Pretty sure that 2012 blowout of Tennessee by Vandy was not an "upset" although I'm certain it upset a lot of people.
Yeah, the crowd was terrible but it was way more than 2,500. Probably at least 12 K. A better time to take a photo for attendance is at the end of the first quarter. That said, Mason is probably toast.
And Vandy beat Brohm when he was at WKU. Shut that offense down.
bulldogbuck, you are inaccurate in your portrayals of Nashville. The weekend isn't bad traffic wise in Nashville. You cheating other SEC other 13 will...
You guys love bashing you some Vanderbilt. If you are so worried about numbers, why isn't there any focus on the multiple major NCAA football recruiting infractions by every SEC member except for Vandy? As for your infatuation with attendance numbers, keep in mind that not only does Vandy have one of the smallest enrollments of the FBS, they also have an NFL team 5 miles away, an NHL team 4 miles away, an actual vibrant city with more to do than shoot squirrels. Also consider that Vandy is not a state school. The "University" of Tennessee has 19,000 undergraduates from Tennessee. Many likely grew up rooting for Tennessee. Vanderbilt has a little over 600 undergraduates from Tennessee. California (400) has nearly as many UGs as Tennessee at VU. They probably didn't even know Vandy had a sports program when they applied. I was at that game on Saturday. Yes, it could have been a lot better but it was not the worst I've ever seen. The Eastern Kentucky game in the mid-2000s had maybe 5,000. Saturday's attendance was given at 25,000. I think that was accurate. The guy who posted that pitiful picture on Twitter is a Middle Tennessee grad who is the beat writer for VU. He's a good guy in general but "Beat" is an appropriate word for anything the Tennessean newspaper has to do with Vanderbilt.