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Harris will be our best QB since Jarrett Guarantano... book it baby! He has incredible 90s teen drama hair and his mobility is eerily similar to Lamar Jackson!! Could easily see him leading the Top to 3, if not 4, nattys during his time here. It's a great time to be a Big Orange my friends!!!
It's time boys! I haven't felt this confident about U-T since when Philip was roaming the sidelines!! Puritt brings an energy that we haven't seen in a hot minute, and with Shy patrolling the middle and Jarrett behind Ryan Johnson's behind I see us holding up that BCS crystal this year out there in San Francisco!!!
Why would he leave?? Boy wants to come back and win U-T a title next year! 2017 is gonna be something special, believe it!! Pair this guy with Cam Akers and the rest of our top-notch recruits coming in and Saban is gonna be sleeping with one eye open!!!
With this boy and Khalil McKenzie, the D-Line will be unstoppable and U-T will have 4 Championships in the next 4 years boyyyy!! Book it!!!
Ain't nothing wrong with losing to a quality Vanderbuilt team. Like Butch said - these boys are champions at life! Just keep building baby because Bob Stoops will have this defense right and ready to hold up that crystal ball come next year!!!
This is a good list, but here is a few changes I would make!! 1) I would put J-Dobbs at QB! 2) I would put Jalen Heard at RB!! 3) I would put JRM at LB!!! 4) I would put Cam Sutton at CB!!!! 5) I would put Eric Berry at KR!!!!! Not a bad list besides these! (Also need to add Butch's Coach of the Year, boy)
Haters gonna hate! This team is stacked and will win a BCS National Championship next year - book it!! J-Donna will be in outer space before U-F or Auburn SNIFFS a natty championship!!! my dick is so small
It's foolish for you to keep on doubting U-T like you're doing! We win this weekend and then beat Bama in the Dome and we're talking U-T in the playoff baby!! Wanna know something else?? This team is youngggg. This time next year the SEC will still be dealing with Kahlil McKenzie, Derek Barnett, Josh Dobbs - shoot Jalen Heard may even come back with all this talent. One word for you bozos... D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y
I'm going to need you to shut the he11 up Jon! I'm tired of you slandering the U-T name over and over on this site!! J Dobbs is the best thing to happen to this school since Phillip Fulmer and the Vols WILL finish 15-0 this year!!! You will be the next victim to get trucked by Jalen Heard if you aren't careful... Jesus Crist!!!!
You can't be seriously... Leaving J Dobb off this list when he ran for 100 in the Battle for Bristol!! Guy is like Johnny Manziel with a better arm!!!
This is the dumbest thing I've ready all day, boy! Are you kidding me, U-T at #7?? We are 1-0, 14 wins away from an undefeated BCS natty championship!! We've got the will and the way, Saban is shaking after watching Jalen Heard and the boys running App state off the field!!!
This is bull$hit Stan! I don't even know how to pronounce your last name, but you must be a polish pansy boy!! Any American in their right mind would give their first born child to have the proviledge to coach at such a prostigious university as UT-K!!! You're all going to see when we whoop the tide, whoop the gators, and whoop the dawgs up and down the field! 2016 is the year, boys!! BCS national championship, book it!!!
Two words for you - Smokey Gray! Bring em back, and bring back Fulmer while your at it Boy!! Beamer better put his big boy pants on, cause he doesn't know what U-Ts got in store for him at the track!
You may be the "assassins" but you boys are gonna get "assaulted" by Derek Barnett and U-T come October!!!
Folks are nervous boys! We are the best team in the country and Saban is drinking heavily thinking about stopping us!! If this team doesn't go 15-0 with a BCS NCG I will eat a bag of Kingsford charcoal!!!
Get Malzhan's autograph while you can, boy! It'll be his last year as head coach!! Just wish my Vols could whip up on the Kittens like the rest of the SEC this year!!!
No J-Dobbs? No JRM?? No Cam Sutton??? I'm really getting sick and tired of this crap, with U-T players getting no respect! You doubt us every year and then we deliver!! Why can't anybody here seem to appreciate greatness!?!?!? 15-0... National Championship... Book it boy!!!
No Derek Barnett? No Cam Sutton?? No Jalen Herd??? Lance Bass could have written a better list!! I'm literally about to explode, this is ridiculous I'm so tired of nobody giving U-T any credit... You see, you'll all see this year when the Vols win it all!!!
Shut up boy! We don't need you slandering the U-T pedigree!! Might want to worry about all the thugs you take onto your team after they get tossed at other schools!!! Anything to win, and Gus still can't do that!!!!
That they do not boy. Or spell Czech
Ok, let's just pretend that Derek Barnett doesn't exist! Get it together boy!! He's one of the best pass rushers in the league!!!
I think you forgot to include Ms. Laney at tight end!
Dooley would never pull a stunt like this... Get a grip Butch, kids don't like this Pokemon crap!!
How dare you go and crucify Dooley like this! Any real Tennessee fan knows he was one year away from a breakthrough and an SEC East Title!! Butch is one of my best friends, but don't tell me Dooley wasn't about to bring a title to K-vile!!!
LOL Barnett about to blow this line outta the water without this guy or Robinson! Saban gonna regret poking the sleeping giant at U-T!! Enjoy your fall back to mediocrity turds!!!
LOL the gators new MVP is a kicker named piñata!! U-T bout to light you boys up like a Aaron Hernandez shooting victim!!!
It literally blows my mind that you have Stoops so low on this list! Guy came from one of the top programs in Penn State where he was a winner!! Don't see any team scoring more than 10 points on U-T's defense, Florida will be lucky to get a field goal from that piñata guy!!!
Todd Gurley is like a smaller, slower version of U-T's Jalen Heard!!
Are you kidding me boy?? We've got JRM, J-Dobbs, and Cam Sutton and U-T's not in the top 10? You must have gotten into my stash of Tennessee moonshine!!!
These boys don't know what's coming for them against U-T! Bob Stoops - learn the name!! He's taking U-T to the top this year and the SEC is shivering just hearing his name!!!